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    Sunday Aug 3

    Modi sends Advani, BJP old guard into exile

    One cannot be too sure that India’s prime minister will let the veteran leader become even the president of the country

  • Sunday Aug 3

    China’s victory in Ukraine

    The sharp reduction of Russia’s economic ties with the advanced countries leaves China as the only major economy outside of the US-led sanctions regime

  • story 3
    Sunday Aug 3

    Germany must now act like a great power

    Having buried the embarrassment of the World Wars, a hundred years on from the Great War, the ‘Hun’ has turned into ‘mother hen’

  • story 4
    Saturday Aug 2

    What we need to contain the Ebola scourge

    Only a well-concerted move by the global community can determine if this outbreak is just a chapter in Africa’s story or a dangerous shift

  • story 5
    Saturday Aug 2

    The silence is deafening

    As the bloodshed continues, world powers continue to behave as if nothing of significance is going on and that Israel is simply trying to get rid of the rockets in Gaza

  • Saturday Aug 2

    European squabbles reveal lack of quality leadership

    Within a relatively short time, Europe has become a divisive issue within British politics on the one hand and between Britain and many European countries on the other

  • story 7
    Saturday Aug 2

    Gaza needs the world’s help

    The Gaza Strip is now unlivable. For the sake of humanity, the international community must require Israel to end this disaster

  • Saturday Aug 2

    Being environment-friendly — as a way of life

    An uneasy feeling persists in my stomach and a fleeting thought occurs — shouldn’t it be everybody’s way of life

  • Friday Aug 1

    Colombia: America’s other war

    As talks to end a 50-year war hang in the balance, violent repression carries on — and the US and Britain stand behind it

  • story 10
    Friday Aug 1

    Britain’s new enemies: Immigrants and capitalists

    The Conservatives badly need the votes of more women and ethnic minorities. Breaking down the front doors of immigrants is not the way to win them over

  • story 11
    Friday Aug 1

    Strengthening women’s rights

    Bottling up these rights falls under the category of discrimination and is the result of wrong practices and behaviours in multiple societies

  • Friday Aug 1

    BDS — a fitting reply to Israeli violations

    As Israel besieges Gaza and the West Bank, the boycott movement besieges Israel around the world, stripping it of illegal profits from stolen Palestinian lands

  • story 13
    Friday Aug 1

    Kerry visit a start, Modi’s US visit is pivotal

    What the US and India need is a ‘real’ strategic dialogue, built upon a less ritualised but more powerful set of principles

  • story 14
    Friday Aug 1

    Sania Mirza’s Indianness beyond doubt

    That the BJP can see nothing wrong in one of the country’s most talented icons — who, as it happens, belongs to a minority group — being needlessly humiliated is a sign of how India’s future could well be incubated in the party’s ideological embryo

  • Thursday Jul 31

    Media and the truth behind wars

    As the current biased coverage of Israel’s war on Gaza shows, media is a tool to distort truth and suffers from the consequences it helps develop

  • story 16
    Thursday Jul 31

    The price for change in Arab world

    Indeed, the Arab Spring seemed to have shaken the very foundations of the pro-stability school of thought

  • story 17
    Thursday Jul 31

    The West seems to have left Libya to its fate

    Hampered by hypocritical ‘no boots on the grounds’ orders, military advisers could do little as Gaddafi’s vast arms stocks were pillaged by all comers and now the same powers seem to have turned a blind eye to a nation whose current sorry state is partly a result of their own faulty policies

  • story 18
    Thursday Jul 31

    Scotland vote may send ripples through Nato

    Obama’s mention of America’s ‘deep interest’ in Britain remaining a ‘strong, robust, united and effective partner’ was an implicit rebuke to Scottish independence leaders in view of the impending referendum

  • story 19
    Thursday Jul 31

    Canny Merkel plays the long game with Putin

    The MH17 tragedy has done much in Germany to dispel the popular notion that it should try to engineer a conciliation between US and Russia

  • story 20
    Thursday Jul 31

    Abe’s Asian gambit

    With regional economic interests bound up as intensely with China as the security interests are with the US, rocking the boat carries serious risks

  • story 21
    Wednesday Jul 30

    Boycotts can raise the price of Israel’s impunity

    The impunity granted to Israel is completely at odds with the democratic will of the people, as the current international outpouring of solidarity with Gaza shows

  • Wednesday Jul 30

    Democracy needs to fight back against autocrats

    Reform of the permanent membership of the UN Security Council will give it renewed legitimacy

  • story 23
    Wednesday Jul 30

    CIA torture tactic is not a PR issue

    The question is not whether it reveals useful information. The question is whether the ends justify the means

  • Wednesday Jul 30

    There is no escaping racism in India

    A strange mix of prejudice, ignorance and centuries-old discriminatory practices make communities stick to regional taboos

  • story 25
    Wednesday Jul 30

    Yearning for the Clinton days

    The real contrast between the Barack Obama and the Bill Clinton presidencies is not between personalities but between eras and sadly, another Clinton in the White House may not recreate that old charm

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Technology vs humanity

Is technology not a match for mans cunning?

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