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  • Saturday Aug 30

    Discord bankrupting Pakistan, Afghanistan

    With the US and Nato gripped by global crises, the West doesn’t have the money, patience or time to bail out countries whose political elites do not know what is good for their people

  • story 2
    Saturday Aug 30

    Hollande could be exactly what Europe needs

    Despite his purge of the left and abject approval rating, the French president is in the right place to challenge German orthodoxy

  • Saturday Aug 30

    Isil a creation of the war on terror

    It is an immense irony that US meddling is unwittingly behind the unprecedented chaos in the Middle East and the most dangerous terrorist entity of modern times

  • story 4
    Saturday Aug 30

    Israel should not escape the war crimes hangman

    Over 750 women and children breathed their last at the hands of the recent Israeli brutality that saw more than 2,100 civilians killed yet the silence of the West and the International Criminal Court is defeaning

  • story 5
    Saturday Aug 30

    Israeli propaganda in a changing media landscape

    It is difficult to say who won the recent war, but given Netanyahu’s plummeting popularity and Tel Aviv’s failure to hoodwink the world with a doctored vision of its blatant aggression, one can certainly say that proliferation of social networking platforms has helped unmask a brute force like never before

  • story 6
    Saturday Aug 30

    Passion likely to trump rationale in Scottish vote

    With Scotland at the crossroads for the first time since 1707, the call for independence is fast gathering momentum despite obvious setbacks

  • Friday Aug 29

    Britain’s ‘Tea Party’ rattles Tories

    Anything less than a thumping Conservative majority and disemboweling of Ukip may prompt party apparatchiks to seek a change at the top

  • Friday Aug 29

    Pointless to discard Scotland’s Britishness

    Salmond’s argument for taking Scotland out of Britain is as flawed as Farage’s demand for Britain to leave Europe

  • story 9
    Friday Aug 29

    Beware the lone wolves at the door

    Al Qaida’s anarchist cells can only feel more and more emboldened in the face of rising intolerance in the West and the frustration welling up within the Arab world over outrages the Palestinians still endure

  • story 10
    Friday Aug 29

    The silence of emerging powers

    They stand to lose most when the established global order is threatened, as it is now

  • story 11
    Friday Aug 29

    Fighting the forces of darkness in Iraq

    The Anbar province has been combating terrorism for a long time and this fight has taken it on a journey of contemplation

  • Friday Aug 29

    Isil and the Mideast conundrum

    The US and the West knew about the group sneaking into the Syrian scene and yet assisted them in doing so due to various reasons

  • story 13
    Thursday Aug 28

    Putin won’t allow Kiev to reassert control

    A dangerous game of diplomatic chicken looks set to continue, with Russia eyeing any ‘Bosnia’ solution that freezes the conflict and gives Moscow the upper hand over Kiev

  • story 14
    Thursday Aug 28

    The harsh realities of American fatigue

    Today’s accumulating crises are forcing Europe to define the role it will play in the future of western — and global — stability. But political unity is the glue that binds their collective security

  • story 15
    Thursday Aug 28

    Al Maliki may be gone but Iraq crisis remains

    It is time for Sunnis in Iraq and beyond to denounce Isil and act with much greater clarity and consistency on this existential threat to civilisation

  • story 16
    Thursday Aug 28

    Enemies of the state promote extremism

    Non-state actors emerge when a state dissolves but some in the US have been calling for this outcome without understanding consequences

  • story 17
    Thursday Aug 28

    UK must look to France for vision of life under Miliband

    The shambles across the Channel, a direct result of Hollande’s inept administration, should serve as a reminder of the plight that might befall Britain if Labour were to return to power

  • story 18
    Wednesday Aug 27

    US needs to offer clarity in what it is doing in Iraq

    A clear American position would help create a political framework through which Arabs can rally to defeat Isil

  • story 19
    Wednesday Aug 27

    Fighting a good fight against extremism

    Identifying Al Assad as a secularist in hopes of bolstering the war on Isil is sheer hypocrisy. The world must place its hopes on decent individuals, not criminals

  • story 20
    Wednesday Aug 27

    Netanyahu loses support of young American Jews

    As Holocaust survivors condemn the massacre of Palestinians, it’s high time Israel’s PM changes his mindset or he’ll face a revolution from within

  • story 21
    Wednesday Aug 27

    Putin profits politically from wars and western apologists

    His western apologists were happy to take him at his word, that he was merely cleaning up Yeltsin’s mess while failing to account for his efforts to dismantle the democracy he inherited

  • Wednesday Aug 27

    National unity the panacea to Libya’s challenges

    Al Assad urged to pursue a lasting fix to Syrian conflict and not continue with failed policies that led to crisis

  • story 23
    Wednesday Aug 27

    The costs of achieving too much too soon

    Sportspersons should be groomed so that they grow into their full potential as adults, able to manage risk to their minds and bodies

  • story 24
    Wednesday Aug 27

    Modi shooting himself in foot over Pakistan

    Premier’s authoritarian disposition has blinded him to the fact that any India-Pakistan war will result in nothing else but a strategic impasse

  • story 25
    Wednesday Aug 27

    Covering a war zone with no front lines

    Foley believed, rightly, that giving Americans a complete picture of Syrian conflict means going beyond officials’ statements. He also knew that the cost of getting the truth could be high

Opinion Editor's choice
  • OPN_140915 Teacher
    Evolution of teaching in fast-changing world

    What is needed is a paradigm shift among teachers and educators that this globalised, digitally connected 
and fluid world needs new minds. Teaching must change to adapt to the new realities

  • OPN_140915 India PM Modi to US
    A big moment ahead for US-India ties

    Modi has made no secret of his desire to make a new place for India in the world’s imagination so it is essential Obama contemplates India without the shadow of US interests in Pakistan and China

  •  Senkaku
    China’s patient assault on the global order

    No one believes that Japan, US and their other Asian allies have formulated a workable strategy for responding to Beijing’s ambitions

Technology vs humanity

Is technology not a match for mans cunning?

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