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    Friday Apr 4

    Don’t let the laptop generals wage war

    In the light of Putin’s land grab in Crimea, let’s not forget that the Cold War was never cold for many Asians, Africans and Latin Americans

  • Thursday Apr 3

    Asia follows China into old-fashioned arms race

    Beijing’s growing strength is leading nations like India, Vietnam and Philippines to think harder about defence

  • story 3
    Thursday Apr 3

    Europe’s Iranian imperative

    While European Union’s reputation for foreign-policy ‘softness’ continues to shape perceptions in the Islamic republic, the EU’s role in compelling Tehran to negotiate underpins the current nuclear talks

  • story 4
    Thursday Apr 3

    Manuel Valls — France’s new strongman

    President Hollande has replaced his spineless prime minister Ayrault with a reformer who likes talking tough on immigration

  • story 5
    Thursday Apr 3

    Hillary’s Myanmar problem

    What happens in the country is believed to have implications for the former US first lady’s potential bid for White House in 2016, but foreign-policy achievements are not always certain to win presidential elections

  • story 6
    Thursday Apr 3

    The paradox that awaits ‘prime minister’ Modi

    With economic decentralisation well advanced in India, most of the larger states are controlled by parties hostile to BJP and can put the brakes on hyperactivity

  • story 7
    Thursday Apr 3

    A defining moment for Afghanistan

    The nature and outcome of tomorrow’s elections will go a long way in determining what course the nation’s future takes

  • Thursday Apr 3

    Obama’s visit to Saudi Arabia shows Gulf relevance

    America’s military presence near Gulf oil fields and its control of pertinent sea lanes will remain the key tools of US influence in East Asia and the Pacific

  • story 9
    Thursday Apr 3

    Musharraf no more a traitor than anyone else

    Political reconciliation and stability are more important now than widening the chasm between the civilian-military establishment

  • Wednesday Apr 2

    Transnistria could be the next flashpoint

    If this is to be a new Cold War and the river Dniester a new Berlin Wall then the West needs to know what the stakes are

  • story 11
    Wednesday Apr 2

    Yet another Netanyahu diversion

    To make the world believe that the cause of Middle East peace will be strengthened by the release of an Israeli spy held in the US is delusional

  • Wednesday Apr 2

    Are we heading for the fall of democracy?

    In Athens, democracy disintegrated when the rich grew super-rich, refused to play by the rules and undermined the established system of government. That is the point US and Britain have reached today

  • Wednesday Apr 2

    Hoping against hope — it’s a people thing

    We resist updating assessments when the feedback is bad, but are eager and adept at making upward adjustments when the feedback is good

  • story 14
    Wednesday Apr 2

    UAE should not criminalise business failure

    Better legal protection for new businesses would mean that UAE companies could benefit more from the country’s bright prospects

  • story 15
    Wednesday Apr 2

    Saudis smooth rough succession issues

    While the royal order is an internal deal to present a united front, what has occurred is nothing more than a progressive development to avoid dynastic squabbles

  • story 16
    Wednesday Apr 2

    Five reasons why Modi should not be crowned the ‘King of Hindustan’

    He has had a controversial 12-year record as the chief minister of Gujarat, a state his mentors in RSS proudly flaunt as a Hindutva laboratory where Muslims, Christians and tribals have been systematically persecuted in pursuit of a diabolic agenda to ‘purify’ it of non-Hindu population

  • Tuesday Apr 1

    When Japan and China were friends

    Both have abused the memory of war for political ends but in 1984 they looked to the future, not to the past

  • story 18
    Tuesday Apr 1

    Japan’s Russian dilemma

    Tokyo is concerned with Russian expansionism, because it is the only G7 country that currently has a territorial dispute with Moscow

  • story 19
    Tuesday Apr 1

    Hollande the ditherer is stunned into action

    After a revolt by voters, the president had little choice but to promote ‘Sarkozy’s clone’

  • Tuesday Apr 1

    The leverage the West holds over Russia

    Western nations can use their strategic advantages, combined with a desire to see Moscow as part of a prosperous world with representative governments

  • story 21
    Tuesday Apr 1

    Erdogan must rise to the challenge

    Turkish prime minister should rein in his autocratic tendencies and avoid petty bickering of daily politics

  • Tuesday Apr 1

    The war of slogans and the Indian voter

    The BJP is tapping into middle class disaffection with the present government and the Congress is promising to lift those languishing below the middle class

  • story 23
    Tuesday Apr 1

    In America, everything is politics

    There is a dangerous perception that politicians say one thing at home and something else in Washington

  • Tuesday Apr 1

    It’s hard to like these British leaders

    Cameron, Miliband, Clegg — the harder they try to create a favourable impression on the electorate, the more they are despised by the public

  • story 25
    Monday Mar 31

    Why couldn’t Nasa find that plane?

    The disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines aircraft indeed exposed our fragile world of intricate transport, communications and space technologies

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