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  • story 1
    Tuesday Jul 8

    The unity of water

    In an increasingly water-stressed world, shared water resources are becoming an instrument of power

  • story 2
    Tuesday Jul 8

    Israel has taken cynical advantage of colonists’ deaths

    If Israel continues to attack Gaza, it is very likely that we will witness a third intifada, but this time it will be different as public opinion around the world has undergone a sea-change

  • story 3
    Tuesday Jul 8

    America’s new isolationism?

    Somewhere between the arrogance of the Bush era and the disengagement America’s left and right now seek lies a middle ground that is militarily, diplomatically and politically realistic

  • Monday Jul 7

    Culture war powers Hong Kong’s democracy protests

    If the spark was provided by China’s move to control the city’s politics, then years of accumulated social resentments served as the fuel

  • story 5
    Monday Jul 7

    Opportunity for Kurds to cement their position

    Turmoil in Iraq means Kurdistan is unlikely to have to deal with a militarily confrontational Baghdad government, at least not any time soon

  • Monday Jul 7

    India must step up fight against human trafficking

    It is not just enough to sign and ratify international conventions and protocols, but to redefine and rework victim protection

  • Monday Jul 7

    The drone warfare drawbacks

    Striking with these unmanned devices may be an efficient way to kill terrorists, but they are no way to make friends

  • Monday Jul 7

    Israeli action draws flak

    The burning to death of Palestinian teenager Mohammad Abu Khudair by Israelis has sent shock waves across the world. While Palestinians have termed it an indiscriminate “revenge” killing for the earlier deaths of three Israeli teens, media has reacted sharply.

  • story 9
    Monday Jul 7

    Five reasons why UK should brand Brotherhood terrorist

    If Cameron caves in, he will not only risk alienating many of his Gulf allies, but will be seen as a weak appeaser in a country threatened by radicalisation of its youth

  • story 10
    Monday Jul 7

    The search for other ‘earths’ heats up

    If we do find even primitive life in one of our neighbouring star-planet systems, then the Milky Way must statistically be full of life — some of it probably quite advanced elsewhere

  • story 11
    Monday Jul 7

    PNA must end the farce of ‘security cooperation’

    Israel’s recent attacks on Palestinians highlight the farcical nature of the current arrangement

  • story 12
    Sunday Jul 6

    European ‘federalism’ isn’t what you’ve been told it is

    This term is key to the EU debate, yet politicians and the media cynically equate it with the imposition of a European superstate that is centralised in Brussels

  • story 13
    Sunday Jul 6

    Why America stuck with Al Maliki and lost Iraq

    The crisis now gripping the country was not only predictable but predicted — and preventable. But by looking the other way and unconditionally supporting and arming an increasingly dictatorial and unreliable Iraqi premier, Obama has only lengthened and expanded the conflict that Bush unwisely initiated

  • story 14
    Sunday Jul 6

    The danger of Chinese revisionism

    US must pursue alternative crisis management mechanisms if Beijing continues to drag its feet

  • story 15
    Sunday Jul 6

    A lesson from history

    Instead of clinging on to the past, leaders must confront the world as it is, not as they know it

  • story 16
    Sunday Jul 6

    For Hollande, a good Sarkozy is one behind bars

    French president has a mean, vindictive streak and will do anything to ensure that his predecessor does not run for office in 2017

  • Sunday Jul 6

    The coming regional implosion

    America’s handling of the Iraq debacle and its overall smaller footprint in the region has not been received favourably in the region

  • Sunday Jul 6

    India’s Iraq challenge

    The region needs a new security paradigm. For its own sake, and the sake of its neighbours, New Delhi must take an active role in creating it — and soon enough

  • story 19
    Saturday Jul 5

    Modi prevails over India’s right-wing traditionalists

    Government refuses to pander to whims of Hindu fundamentalists on religious and social matters, instead choosing to focus on the economy

  • story 20
    Saturday Jul 5

    Boko Haram threat needs strong answer

    It’s not only the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls who require our help, but every girl that the terrorists are denying an education

  • story 21
    Saturday Jul 5

    Moscow’s task is to build a nation, not an empire

    Russia should avoid thinking of its planned Eurasian Union as a replica of the EU but rather as a kind of North American Free Trade treaty

  • story 22
    Saturday Jul 5

    A ballgame with human lives

    Unlike the World Cup in Brazil, there is no referee to restrain Israel’s aggression and brutality towards Palestinians and innocent people are dying daily with nobody to defend them

  • story 23
    Saturday Jul 5

    The price of keeping Iran at the negotiating table

    Tehran is likely to exploit its role in resolving Middle East conflicts by requesting further sanctions relief and an extension to the talks on its nuclear programme

  • story 24
    Friday Jul 4

    Why Turkey will help the Kurds to break up Iraq

    Erdogan’s run for the presidency and Barzani’s ambition of being crowned leader of an independent entity work to mutual advantage

  • story 25
    Friday Jul 4

    The root of the colonist Lobby’s sick mentality

    The insular right-wing minority queering Israeli political discourse can be traced to a mindset moulded by the Western Talmud

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