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    Thursday Jul 10

    World watches as Israel gets away with murder

    It is ironic that Tel Aviv always accuses Arabs of advancing ‘hate-filled’ rhetoric, when so many of its actions can instigate far more brutal responses

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    Thursday Jul 10

    A challenge to India’s liberal pivot

    Congress’s vote-bank politics is the very snake oil that has fired up a resurgent majoritarianism, which BJP has cleverly harnessed

  • story 3
    Thursday Jul 10

    A Kurdish pipe dream that may come true

    The leadership sees the situation as a golden opportunity that is not to be wasted despite the ramifications it may have for Iraq’s disintegration

  • story 4
    Wednesday Jul 9

    ‘The tragedy of the Arabs’? Really?

    In time, Syrians and Iraqis, among others, and Sunnis and Shiites, more broadly, will find the mechanism to co-exist in peace just like Catholics and Protestants

  • story 5
    Wednesday Jul 9

    Climate sceptics are losing their grip

    The political debate for sensible policy will be won only if two things happen: People must believe the impact of this danger is large and costly and they must believe the costs of mitigation will be tolerable

  • story 6
    Wednesday Jul 9

    China’s fumbles give US ‘pivot’ second chance

    Today, China and India alone are changing the way America invests, eats, breathes and thinks about the world

  • Wednesday Jul 9

    Arab League and OIC have a role to play

    The continued launching of rockets from Gaza will divert global attention from it, providing Israel with the opportunity to market the current situation

  • story 8
    Wednesday Jul 9

    Isil has saved Al Assad regime for now

    With the world’s attention focused on Iraq and in the absence of a political solution, the Syrian uprising faces an existential challenge

  • story 9
    Wednesday Jul 9

    Bringing Iran in from the cold

    If Rouhani fails to offer concrete economic gains on his engagement with the West, hardliners will recapture the foreign policy

  • story 10
    Wednesday Jul 9

    Israel’s only sensible choice

    The safest option for Tel Aviv is to open dialogue with 22 Arab governments that had declared 12 years ago their readiness to negotiate a peace deal

  • story 11
    Wednesday Jul 9

    A resonance of universal values

    The important characteristics of tolerance and selflessness are scarce. This is perhaps a consequence of the rampaging materialism that may have taken over our lives

  • story 12
    Tuesday Jul 8

    Fear, not ambition, is what fuels Moscow

    If fear, rather than opportunism or strength, drove Putin’s grab for Crimea, no amount of sanctions from the West will improve things

  • story 13
    Tuesday Jul 8

    US is approaching economic disarmament

    The IMF enables America to do in the economic area what it is unable to do in the security area: Place most of the burden of a functioning system on all stakeholders

  • story 14
    Tuesday Jul 8

    In search of a leader to mend transatlantic relationships

    By itself, each of the contentious issues ­— declining European military budgets, perceived US arrogance, stalled trade talks and disunity over Ukraine — is relatively modest, but together, they add up to an atrophy

  • story 15
    Tuesday Jul 8

    Misogynist traits taint section of the Indian political class

    It is reprehensible that the word ‘rape’ has entered the nation’s political discourse as a commonly used metaphor

  • story 16
    Tuesday Jul 8

    The unity of water

    In an increasingly water-stressed world, shared water resources are becoming an instrument of power

  • story 17
    Tuesday Jul 8

    Israel has taken cynical advantage of colonists’ deaths

    If Israel continues to attack Gaza, it is very likely that we will witness a third intifada, but this time it will be different as public opinion around the world has undergone a sea-change

  • story 18
    Tuesday Jul 8

    America’s new isolationism?

    Somewhere between the arrogance of the Bush era and the disengagement America’s left and right now seek lies a middle ground that is militarily, diplomatically and politically realistic

  • Monday Jul 7

    Culture war powers Hong Kong’s democracy protests

    If the spark was provided by China’s move to control the city’s politics, then years of accumulated social resentments served as the fuel

  • story 20
    Monday Jul 7

    Opportunity for Kurds to cement their position

    Turmoil in Iraq means Kurdistan is unlikely to have to deal with a militarily confrontational Baghdad government, at least not any time soon

  • Monday Jul 7

    India must step up fight against human trafficking

    It is not just enough to sign and ratify international conventions and protocols, but to redefine and rework victim protection

  • Monday Jul 7

    The drone warfare drawbacks

    Striking with these unmanned devices may be an efficient way to kill terrorists, but they are no way to make friends

  • Monday Jul 7

    Israeli action draws flak

    The burning to death of Palestinian teenager Mohammad Abu Khudair by Israelis has sent shock waves across the world. While Palestinians have termed it an indiscriminate “revenge” killing for the earlier deaths of three Israeli teens, media has reacted sharply.

  • story 24
    Monday Jul 7

    Five reasons why UK should brand Brotherhood terrorist

    If Cameron caves in, he will not only risk alienating many of his Gulf allies, but will be seen as a weak appeaser in a country threatened by radicalisation of its youth

  • story 25
    Monday Jul 7

    The search for other ‘earths’ heats up

    If we do find even primitive life in one of our neighbouring star-planet systems, then the Milky Way must statistically be full of life — some of it probably quite advanced elsewhere

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