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Exercise three Cs on Dubai's roads

Courtesy, caution and common sense will help keep accident rate down

  • Agencies
  • Published: 00:25 January 27, 2009
  • Gulf News

Courtesy, caution and common sense will help keep accident rate down

In the past year, 294 people have been killed on Dubai's roads – a staggering toll of human suffering and carnage.

Of these 294 deaths, 45 were directly attributed to speeding, while a further 46 occurred on Emirates Road alone.

As bad as these figures are, they actually represent an improvement: In 2007, 332 people lost their lives on Dubai's roads.

According to the Roads and Transport Authority, the decrease in the death rate can be attributed to improvements in the road infrastructure, more cameras and use of better technology, and stricter policing.

Higher fines and even more enforcement, either through radars or actual patrols, will deter bad driving and keep the roads safe.

With 1.3 million vehicles on Dubai's roads every day, the message needs to be conveyed that Dubai's roads are indeed safe. Instead, every time you get behind the wheel of a car, exercise the three Cs: Courtesy, Caution and Common sense.

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