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    Sunday Mar 23

    Afghan polls and challenges for future leadership

    All the people want is a wise leader at the helm of affairs with the vision and capacity to lead the country

  • story 2
    Sunday Mar 23

    Learning to live with a cold peace

    It is more likely that the Crimea crisis will soon stabilise and in a matter of months the US and Russia will be back to collaborating on major issues

  • Sunday Mar 23

    Fascination with victims of Flight MH370 is morbid

    While the public exchanges amazing theories about the mystery, the relatives’ situation is the nearest one can imagine to a living hell

  • Saturday Mar 22

    Worrying signs of a one-man show in the BJP

    Modi has not only been dismissive of the sensitivities of the old guard but also of anyone else who may not fit into his scheme of things

  • story 5
    Saturday Mar 22

    The Russian challenge for America

    Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine has sent a dangerous message to would-be nuclear proliferators. Obama must counter it with strategic leadership

  • story 6
    Saturday Mar 22

    US and GCC are at a crucial juncture

    There are key issues on the table, which could make or break a history of cordial relations dating back more than half a century

  • story 7
    Saturday Mar 22

    Managing militancy: Pakistan’s decisive battle

    It can indeed be fought militarily but not won conclusively without an accompanying political and societal push to defeat the militants

  • story 8
    Saturday Mar 22

    Obama will have his plate full in Riyadh

    The summit could very well be monumental in its own way and forge a new long-lasting relationship that relies on common beliefs and a greater good

  • story 9
    Saturday Mar 22

    No easy route to democracy

    Both India and Afghanistan face the daunting task of conducting their national elections next month

  • story 10
    Saturday Mar 22

    Landmark summit aims to counter nuclear terrorism

    Even if the forthcoming meeting at The Hague proves a success, a very significant body of work will be needed in the next two years before the final NSS in 2016

  • story 11
    Saturday Mar 22

    When true colours begin to surface

    When US policies differ, Tel Aviv begins to publicly ridicule and undermine American stances

  • Friday Mar 21

    World’s historic sites at risk as never before

    As a Venice court overturns a ban on giant cruise liners, it is clear that the places people flock to are incapable of preserving themselves

  • story 13
    Friday Mar 21

    Web of deception

    The alleged payoff to secure the 2022 football World Cup in Qatar may just be the tip of an iceberg

  • Friday Mar 21

    Beijing’s patronising propaganda in Xinjiang

    Chinese government’s ‘Down to the Grassroots’ campaign seeks to appease Uighur sentiments while preparing for a crackdown

  • story 15
    Friday Mar 21

    SEALed and delivered for Libya

    Recent US action shows if one tries freelancing with oil resources that rightfully belong to the Libyan people, one will not get far

  • story 16
    Friday Mar 21

    The lens of engagement

    To look at pictures like the Yarmouk photo is an act that connects us to our modern history in this global village

  • story 17
    Friday Mar 21

    The Ukraine nuclear delusion

    There is substantial evidence to support what is known as the ‘stability/instability paradox’ — the notion that what may appear to be a stable nuclear balance actually encourages more violence

  • Friday Mar 21

    Water and energy: An unavoidable tie

    The way we manage the relationship between these two resources will have major consequences on our future and security

  • story 19
    Thursday Mar 20

    The 19th-Century origins of the China-Japan schism

    Tokyo has used propaganda to create support for its imperial ambitions, based on the supposed superiority of the Japanese, who were closer to the divine emperor than foreigners

  • Thursday Mar 20

    AKP Faces crucial test in local elections

    Corruption scandals that have haunted Erdogan’s government will be critical though voters may not opt for a complete rout

  • Thursday Mar 20

    Iran has kept its word, now West should follow

    As Tehran enters negotiations on the comprehensive nuclear deal, its counterparts will have to make tough choices

  • story 22
    Thursday Mar 20

    Conspiracies wherever you look

    Efforts to establish the truth may even be self-defeating, because they can increase suspicion and thus strengthen the very beliefs that they were meant to correct

  • story 23
    Thursday Mar 20

    Al Maliki has to set his priorities right

    Iraq has been plagued with violence for years, though the current government has done little to end the carnage and bring the country back on track

  • story 24
    Thursday Mar 20

    Modi wave or media hype?

    As the AAP has clearly emerged as a threat to the BJP, news channels in India have rightly or wrongly started vilifying its leader — Kejriwal

  • story 25
    Thursday Mar 20

    Putin eyeing an imperial heritage

    Annexation of Crimea is firmly part of the Russian tradition of seeking larger territory and a powerful global role

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Technology vs humanity

Is technology not a match for mans cunning?

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