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  • story 1
    Sunday Jul 6

    The danger of Chinese revisionism

    US must pursue alternative crisis management mechanisms if Beijing continues to drag its feet

  • story 2
    Sunday Jul 6

    A lesson from history

    Instead of clinging on to the past, leaders must confront the world as it is, not as they know it

  • story 3
    Sunday Jul 6

    For Hollande, a good Sarkozy is one behind bars

    French president has a mean, vindictive streak and will do anything to ensure that his predecessor does not run for office in 2017

  • Sunday Jul 6

    The coming regional implosion

    America’s handling of the Iraq debacle and its overall smaller footprint in the region has not been received favourably in the region

  • Sunday Jul 6

    India’s Iraq challenge

    The region needs a new security paradigm. For its own sake, and the sake of its neighbours, New Delhi must take an active role in creating it — and soon enough

  • story 6
    Saturday Jul 5

    Modi prevails over India’s right-wing traditionalists

    Government refuses to pander to whims of Hindu fundamentalists on religious and social matters, instead choosing to focus on the economy

  • story 7
    Saturday Jul 5

    Boko Haram threat needs strong answer

    It’s not only the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls who require our help, but every girl that the terrorists are denying an education

  • story 8
    Saturday Jul 5

    Moscow’s task is to build a nation, not an empire

    Russia should avoid thinking of its planned Eurasian Union as a replica of the EU but rather as a kind of North American Free Trade treaty

  • story 9
    Saturday Jul 5

    A ballgame with human lives

    Unlike the World Cup in Brazil, there is no referee to restrain Israel’s aggression and brutality towards Palestinians and innocent people are dying daily with nobody to defend them

  • story 10
    Saturday Jul 5

    The price of keeping Iran at the negotiating table

    Tehran is likely to exploit its role in resolving Middle East conflicts by requesting further sanctions relief and an extension to the talks on its nuclear programme

  • story 11
    Friday Jul 4

    Why Turkey will help the Kurds to break up Iraq

    Erdogan’s run for the presidency and Barzani’s ambition of being crowned leader of an independent entity work to mutual advantage

  • story 12
    Friday Jul 4

    The root of the colonist Lobby’s sick mentality

    The insular right-wing minority queering Israeli political discourse can be traced to a mindset moulded by the Western Talmud

  • story 13
    Friday Jul 4

    The activist Indians forgot to vote for

    The country’s food security law and a far-reaching employment guarantee scheme couldn’t have come through without the political will displayed by Congress party leader Sonia Gandhi

  • story 14
    Friday Jul 4

    We are the product that Facebook has been testing

    Mostly, this social networking site tinkers with the algorithm with the sole purpose of stimulating user growth and activity

  • story 15
    Friday Jul 4

    Pacifist Japan is inching towards being ‘normal’

    Tokyo’s post-war record speaks for itself and the redrawing of its defence policy must be seen in the backdrop of a regional geopolitical realignment

  • Friday Jul 4

    What Nigeria’s president should have written

    ‘Nothing is more important than stopping the machinations of Boko Haram, except maybe my desire to keep up appearances and show the international community that Nigeria’s winning the war against it’

  • story 17
    Friday Jul 4

    A world wiser for its power wars

    As 100 years ago, geopolitical tensions are mounting but, thankfully, 1914 isn’t forgotten

  • story 18
    Friday Jul 4

    Tangled corruption web snares Sarkozy once more

    Having failed to resist the lure of a return to the cut and thrust of political life, the former French president is eyeing a comeback, but his hopes could be wrecked

  • story 19
    Thursday Jul 3

    China: A great power Hong Kong can’t trust

    As pro-democracy protesters gain in strength, Beijing must honour its commitment to their liberty and way of life

  • story 20
    Thursday Jul 3

    Crime and punishment make India squirm

    Parliamentarian Tapas Pal’s public exhortations to rape and murder rival party members and the casual manner in which he is let off the hook are a shocking affront to country’s socio-political ethos

  • story 21
    Thursday Jul 3

    Lincoln’s other war

    The battle between Lincoln and his predecessors in the years preceding and during the Civil War is a critical but little-heralded story of the American Civil War and a vast departure from the history of the post-presidency

  • story 22
    Thursday Jul 3

    For Palestinians, this week’s deaths highlight the asymmetry of power

    The latest killings bring to the forefront Palestinians’ deep concern about prisoners and reopen wounds on both sides

  • story 23
    Thursday Jul 3

    Can elections bring peace to Libya?

    If the current conflict engulfs entire Libya, regional powers, such as Egypt and Algeria may get tempted to intervene

  • story 24
    Thursday Jul 3

    An American victory in the region

    Large Arab states have collapsed, ethnic entities have emerged, religious extremism is rising and the dream of an independent Palestine is more remote than ever

  • story 25
    Wednesday Jul 2

    Ailing pteropods point to climate change

    The dissolving shells of sea snails are one more indication that the Earth is changing and it happens to be changing in a way very similar to what caused the greatest extinction in history

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