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  • Wednesday Jul 30

    Why do we love Jon Stewart?

    We need to support those individuals who are the best conduits to influence their own societies and make people speak up

  • Wednesday Jul 30

    ‘People under siege, with nothing to lose’

    The ongoing Israeli violence and bloodshed in Gaza and armed clashes in Libya were the two main topics that dominated the headlines of newspapers across the 
Middle East and the Gulf

  • Wednesday Jul 30

    Taking collectors to task is not the answer

    Demonising older ivory objects to discourage possession of newer versions of similar items will not bring back the mammoths or save modern elephants from the economic forces that drive poachers

  • story 4
    Wednesday Jul 30

    The mood in the US is changing

    With the death toll mounting in the Gaza Strip, a recent Gallup poll shows just 25 per cent of Americans aged between 18 and 29 support Israel

  • Wednesday Jul 30

    Why the Ebrahim ‘Caliphate’ is a dud

    Ironically, the self-appointed ‘Caliph’ said nothing about the carnage in Gaza, nor the fact that nearly 2,000 hapless individuals found refuge at the Greek Orthodox church in Zaytun

  • Tuesday Jul 29

    An energy-efficient way to punish Putin

    For once Europe’s greens and securocrats can join forces — by reducing the EU’s dependence on imports of Russian gas

  • Tuesday Jul 29

    Pelosi binds Democrats, with assist from Republicans

    Her performance in fundraising — when her power is diminished and her party is struggling — is what makes her particularly impressive

  • Tuesday Jul 29

    Widodo needs world’s backing

    Democracy prevailed in Indonesia last week. Now leaders there and around the world must quickly get behind the country’s president-elect

  • story 9
    Tuesday Jul 29

    China’s perilous tangle of military and economic fortunes

    Social and economic stresses could reveal the limits of Beijing’s ability to keep increasing military spending and it is here that the debates on the South and East China seas and the economy intersect

  • story 10
    Tuesday Jul 29

    Obama grapples with the effects of disengagement

    His determination to gear down in Europe and Mideast guaranteed that US would not respond strategically to new opportunities or dangers

  • story 11
    Tuesday Jul 29

    Chummy telegrams that could have prevented First World War

    A century after messages were exchanged between Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany, they are vivid reminders of the perils of crisis management and the wisdom of preventive diplomacy to resolve challenges like today’s territorial dispute in eastern Ukraine before they great powers are sucked into conflict

  • Tuesday Jul 29

    A glance at Israel’s blood-soaked history in Gaza

    Successive Israeli governments have tried extreme measures for decades, but failed

  • story 13
    Tuesday Jul 29

    An immigration system that puts Britain first

    Closing bogus colleges, cutting benefits to jobless arrivals and limiting job advertisements abroad are some key measures

  • story 14
    Sunday Jul 27

    Stand with Ukraine in its hour of need

    The US must consider imposing even tougher and wider-reaching sectoral sanctions on Moscow and Europe needs to follow the its lead

  • story 15
    Sunday Jul 27

    All in the tidy mind

    The difficult thing about sorting through several thousand pieces of paper is having to decide again and again what the definition of precious is

  • story 16
    Sunday Jul 27

    Dynasty is to blame for Congress’ plight

    The signs of organisational disarray in several Indian states suggest that it is still a far cry for the Congress where recovery is concerned

  • story 17
    Saturday Jul 26

    A humanitarian breakthrough in Syria

    The mandate to a UN official to deliver aid to rebel-held areas and appointment of a political negotiator have raised hopes

  • story 18
    Saturday Jul 26

    We must not whitewash First World War

    The Eurocentric view of the conflict ignores the four million men from Africa and Asia who fought on the same side as the British and that is why one ought to move beyond conventional archives to recover the histories

  • story 19
    Saturday Jul 26

    Miliband must wake up now

    Britain’s leader of the opposition needs to quickly find the public voice of a prime minister-in-waiting or risk ceding all hopes of a Labour victory

  • story 20
    Saturday Jul 26

    Moscow’s growing clout in Europe

    Russia’s efforts in expanding its influence in southeastern Europe through key investments have been particularly notable

  • story 21
    Saturday Jul 26

    Western media turns a blind eye to Gaza

    A section of mainstream media has sought to downplay the real horrors of Israeli onslaught, which specifically targeted civilians, by brushing off the aggression as a skirmish to be reported on the sidelines

  • Friday Jul 25

    Time for a Cold War lesson in deterrence

    Politicians, particularly in Europe, sedated by hopes of a world organised around global collaboration, will have to wake up to the dynamics of great-power rivalry

  • Friday Jul 25

    It’s all in the jeans

    Of course, those months of yearning and saving and then getting what we wanted told on our psyches

  • Friday Jul 25

    Xi steals a march over Modi

    India is excruciatingly aware that a Shanghai-based Brics Development Bank, mostly capitalised by China, is bound to give Beijing far greater leverage in choosing which projects to fund and which to keep on hold

  • story 25
    Friday Jul 25

    I am from India’s northeast ... but I’m not Mowgli!

    While ‘mainstream India’ has little exposure to northeast, people from the ‘remote’ region also need to make adjustments to local realities

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Technology vs humanity

Is technology not a match for mans cunning?

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