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  • Friday Oct 10

    UN Security Council needs to be urgently reformed

    All the P-5 members are suppliers of arms in the international market. So how can they ever agree on anything to stop their business?

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    Friday Oct 10

    Intriguing questions over North Korea

    Kim’s supposed disappearance either is not a story or it is the biggest one in Asia this year

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    Friday Oct 10

    Hong Kong will never be the same again

    Few can now doubt that this is a Chinese city, subject, when push comes to shove, to Beijing’s rules

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    Thursday Oct 9

    Canada, UAE stand together against extremism

    UAE has built a society that, like Canada’s, seeks to be tolerant and welcoming of people from all over the world

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    Thursday Oct 9

    More nations must join fight against Ebola

    There is already a shortfall of some $300m and providing this money is a critical component of our ability to be able to meet this challenge

  • story 6
    Thursday Oct 9

    Abbott’s hypocritical ‘freedom’ agenda

    By co-opting the language of rights to protect its own business and political interests, the Australian government denigrates the rights that most Australians actually value

  • story 7
    Thursday Oct 9

    No alternative to boots on the ground

    The dire need for land forces during the second phase of the war on Daesh will lead to relinquishing the policy of banning foreign ground forces in Iraq

  • story 8
    Thursday Oct 9

    Majoritarianism vs minority appeasement in India

    When liberals and sections of the English media continue to brand all Hindus as part of the saffron brigade, they only strengthen RSS

  • story 9
    Thursday Oct 9

    Recognising Palestine for what it is

    Sweden’s historic role as a mediator in the conflict makes its nod to Palestinian statehood an important move

  • story 10
    Thursday Oct 9

    The pragmatism of sustaining an anti-Daesh front

    If the bulk of the group’s resources and fighters retreat to Syria, will European air forces agree to attack them there? As the extremist group becomes more mobile and widely dispersed, the targets will become more dynamic and time-sensitive, making the task that much more difficult for the US-led coalition

  • story 11
    Wednesday Oct 8

    Lebanon’s problems in electing a president

    Shiites felt Sunni and Christian political privileges ought to be proportionate and that the time was right to debate and agree to a new power-sharing formula

  • story 12
    Wednesday Oct 8

    The disconnect right at the top

    The next US president ought to spend more time on the gritty stuff of management because Americans are not getting the government they deserve

  • story 13
    Wednesday Oct 8

    White House — no longer the people’s house

    The bombs that fell on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 — more than the planes that struck on 9/11 — are responsible for changing the iconic mansion and Washington into the place we now know

  • Wednesday Oct 8

    Recognition of Palestine a ‘diplomatic victory’

    Sweden’s recognition of the state of Palestine dominated the headlines in the region’s newspapers

  • story 15
    Wednesday Oct 8

    Closing the strategy gap in Europe

    The European Union has a large set of tools at its disposal; it just needs to figure out how to use them

  • story 16
    Wednesday Oct 8

    Iran nuclear deal could lead to cooperation in fight against Daesh

    Ground alliances are already being formed as the Iranians are supporting Kurds along with Americans

  • story 17
    Wednesday Oct 8

    America’s decline is overrated

    The loss of confidence may be rooted in a deeper shift in people’s attitudes towards individualism, which has brought about decreased deference to authority, but this will not influence US institutions’ effectiveness

  • story 18
    Tuesday Oct 7

    Why Daesh is sectarian and why it matters

    To destroy sectarian identities prevalent in the Middle East today, the rules will have to be redesigned through the creation of a new political horizon, where fledgling democracies are permitted to operate in safe environments and where national identities are reanimated to meet the common priorities of the Arab people

  • story 19
    Tuesday Oct 7

    Russia through the nuclear looking glass

    Destroying the credibility of Nato’s security guarantee to the Baltic states — and therefore of Nato itself — will be a tremendous prize for Putin

  • story 20
    Tuesday Oct 7

    In Britain’s bizarro world, Clegg may again be kingmaker

    Neither Cameron nor Miliband can count on a majority, while the Lib Dems need to keep only half of their 56 seats to decide who governs

  • story 21
    Tuesday Oct 7

    Churchill would be ashamed of today’s Tories

    Cameron’s ultimatum to the European Court of Human Rights amounts to a memo to Tory voters: If you are considering a switch to Ukip, don’t, because sticking with us will get Ukip policies enacted

  • story 22
    Tuesday Oct 7

    This is a fight for Islam

    The battle won’t be won unless the current alliance partners, and the rest of regional and global powers, agree to free politics from religion

  • story 23
    Tuesday Oct 7

    America’s unnecessary Mideast wars

    To make Syria the latest free-fire zone in Washington’s never-ending misadventure in the region will almost surely prolong and exacerbate the agonies that country is experiencing

  • story 24
    Tuesday Oct 7

    Choice between devil and the deep sea

    If Washington insists on overthrowing Al Assad by force, it will perpetuate a disastrous status quo — an anti-jihadist campaign that may be morphing into a new open-ended war for years to come

  • story 25
    Tuesday Oct 7

    Fight against Ebola is a fight against inequality

    The infrastructure we need is not that difficult to build and there are protocols to limit the infection’s spread