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  • Wednesday Nov 5

    Israel encroaching upon Arab world

    The current situation in occupied Jerusalem and ongoing Israeli desecrations of Al Haram Al Sharif were the focus of newspapers across the Middle East

  • Wednesday Nov 5

    Tunisia’s successful turnaround

    What was disappointing about Gannoushi was that his government failed to tackle the economic, social and judicial problems facing the country

  • Wednesday Nov 5

    Towards scientific ascendancy

    UAE’s mission to send a spacecraft to Mars, with the hopes of a nation, is undoubtedly grandiose

  • Wednesday Nov 5

    India-Indonesia ties hold key to Indo-Pacific security

    Experts feel that New Delhi’s relationship with Jakarta has not reached even half its potential and that is something Modi should think about

  • Wednesday Nov 5

    Cracks in the Brics start to show

    The fact that all five countries struggle with domestic corruption points to their common difficulty in building solid domestic institutions

  • story 6
    Wednesday Nov 5

    A half-hearted US war in Middle East

    When marketing a new product or running for political office, cheapness seldom offers a recipe for success. In war, that truism applies in spades

  • story 7
    Wednesday Nov 5

    Syria and Iraq face decades of war and slaughter

    New PM’s cabinet is unlikely to come up with an inclusive option, so a three-way split in Iraq is more likely

  • story 8
    Wednesday Nov 5

    Republican win isn’t as big as you might think

    GOP is likely to be a dysfunctional caucus and even if it does come up with something unpalatable to Democrats, Obama still holds a veto

  • story 9
    Tuesday Nov 4

    Merkel has exposed Cameron’s failing

    The British prime minister suffers from an inability to ‘read’ foreigners — 
and it could lead to his country leaving the European Union

  • story 10
    Tuesday Nov 4

    Why Ed Miliband is looking for salvation

    The Labour leader desperately needs Murphy to revive the demoralised party in Scotland and shore up his chances of becoming the next PM

  • story 11
    Tuesday Nov 4

    What Obama can learn from Bush

    The president runs the most centralised administration in memory. Yet his ability to shape events in Washington and beyond is severely limited by his reluctance to delegate authority

  • story 12
    Tuesday Nov 4

    Aleppo is the last stand for democratic Syria

    It is the martyred centre of resistance to Al Assad, having been under bombardment by his forces since 2012

  • story 13
    Tuesday Nov 4

    North Korea’s nuclear shadow

    Pyongyang’s refusal to acknowledge its 2005 commitment to abandon its nuclear programme effectively renders any prospective dialogue meaningless

  • story 14
    Tuesday Nov 4

    Poverty has bred resentment in Sinai

    When Sinai was finally freed 22 years ago, there was much hope. But people are now angry, and they have every right to feel that way

  • story 15
    Tuesday Nov 4

    Israel fine-tunes the colony game

    Even if the Palestinian National Authority finds the nine Security Council members it needs to pass a resolution, the US will either veto it or water down the language to preserve Israeli impunity

  • Tuesday Nov 4

    Back on the road in my vintage car

    In Dubai, people drive new cars because they cannot afford to look like they cannot afford a new car.

  • story 17
    Tuesday Nov 4

    Five myths about the fall of the Berlin Wall

    For eight years, the East German leaders pushed their case with Kremlin leader Nikita Khrushchev and quietly began preparations for when he might acquiesce

  • story 18
    Monday Nov 3

    Iran’s isolationist temptation

    It already seems clear that Khamenei and the hardliners are poised to choose nuclear power over economic prosperity — a decision that will probably prove catastrophic for the country

  • Monday Nov 3

    Politicising India’s dirty wealth trail

    BJP’s attempt to milk the black money issue once again reveals that a change of government does not necessarily entail a change in governance

  • story 20
    Monday Nov 3

    Are scientists more or less religious than laymen?

    Unlike the West where surveys of scientists’ religiosity have been conducted by several groups of researchers, the correlation between religiosity and scientific attainment has never been studied in the Arab-Muslim world

  • story 21
    Monday Nov 3

    US Senate is key battleground

    The aftermath of today’s mid-term polls will focus more attention on the 2016 presidential election

  • story 22
    Monday Nov 3

    Why I won’t be buying Barbie dolls

    We need to be more conscious of what we are consuming, not everything out there for public consumption is a positive thing

  • Monday Nov 3

    UK needs to have a sense of common humanity

    As ministers debate the withdrawal of aid for desperate migrants, mostly those who are dislodged by war or persecution, the tolerant attitudes of ordinary citizens are disregarded

  • story 24
    Monday Nov 3

    The knives are out for Netanyahu

    The premier’s hands are tied by right-wingers in his coalition and the general mood among ordinary Israelis that leaves little space for voices advocating two states

  • Monday Nov 3

    All eyes on US mid-term polls today

    What do today’s congressional elections in the US hold for President Obama? Are Americans, conflicted about their country’s many war engagements, in no mood to support him? Leading newspapers have mixed views on this

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