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    Monday Aug 4

    The Mideast and its raging fires

    No doubt that negotiations and dialogues are good ways to contain clashes and devastating wars. But the possibility of talks and mutual understandings establishing a conflict-free zone is almost nonexistent

  • Monday Aug 4

    ‘History wars’ set ablaze again in India

    Controversial school books present an extremely contentious view of Indian history rooted in the ideology of Hindutva, the Hindu nationalist political movement — and sometimes propagate pure fantasy

  • story 3
    Monday Aug 4

    The way out of the Syria mess

    Even the most vociferous supporters of the Syrian regime such as Iran, Russia and to a lesser extent China have argued at the end of the day a political solution must be reached to end all hostilities

  • story 4
    Monday Aug 4

    Is English getting dissed?

    English is a fairly young language as languages go — a teenager, if you will and it is behaving as most teenagers do

  • Monday Aug 4

    ‘What if terrorists spread the Ebola virus?’

    The spread of the Ebola virus has now been unequivocally acknowledged as a Grade 1 category crisis. With its ability to infect easily, and move across continents, world media is expressing a gamut of concerns, some of them highly disturbing in their import

  • story 6
    Monday Aug 4

    Is there a silver lining to Gaza conflict?

    One thing is certain — Israel’s formerly unspoken crimes are now being talked about in the loudest fashion

  • story 7
    Monday Aug 4

    Republican foreign policy myopia

    Americans may be frustrated with Obama’s approach, but they trust his record on terrorism

  • story 8
    Monday Aug 4

    Russia’s Eurasian vision

    The sanctions that US and Europe are imposing on Russia may merely reinforce the conviction in Putin that Russia’s future lies not in the West, but in a separate integration project in the East

  • Monday Aug 4

    ‘Right to be forgotten’ doesn’t exist

    Despite the recent European Union court ruling, it is not possible for information to be destroyed

  • story 10
    Sunday Aug 3

    Obama is not responsible for the chaos in Ukraine

    The current situation is the result of an attempt to project Western institutions into the core of what Moscow perceives as its sphere of influence

  • story 11
    Sunday Aug 3

    Britain has slipped in the Washington pecking order

    While tougher EU sanctions on Russia felt like a victory for British diplomacy, they concealed the truth about Britain’s reduced place in Washington

  • Sunday Aug 3

    The five myths about impeachment of US president

    Presidents are allowed to challenge Congress in certain conflicts without being subject to impeachment. Where they cross the line is when they ignore final judicial rulings in acts of contempt of both courts and Congress. Obama has not done that

  • Sunday Aug 3

    How to build a school

    How to build a school

  • Sunday Aug 3

    Why Israel’s blockade must end

    Promoting economic development and social interaction in Gaza is in the long-term security interest of Israel and the rest of the region

  • story 15
    Sunday Aug 3

    You don’t have to be Muslim to condemn atrocities in Gaza

    The racist and sick behaviour of the Israelis who have not even spared schools and children should be condemned not only by Arabs and Muslims, but by all mankind

  • story 16
    Sunday Aug 3

    Modi sends Advani, BJP old guard into exile

    One cannot be too sure that India’s prime minister will let the veteran leader become even the president of the country

  • Sunday Aug 3

    China’s victory in Ukraine

    The sharp reduction of Russia’s economic ties with the advanced countries leaves China as the only major economy outside of the US-led sanctions regime

  • story 18
    Sunday Aug 3

    Germany must now act like a great power

    Having buried the embarrassment of the World Wars, a hundred years on from the Great War, the ‘Hun’ has turned into ‘mother hen’

  • Saturday Aug 2

    European squabbles reveal lack of quality leadership

    Within a relatively short time, Europe has become a divisive issue within British politics on the one hand and between Britain and many European countries on the other

  • story 20
    Saturday Aug 2

    The silence is deafening

    As the bloodshed continues, world powers continue to behave as if nothing of significance is going on and that Israel is simply trying to get rid of the rockets in Gaza

  • Saturday Aug 2

    Being environment-friendly — as a way of life

    An uneasy feeling persists in my stomach and a fleeting thought occurs — shouldn’t it be everybody’s way of life

  • story 22
    Saturday Aug 2

    Gaza needs the world’s help

    The Gaza Strip is now unlivable. For the sake of humanity, the international community must require Israel to end this disaster

  • story 23
    Saturday Aug 2

    What we need to contain the Ebola scourge

    Only a well-concerted move by the global community can determine if this outbreak is just a chapter in Africa’s story or a dangerous shift

  • Friday Aug 1

    BDS — a fitting reply to Israeli violations

    As Israel besieges Gaza and the West Bank, the boycott movement besieges Israel around the world, stripping it of illegal profits from stolen Palestinian lands

  • story 25
    Friday Aug 1

    Kerry visit a start, Modi’s US visit is pivotal

    What the US and India need is a ‘real’ strategic dialogue, built upon a less ritualised but more powerful set of principles

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