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Bush crying wolf once again

It is ironic the United States names Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps a "specially designated global terrorist".

  • Gulf News
  • Published: 23:12 August 16, 2007
  • Gulf News

It is ironic the United States names Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps a "specially designated global terrorist". There are many people who would describe the White House in similar terms.

Certainly it is apparent the US is still anxious to make Iran "public enemy No. 1" by painting the country in as bad a light as possible. It could be argued the Bush administration is trying to create general animosity towards Iran, so the US and its puppets can move against it militarily.

It is as if President George W. Bush wants to take on the Iranian regime, doubtless believing he can overthrow the government with its perceived anti-West stance.

Bush's aggression was seen early in his presidency with his "Bring it on!" call to Iraq - and similar jingoism about Afghanistan. But taking on Iran, especially when American forces and its allies are fully committed to trying to win unwinnable wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is a sure recipe for disaster.

Furthermore, it will be a move too far in the eyes of all Iran's neighbours. Any increase in tension in the region will unnecessarily excite public opinion and "confirm the instability of the Middle East", as seen by US lawmakers.

Yet those same lawmakers who wish to ratchet up the tension with Iran, have little or no understanding of the situation in the area, nor will they have if their only source of information is Fox News or CNN sound bytes.

Consequently, when Bush is lobbied by Congress to increase the pressure on Iran - or even Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan - it becomes of great concern to Middle East countries as it is impossible to know where US action will end.

Even more so when the White House has no idea itself how it will get out of its own mess.

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