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  • Friday Oct 31

    Too early to celebrate a Republican win

    Democrats still believe history is on their side. It is part of being progressive and being backed up by demographic trends

  • Friday Oct 31

    When ignorance is bliss

    I relied solely on hazy memory, vague general knowledge and a few snippets here and there from others who had visited the places we were going to

  • story 3
    Friday Oct 31

    France needs a true statesman

    For 2017, Hollande looks like he has been ambushed and Le Pen is in fine fettle, but the field is still unimpressive

  • story 4
    Friday Oct 31

    Gujarat riots will continue to haunt Modi

    It will be interesting to probe whether the 2002 pogrom against Muslims in Gujarat forced a radical like Asim Umar into the Al Qaida fold

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    Thursday Oct 30

    Putin can’t head any anti-US world order

    While stating that Russia doesn’t want to be a superpower, the president has tried to claim moral leadership. The only problem is that he is too bankrupt on that score to offer any meaningful alternative

  • story 6
    Thursday Oct 30

    Afghanistan: British Army’s last hurrah?

    As combat operations in Helmand province are brought quietly to a close, one can’t seem to escape that undeniable feeling that the mission marks the end of military interventions for the former empire

  • story 7
    Thursday Oct 30

    Indonesia’s Jokowi can outdo Obama

    He is the first directly elected president to take the keys of power from a democratically chosen predecessor since the fall of dictator Suharto

  • story 8
    Thursday Oct 30

    The ultimate fate of Iran nuclear talks

    Once a deal is reached, the US and Iran still must sell the agreement to their respective centres of power as a victory. Washington must convince Congress that the deal will not allow the Islamic Republic to be a threshold nuclear state while Iran’s conservatives must be satisfied that their nation has not made concessions on the nuclear issue

  • story 9
    Thursday Oct 30

    Al Abadi has a tough task of saving Iraq

    Premier’s efforts to override sectarian governance are sure to face fierce resistance from extremists on both sides

  • story 10
    Thursday Oct 30

    Northeast Asia’s home fires burning

    With Abe, Park and Xi facing daunting domestic challenges, a rare convergence of self and national interests may create an opportunity for improved relations

  • story 11
    Thursday Oct 30

    A new era of politics dawns in Tunisia

    It is expected that Al Sebsi and his Nida Tunis party will soon set about forming a stable coalition government

  • story 12
    Wednesday Oct 29

    Tunisians voted for reforms, not revolution

    While a lot still needs to be done, the world ought to applaud Tunisians for articulating a clear alternative and openly rejecting bloodshed

  • story 13
    Wednesday Oct 29

    Confessions of a white Oxbridge male

    Given the podium, many from the breed feel a responsibility to lament their own power, but it is hard to feel this viscerally

  • story 14
    Wednesday Oct 29

    Dubai uses its position as a global hub to promote Islamic economy

    Common standards for Islamic finance would greatly increase cross-border liquidity and boost stability

  • story 15
    Wednesday Oct 29

    Tunisia establishing first true Arab democracy

    Nation votes in historic democratic elections to set up parliament whose main task is to write a new constitution within one year

  • story 16
    Wednesday Oct 29

    America’s epidemic of fear over Ebola

    In the United States, the only patient to die so far didn’t receive treatment initially when he reported symptoms of the disease

  • story 17
    Wednesday Oct 29

    Daesh narrative one of feeding the beast

    It appears to be an old story of double-cross and inventing monsters that follows the golden rule in conflicts which states that if you want to eliminate an enemy, create another one more extreme than him

  • story 18
    Wednesday Oct 29

    Netanyahu humiliates Obama yet again

    Hardline Israeli premier can ‘never, ever, countenance a full sovereign Palestinian state in the West Bank’

  • story 19
    Wednesday Oct 29

    There is hope yet for Hong Kong

    City still doesn’t have a directly elected legislature 17 years after the handover. This can all change if its government embraces dialogue and compromise

  • story 20
    Wednesday Oct 29

    How Germany conquered Europe over the past 25 years

    Thatcher and Mitterrand did not envision such a fractious and crisis-prone continent and had never imagined Berlin would become its reluctant leader

  • story 21
    Tuesday Oct 28

    Dangers of redrawing borders

    If Europe allows countries to start claiming bits of their neighbours’ territory — on historic or ethnic grounds — the process can convulse the continent

  • story 22
    Tuesday Oct 28

    Cameron is right to stand up to Brussels

    The British PM has rarely seemed in control of his Europe policy, his government living hand to mouth. But he is genuinely livid about a 2.1b euro surcharge

  • story 23
    Tuesday Oct 28

    China is again slowly turning in on itself

    Chinese leaders are falling back on what they know. And what they know are tactics drawn from the 1950s and 1960s — a return of purges, closed doors to outside influences, isolationism and televised self-confessions

  • story 24
    Tuesday Oct 28

    The post-Obama era has already begun

    The dysfunction in US politics is so endemic that unless one party can take control of both houses and the White House, nothing will change

  • story 25
    Tuesday Oct 28

    Let fearmongers not dictate the Ebola discourse

    Many don’t want to hear that the US health system is doing fine because it clashes with their belief 
that the government can never do anything right