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    Tuesday Oct 21

    Time to look beyond ‘symbolic’ votes

    Britain’s moral responsibility towards Palestinians can hardly be addressed through such an inept gesture — nearly 100 years after the original meddling

  • Monday Oct 20

    Stories of hope emerge from visuals of terror

    We have no power over whether Daesh will release more videos of beheadings, but we can control what we choose to learn from them

  • Monday Oct 20

    Ebola: A global emergency

    The Ebola epidemic continues to agitate the world and the world media is keenly pursuing the many angles that the international community needs to consider to vanquish the power of this virus

  • story 4
    Monday Oct 20

    Biggest threat to Africa

    Ebola may be gruesome but malaria has killed 70 times more people this year — even though it’s very easy to prevent

  • story 5
    Monday Oct 20

    A flashback to Carter-era malaise

    Control of the US Senate, which looks very likely to fall into Republican hands, may hinge on Iowa’s decision

  • story 6
    Monday Oct 20

    Ebola-hit nations need funds to fight the scourge

    It is not just Liberia — any African nation with a fragile health system is potentially vulnerable to this terrible virus

  • story 7
    Monday Oct 20

    Narendra Modi wave only in Haryana

    There does not appear to be any alternative left for the BJP but to renew its ties with Shiv Sena in Maharashtra

  • Monday Oct 20

    A changing Israel-Palestine global dynamic

    Netanyahu should continue to be viewed with suspicion, but his offer may well be genuine in the light of current circumstances

  • story 9
    Sunday Oct 19

    A true achievement under threat

    If the only real Western achievement of the past quarter-century is now under threat, that’s because we have failed to ensure that Nato continues to do in Europe what it was always meant to do: Deter

  • Sunday Oct 19

    Odds favour republicans in mid-term polls

    Party winning the motivation derby against the Democrats, with its voters more enthusiastic about elections and also more reliable in terms of turnout

  • Sunday Oct 19

    Protecting scholars in war-torn states is essential

    The expertise of these threatened professors is key to post-conflict stability as it will help create functioning societies once the fighting stops

  • story 12
    Sunday Oct 19

    Daesh, Ebola reveal our helplessness

    The extremist scourge and the virus are feeding off each other and from airports to airstrikes the response is woefully inadequate

  • story 13
    Sunday Oct 19

    Al Houthi takeover threatens GCC security

    The Iran-Hezbollah connection to the rebels is not new, but after their takeover of most of Yemen that link has raised red flags in Riyadh and other Gulf capitals

  • story 14
    Sunday Oct 19

    Who rules Sana’a and who will govern Aden

    An in-depth look at the Yemeni reality shows that each political group, whether in the north or in the south, is trying to exploit the political card and move the situation in their favour

  • Saturday Oct 18

    India’s Congress party in self-destruct mode

    There can be little doubt that the party’s corrupt image is primarily responsible for its predicament yet its leadership appears blind to the writing on the wall

  • story 16
    Saturday Oct 18

    India’s military in desperate need of real empowerment

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi must push through reforms harmonising institutional authority with accountability in a meaningful and effective manner

  • Saturday Oct 18

    America is lost in a kind of presidential Bermuda Triangle

    Today we hear very little talk of greatness in American politics. Instead, the focus is on the leadership deficit, on the ungovernable and on the sorry state of its dysfunctional politics

  • story 18
    Saturday Oct 18

    Israel is losing its friends

    When Netanyahu warns about Iran’s nuclear threat, even those who worry about Tehran’s intentions, respond with a weary shrug

  • story 19
    Saturday Oct 18

    Winning the war against Ebola

    To succeed in the fight against infectious diseases, the world must capitalise on the expertise of those who have been quietly, diligently studying them

  • story 20
    Saturday Oct 18

    Sharif’s political ship listing in choppy seas

    Pakistani PM has failed to resolve the formidable challenges besetting the country and scepticism from the business community has been a potent setback. The dysfunctional state of parliament makes matters worse

  • story 21
    Saturday Oct 18

    Rethinking the Allied campaign against Daesh

    With many conspiracy theories floating around concerning the fight against Daesh, it is time to evaluate what the West has in mind for the region over the long term

  • story 22
    Saturday Oct 18

    Time to clamp down on dishonest sponsors

    Authorities in Saudi Arabia ought to make sure those coming to the kingdom seeking employment do not end up being exploited by unscrupulous elements

  • Saturday Oct 18

    How well are you doing as a parent?

    Does your child excell at sports, ballet, speak four languages flawlessly? Are you raising the next Picasso? If so, congratulations, but that’s not what parenting is all about

  • Friday Oct 17

    The US has not grown with its job

    Now that the communist menace is history, America has redefined its obsession, calling it the war on terror

  • story 25
    Friday Oct 17

    Turkey throwing a spanner in Nato works

    It is all very well expecting the bloc’s help when the chips are down, but a little reciprocity will not go amiss