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    Wednesday Nov 12

    Wars of convenience in Syria

    There is a full-fledged conflict in the country that requires attention and while extremists in Daesh must and can be confronted, US credibility is on the line

  • story 2
    Tuesday Nov 11

    We cannot hide from pandemics

    Investing several billion dollars a year, less than 0.01% of global GDP, could be decisive in preventing tragedy on the scale of a world war

  • story 3
    Tuesday Nov 11

    Does Obama even know how to negotiate?

    It is a little late in the president’s career to learn the fine art of making deals with people who fundamentally disagree with him

  • story 4
    Tuesday Nov 11

    Cameron ought to drop the quota idea

    The British PM should make it clear that he sees freedom of movement as a core EU principle and ought to renounce the term ‘benefit tourism’

  • Tuesday Nov 11

    France’s winter of discontent

    The Brezhnevian intricacies of the tight circles of power in France are imperfectly understood by the population at large, but there’s a certain tone, a way of telling the public that you know what they want better than they do, to which the French have increasingly grown allergic

  • story 6
    Tuesday Nov 11

    Remembering the Wall and the War

    It was only a whim of the diary that made the two dates converge, where Germany remembered the end of that deadly ‘short’ century and the UK commemorated its beginning

  • story 7
    Tuesday Nov 11

    Arafat ensured media spotlight on Palestinians

    The torch of freedom, justice and resistance that was lit by him illuminates and inspires an expanding new generation of global citizens

  • story 8
    Tuesday Nov 11

    Iran negotiations may be US polls’ casualty

    If the P5+1 and the Iranians do reach a deal it will surely require the Americans to ease sanctions

  • story 9
    Monday Nov 10

    Putin vs West: A new ‘Cold War’

    The moot point is whether West has made friction with Moscow inevitable or is Russian resentment to blame

  • Monday Nov 10

    Sham polls will only worsen Ukraine crisis

    The plight of Ukraine in light of the disputed elections on November 2, continues to concern the international media even as Russian President Vladimir Putin blatantly displays his strong-arm tactics

  • story 11
    Monday Nov 10

    Hillary should be ready for the attacks

    How she prepares in the next few months may well determine how she overcomes the ugly moments

  • Monday Nov 10

    A resurgent China has compounded the crisis for Obama

    It is a fair guess that Beijing will be more assertive irrespective of who is in the White House since its aim is to become a global power

  • Monday Nov 10

    New approach to fight sex trafficking

    UAE’s fight has focused on prevention, prosecution, punishment, protection 
and promotion of global cooperation

  • story 14
    Monday Nov 10

    Space setbacks should strengthen our resolve

    A review and delay of space tourism programmes is not a bad thing for these spacecraft will carry humans who will have paid huge fares and spent much time training for such trips. Safety first, as they say

  • Monday Nov 10

    Al Sissi unfazed by Egypt’s challenges

    At times, the president must surely be feeling that he is running an obstacle course, but he is standing strong and tackling each obstacle head-on

  • story 16
    Monday Nov 10

    Israel’s final war on occupied Jerusalem

    It may sound parochial and naive, but the only way Al Aqsa Mosque can be saved is by Arab and Muslim leaders banding together and adopting a united stand

  • Sunday Nov 9

    A passport to privilege

    The Oxford thing matters, of course. But what matters much more is that I was born in England rather than Bangladesh or Uganda

  • story 18
    Sunday Nov 9

    Japan’s PM on reconnecting with China, trusting Obama

    He has also expressed faith in Washington’s determination to pursue the Trans-Pacific Partnership and its resolve to stand by Japan in the face of Beijing’s maritime aggression

  • story 19
    Sunday Nov 9

    Obama’s illegal war against Daesh

    In refusing to publish a serious opinion defending his constitutional authority, US the president is breaching a fundamental principle of the rule of law

  • Sunday Nov 9

    Sustained work required on Ebola front

    The most effective way to neutralise threat of the disease is to end the outbreak at its source. A gap in response leaves space for the virus to spread

  • Sunday Nov 9

    Arabs seem to have lost direction

    We first need to correct ourselves as Arabs and then lead reforms before talking about the West’s responsibility

  • story 22
    Sunday Nov 9

    Republicans lack a mandate but have an opportunity

    Most US voters have actually been pretty clear about what they want. They want to see their federal government get something done

  • story 23
    Sunday Nov 9

    Apec at the apex of strategic stability

    With Japan and China facing economic uncertainty, it makes sense to remove political impediments to trade

  • Saturday Nov 8

    Hungary is helping Putin keep his energy chokehold on Europe

    Other Europeans are worried they will be tarred with the same brush thanks to Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s lurch toward Moscow

  • story 25
    Saturday Nov 8

    The surprising end to the Cold War

    History underwent a major change, the results of which many are still grappling with today