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  • Saturday Oct 18

    America is lost in a kind of presidential Bermuda Triangle

    Today we hear very little talk of greatness in American politics. Instead, the focus is on the leadership deficit, on the ungovernable and on the sorry state of its dysfunctional politics

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    Saturday Oct 18

    Israel is losing its friends

    When Netanyahu warns about Iran’s nuclear threat, even those who worry about Tehran’s intentions, respond with a weary shrug

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    Saturday Oct 18

    Winning the war against Ebola

    To succeed in the fight against infectious diseases, the world must capitalise on the expertise of those who have been quietly, diligently studying them

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    Saturday Oct 18

    Sharif’s political ship listing in choppy seas

    Pakistani PM has failed to resolve the formidable challenges besetting the country and scepticism from the business community has been a potent setback. The dysfunctional state of parliament makes matters worse

  • story 5
    Saturday Oct 18

    Rethinking the Allied campaign against Daesh

    With many conspiracy theories floating around concerning the fight against Daesh, it is time to evaluate what the West has in mind for the region over the long term

  • story 6
    Saturday Oct 18

    Time to clamp down on dishonest sponsors

    Authorities in Saudi Arabia ought to make sure those coming to the kingdom seeking employment do not end up being exploited by unscrupulous elements

  • Saturday Oct 18

    How well are you doing as a parent?

    Does your child excell at sports, ballet, speak four languages flawlessly? Are you raising the next Picasso? If so, congratulations, but that’s not what parenting is all about

  • Friday Oct 17

    The US has not grown with its job

    Now that the communist menace is history, America has redefined its obsession, calling it the war on terror

  • story 9
    Friday Oct 17

    Turkey throwing a spanner in Nato works

    It is all very well expecting the bloc’s help when the chips are down, but a little reciprocity will not go amiss

  • story 10
    Friday Oct 17

    Germany’s ill-used power

    Unlike other nations, it has not offshored its best industrial jobs, but has offshored to its southern neighbours conditions conducive to the rise of xenophobic extremism

  • story 11
    Friday Oct 17

    Tables turned — Israel on the run

    With support for the BDS Movement growing globally from organised labour, the potential economic threat to the Zionist regime is staggering

  • story 12
    Friday Oct 17

    Post-poll scenario in Maharashtra may be interesting

    Congress may spring a surprise despite what bookies and opinion polls may have indicated

  • story 13
    Friday Oct 17

    Ebola response hit by fear of black patient

    We are comfortable with viruses that ravage entire communities, so long as those communities do not look like the ones we believe are deserving of health

  • story 14
    Thursday Oct 16

    China should act as Umbrella Revolution folds

    If Beijing wants to ensure that Hong Kong doesn’t become another Bangkok, it ought to realise that Hong Kongers want competent leaders, not cronies

  • story 15
    Thursday Oct 16

    Don’t repeat Haiti mistakes in West Africa

    A rapid and coordinated global effort is the only way to stop Ebola from claiming more and more lives

  • story 16
    Thursday Oct 16

    Seeing through the Ukip grandstanding

    It is hard to detect in the Farage grin any belief that his ideas would put an extra pound in the pocket of those he cheers as the spine of Britain

  • story 17
    Thursday Oct 16

    Europe needs to look beyond bombing Daesh

    International efforts must not merely be geared towards the war against terror, but they ought to address the human rights nightmare in Syria, which has all but faded from debate

  • story 18
    Thursday Oct 16

    More middlemen can help Mideast peace process

    The best path that Palestinians should now pursue is to encourage other nations, including some European ones, to participate in the negotiations

  • story 19
    Thursday Oct 16

    The Kurdish card won’t help Erdogan

    If Erdogan fails to respond to coalition pressure to intervene in Kobani, he will be isolated among the Sunni allies

  • story 20
    Thursday Oct 16

    Forebodings of a failed state in Yemen

    Al Houthis will always be inclined to use force as long as they feel that there is an appropriate opportunity to win further concessions

  • story 21
    Wednesday Oct 15

    Bowing to Putin’s power

    A big chunk of the Nato alliance has quietly begun to lean towards Moscow as they fear the impact of sanctions

  • story 22
    Wednesday Oct 15

    From empires to statelets

    Regrettably, Iraq and Syria seem programmed to implode unless effective federal systems are created, while Lebanon looks impossible to save in its present form

  • Wednesday Oct 15

    Palestinians need political support

    The donors’ conference held in Cairo recently for the reconstruction of Gaza dominated the headlines of newspapers across the region

  • story 24
    Wednesday Oct 15

    UAE’s growing openness

    The nation has taken a strong position against religious extremism and is standing up for the values of open thinking and stability

  • story 25
    Wednesday Oct 15

    Education a key pillar of UAE’s growth

    To successfully transform into a knowledge economy, nation must continue with investments in human capital base