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    Sunday Jul 20

    MH17 downing boosts Putin’s pariah status

    The Russian president has no endgame in Ukraine. He just doesn’t want a functioning, democratic state

  • Sunday Jul 20

    How to travel: These are my rules

    Your hometown’s status ladders lose all meaning abroad

  • Sunday Jul 20

    Kurdistan, Scotland and Catalonia want to be free

    Independence for all three of these regions makes little sense at this point in time

  • story 4
    Sunday Jul 20

    The slaughter of innocents

    Standard military metrics for success or failure pale in comparison with the human costs depicted graphically in the media

  • story 5
    Sunday Jul 20

    Obama’s failed Yemen model

    Replicating it in Iraq and Syria will almost certainly not work due to insufficient US assistance to an unprepared force

  • story 6
    Sunday Jul 20

    The intifada of rockets

    Palestinians will continue to resist as long as Israeli occupation continues and one day they will prevail

  • Saturday Jul 19

    Europe ought to back US sanctions against Russia

    The disconnect between US eagerness to punish Putin and EU’s unwillingness to punish itself is growing steadily

  • Saturday Jul 19

    Modern twists to an age-old tradition

    With the passage of time and the emergence of newer technology for the transfer of information, I can assure you that more colourful aberrations of exchanging Eid greetings will emerge

  • story 9
    Saturday Jul 19

    End of the Russian fairy tale

    The crash of Flight MH17 has just put an end to the ‘it’s not a real war’ fiction, both for Russia and the West

  • story 10
    Saturday Jul 19

    A special message for the guy who would break California into six states

    The plan to break the state up into six different entities will essentially create rich states and poor states and wreak havoc in areas school funding, health and social service programmes

  • story 11
    Saturday Jul 19

    Democracy itself is riding on Indonesia

    Beyond the mechanics of counting votes, elections do not work if they are seen as merely a means of choosing between one thief and another

  • story 12
    Saturday Jul 19

    Israel cannot win this war

    Without addressing the root causes of the current crisis, even crippling Hamas — which was able to impose calm after 2012 — will not be enough to ensure victory

  • Saturday Jul 19

    Can Libya remain united?

    In the absence of a universally acceptable central leadership, the country may well be headed towards a division into three self-governing regions based on the three historic administrative entities: Cyrenaica, Tripolitania and Fezzan

  • Saturday Jul 19

    American public more centrist than the Congress

    Today, more than a quarter of Democrats and more than a third of Republicans believe that the other party is a ‘threat’ to country’s well-being

  • story 15
    Saturday Jul 19

    Putin’s Ukraine arsenal is a wake-up call

    In a frenzied atmosphere, where strict controls are not always applied to powerful weapons, there is always the chance of a tragic accident occurring

  • Friday Jul 18

    A story of qualified success

    Had Hague been a Cold War statesman, he would have prospered in the detente phase, bringing prudence after a period of disastrous overreach and privileging stability over all else

  • Friday Jul 18

    The German-American breakup

    If Obama is unable to rein-in spying on Germany, he may discover that he is helping to convert it from an ally into an adversary

  • Friday Jul 18

    Is a third intifada possible?

    Israel’s insistence on attaching malicious intent to the new unity government is only making a Palestinian upheaval look like an imminent reality

  • Friday Jul 18

    Republican first round pits Paul against Perry

    For now, these two are the proxies in the war for the foreign-policy soul of the party between the neo-isolationist, tea party libertarians and the strong-on-defence establishment types

  • Friday Jul 18

    The World Cup America soaked up

    The US team and audience for football derive their growing strength from immigrants — many from countries where the sport is a national passion

  • story 21
    Friday Jul 18

    Britain slams the door on Hong Kong

    The curious thing is that neither Britain nor business will profit from looking the other way and any show of weakness will not win special favours for British business from Xi

  • story 22
    Thursday Jul 17

    Undoing the Afghan resource curse

    With more than one in three people living below the poverty line, Afghanistan desperately needs its resources to drive growth and foster stability

  • story 23
    Thursday Jul 17

    Germany’s flickering golden moment

    The euro crisis has seen the country’s image take a battering in its own European backyard but the choices governing political leadership on the continent are unlikely to become any more popular

  • story 24
    Thursday Jul 17

    Russia’s strategic push in Iraq

    By helping Al Maliki in building up a resistance to Isil, Moscow is once again defending its economic and strategic interests in the Middle East

  • Thursday Jul 17

    What is so bad about middle age, one wonders

    Cameron has taken flak, and rightly, for surrounding himself with Old Etonians. Now he has lurched to the other extreme

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