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  • story 1
    Monday Jul 14

    Hello aliens; anybody there?

    Contrary to what sci-fi movies tend to imply, we must always keep in mind that aliens, if they exist anywhere, may not resemble us, in form, technology or philosophy

  • Sunday Jul 13

    Australia isn’t as close to Britain as it should be

    A poll indicates Britain is no longer Australia’s best friend, but the two nations should make more of their ties to boost those with Asia

  • Sunday Jul 13

    The US is losing the message war

    Washington must present itself as the partner of choice, offering a narrative of forward movement and a genuine lifeline in the Middle East

  • Sunday Jul 13

    The ‘third Scotland’ won’t be denied

    Outside Scotland’s two dominant parties a group of radical young voices is blazing a trail for a fresh kind of left politics

  • story 5
    Sunday Jul 13

    Post-budget, right-left divide will become wider

    Ironically, while it was the Congress that had started the reforms in 1991, it is now the BJP’s turn to carry it forward

  • story 6
    Sunday Jul 13

    No fairytale ending for Myanmar

    If peace is to be secured before the elections, a nationwide ceasefire needs to be signed by next month, but that looks tricky and a lasting political settlement will be harder still

  • story 7
    Sunday Jul 13

    The three-track Middle East

    In sociopolitical terms, a lot of the region’s future depends on how a middle-of-the-spectrum nation like Egypt conducts itself in the days ahead

  • Sunday Jul 13

    Sectarian fallout of regional fires

    Failure of state-building, occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq and the almost failed-state in Syria are destined to cause long-term damage

  • story 9
    Sunday Jul 13

    Narendra Modi’s hypocrisy laid bare

    Indian citizens who thought that they had voted for change are beginning to wonder if the BJP has simply reprised the UPA government’s policies

  • Saturday Jul 12

    A rethink on timing of construction work may help

    Residents of Al Barsha and Jumeirah in Dubai are sleep deprived as noise continues through the day

  • Saturday Jul 12

    Political turmoil in Kuwait

    The Emir’s unprecedented address to the nation is indicative of a rift between a few members of the ruling family and the establishment

  • Saturday Jul 12

    Dynamics of a free Kiev

    Long dismissed by many Russians — and by almost everyone else — as nothing more than a provincial capital, the Ukrainian city is now set to become an intellectual refuge for those who find Moscow too oppressive

  • Saturday Jul 12

    Welcome to London: The planet’s most toxic town

    Oxford Street is more polluted than Beijing, even as the skyline is alive with cranes. So, just what kind of city is Mayor Johnson creating?

  • story 14
    Saturday Jul 12

    Children of a different world

    For those born and brought up in the Gulf and who have imbibed the local culture and lifestyle in right earnest, for them to leave — at a later stage in their lives — the only home they have known as their own can be quite distressing

  • story 15
    Saturday Jul 12

    How to resolve the Iran impasse

    Even a research-and-development enrichment drive is too much for some in the West who insist Tehran should have no capability at all, but that genie is out of the bottle

  • story 16
    Saturday Jul 12

    Fiscal folly of hosting sporting extravaganzas

    We are likely to see World Cups and Olympics increasingly awarded to places where they will inflict the most social and economic damage

  • Saturday Jul 12

    A counter-narrative for Pakistani youth necessary

    It is necessary to dismantle the educational infrastructure that spews venom and hatred, preparing countless young people to fight a battle that has little to do with Islam

  • story 18
    Saturday Jul 12

    Pakistan must brace for more chaos in near future

    While Pakistan’s soldiers are battling the militants on the frontlines, Sharif’s other key challenge beyond militancy must be that of lifting his nuclear-armed state out of its crisis surrounding the management of its economy and pressing issues related to governance.

  • story 19
    Friday Jul 11

    The sins of the fathers

    The generation of today is left with a legacy anchored in anaemic ideologies that are now, sadly, being replaced by an even more anaemic reflex system

  • story 20
    Friday Jul 11

    My friend, the statesman

    Shevardnadze helped peacefully end the Cold War

  • story 21
    Friday Jul 11

    A mutually beneficial tribute to be set in stone

    The planned statue of Gandhi at London’s Trafalgar Square is both welcome and a neat invitation to India to be nice to Britain

  • story 22
    Friday Jul 11

    Putin’s choices are fast diminishing

    Any attempt on Moscow’s part to escalate things is bound to translate into painful sanctions from the West, besides alienating Ukrainians further

  • story 23
    Friday Jul 11

    South Sudan’s manmade crisis

    Three years into independence, millions are short of food and hundreds of thousands are afraid to go home. The youngest country on Earth needs us now more than ever

  • Thursday Jul 10

    Five reasons why China has no friends

    While China has been advocating a new regional security architecture to diminish the salience of America’s alliances in Asia-Pacific, it does not seem to have reconsidered its basic posture on alliance formation

  • story 25
    Thursday Jul 10

    Gruesome reality of a Palestinian child

    They are the only children in the world required to ensure the security of their occupier

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