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    Sunday Nov 16

    Satyarthi won’t let award cramp his style

    Nobel laureate reiterates that there are 140 million working children in India, including 55 million 
trapped in child slavery — damning statistics for a nation demanding Security Council membership

  • Sunday Nov 16

    A population control policy stuck in the past

    India’s fertility rate has dropped sharply. But that is mainly a result of social and economic progress, rather than mass sterilisations

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    Sunday Nov 16

    One botched landing for a robot, one giant leap for mankind

    Though the mission is not going as planned, history tells us we will be back, and doing it better very soon

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    Saturday Nov 15

    So much for American isolationism

    Even though the public still yearns for fewer wars, there is at least one big exception: They want a robust response to terrorist attacks against the US

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    Saturday Nov 15

    BJP-Congress tension will hurt reforms

    Even in normal times, Indian politicians tend to oppose when sitting in the opposition benches what they supported when in power

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    Saturday Nov 15

    9 ways foreign policy will dominate the lame-duck Congress

    The offensive against Daesh, the nuclear deal with Iran, Ebola and the Ukraine conflict are among the top legislative issues retiring or defeated lawmakers have to deal with before Republicans take over in January. However, what’s not certain is whether these issues will be debated — let alone passed — before then

  • story 7
    Saturday Nov 15

    Mutual distrust poisoning Pakistan-Afghan relationship

    Only Islamabad is well-positioned to assist Kabul navigate the post-war period and both nations need to press the reset button going forward

  • story 8
    Saturday Nov 15

    GCC needs to present a united front

    The times and circumstances do not allow for differences to take centre-stage. The challenges are not far; they are here

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    Saturday Nov 15

    Extremism is a sullied philosophy

    The Saudi government and people of the country are partners in their determination to stamp out the evil of extremism from their midst

  • story 10
    Saturday Nov 15

    The politics of UN leadership

    In 2016, the smart money will be on an East European candidate acceptable to the P-5, particularly Russia

  • story 11
    Friday Nov 14

    Abe ‘2.0’: Man on a blind date

    Most voters remain wary of his ambition to revise Japan’s constitution, particularly when it comes to jettisoning the pacifist Article Nine

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    Friday Nov 14

    Iraq premier Abadi walks a tightrope

    Limited air support from the US-led coalition has not altered power equations on the ground and for Iraq, it is as much a fight against Daesh as it is against sectarianism and corruption

  • story 13
    Friday Nov 14

    Hoodwinked again in Yangon?

    Impact of Obama’s latest visit to the country is as negligible as the one two years ago

  • story 14
    Friday Nov 14

    Gorbachev is wrong about a new Cold War

    The facts of geopolitics demand that the West continue to do business with Putin not least in negotiating with Iran

  • story 15
    Friday Nov 14

    Century’s most significant agreement

    The US-China agreement on climate change is the real deal and illustrates the real function of events like G20

  • story 16
    Friday Nov 14

    New light on origins of life

    As the probe Philae successfully touched down on comet 67P, human kind completed one of its most significant journeys that has taken just over 10 years, covering a distance of four billion miles

  • story 17
    Thursday Nov 13

    Misguided wars have hurt Britain

    Persistent unease about the legitimacy of military action in Iraq and Afghanistan has left a toxic political legacy

  • story 18
    Thursday Nov 13

    Change in Tunisia can impact Libya

    Though Tunisian Islamists may be part of the government in a coalition, they will no longer have an upper hand in running the country

  • story 19
    Thursday Nov 13

    Appreciating children’s rights should be our business

    Embedding their interests into business models in the Gulf requires understanding of the social and business dynamics of the region

  • story 20
    Thursday Nov 13

    Why Putin is suddenly so playful

    It is only prudent to react to the Russian president’s threats by shoring up defences, but it may be smart 
for the West to exploit his apparent desire to be given a place at the table again

  • Thursday Nov 13

    Climate change deal is just the start

    The aim must be that the framework and spirit of the latest US-China commitment to limit greenhouse gas emissions are replicated in even more countries and ratcheted up in coming years

  • story 22
    Thursday Nov 13

    Turkey’s Kobani dilemma

    Ankara has so far avoided getting dragged into the Syrian conflict, but if the situation worsens, it may be forced into taking a stand on the Kurdish issue

  • story 23
    Thursday Nov 13

    Palestinian leadership must reevaluate liberation strategy

    A decade after Arafat’s death, it is time to move away from closed-door talks to popular, nonviolent resistance that empowers Palestinians to achieve independence

  • story 24
    Thursday Nov 13

    If only America didn’t have those high-tech hammers

    Every time the US goes and pummels another Muslim country — by sending drones to conduct ‘signature strikes’ or using the NSA to eavesdrop — it reinforces the terrorists’ claim that the West has an insatiable desire to dominate the Arab and Islamic world and has no respect for Muslim life

  • story 25
    Wednesday Nov 12

    Iran talks almost certainly need deadline extension

    Thousands of western firms want a deal, as does Rouhani; but he is opposed by a combination of Israel, Khamenei and a large part of Washington

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