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    Tuesday Dec 16

    Standing up to illiberalism

    Russia is poised somewhere between authoritarianism and totalitarianism; and, for all of China’s recent economic progress, the rising Asian power remains squarely in the same camp

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    Tuesday Dec 16

    Who had the worst year in Washington?

    What tied together all of 2014’s failures, stumbles and necessary evils was a growing sense among the public that Obama simply isn’t up to the job

  • story 3
    Monday Dec 15

    Sydney siege: a tense coda to a year of Australian counter-terror

    Much depends on the fate of the unfortunate souls trapped in a Sydney cafe - the future of Australia's burgeoning security state not least of all

  • story 4
    Monday Dec 15

    New momentum can secure climate deal

    This comprehensive international deal will be expedited by a growing body of countries committed to taking action on climate change because of recognition that it is to their advantage to do so, rather than out of perceived altruism

  • story 5
    Monday Dec 15

    Never ever give up on the GCC

    Cyclical ups and downs are typical of regional integration and after a few tense months in 2014, the bloc is heading for a much better shape than the EU in 2015

  • story 6
    Monday Dec 15

    Link aid to emissions progress

    It is not hard to understand the instinct to value growth ahead of the climate. So, changing those policies will require tangible incentives

  • story 7
    Monday Dec 15

    American values only exist in Hollywood films

    If anyone seriously believes senior heads will roll over the ‘torture report’, indicting the CIA for exceeding its authority, he or she better think again

  • story 8
    Monday Dec 15

    Malala’s father is a hero, too

    let’s hand it to him for being resolute, if nothing else, and more importantly, for believing in his daughter

  • Monday Dec 15

    Setting a limit on greenhouse gas emission crucial

    The wrangling and blame game at the recently-concluded Lima summit on climate change have drawn flak from the international media. Time is running out, it says, and all countries must commit to making a difference

  • story 10
    Sunday Dec 14

    Why free marketeers don’t accept climate science

    If people really don’t want to believe something, they will work hard to find a way not to believe it

  • story 11
    Sunday Dec 14

    War on terror does not absolve US of torture

    The torture report lays bare what happens when our deepest, darkest urges prevail. The state has to rise above it

  • story 12
    Sunday Dec 14

    The need for a political consensus

    Despite all the romanticism that accompanies the concept of revolutions in the minds of the youth, 
in reality, revolutions may yield negative aspects

  • story 13
    Sunday Dec 14

    Netanyahu may still remain at the helm

    The Israeli prime minister will probably be eager to use Abu Ain’s death to paint the Palestinians as a never-ending security threat ahead of the elections

  • story 14
    Sunday Dec 14

    My client, a CIA torture victim

    Al Najar was described as being reduced to ‘clearly a broken man’ who was ‘on the verge of a complete breakdown’

  • story 15
    Sunday Dec 14

    Putin fails to strike a balance

    With Russia’s economy faltering, the President is finding it increasingly difficult to employ the second tool of power: payment

  • story 16
    Sunday Dec 14

    America’s disenchantment with Syrian rebels

    Congress’s view of the Free Syrian Army is shared by many officials in the Obama administration, following the rebels’ losses to the Al Assad regime, Daesh and the Al Nusra Front

  • story 17
    Saturday Dec 13

    Hindu nationalist upsurge will tar Modi’s image

    It is evident that militants in the saffron camp are paying no heed to the PM’s call for observing a moratorium on sectarianism

  • story 18
    Saturday Dec 13

    There can be no compromise with Russia

    The West can’t have a ‘win-win’ deal with a zero-sum thinker like Putin

  • story 19
    Saturday Dec 13

    Stopping spread of terrorism at home

    There is an urgent need to drastically reform the education system in our schools and colleges in the Gulf states

  • story 20
    Saturday Dec 13

    What happens after the torture report?

    The cowardly Obama administration wants America’s ‘brutal’ history to become just that. But torture is a war crime.

  • story 21
    Saturday Dec 13

    Focus the debate on defeating Daesh

    The next US defence secretary will need to press the military to design and implement a winning strategy

  • story 22
    Saturday Dec 13

    Pakistan’s growing risk of anarchy

    Sharif’s neglect of real-life issues has only set the stage for challengers like Imran to question the legitimacy of the country’s ruling structure

  • story 23
    Saturday Dec 13

    Justice is in the eyes of the beholder

    As judgements in Saudi Arabia are pre-disposed to be in line with Sharia, interpretation of such laws is often left to the individual meting out justice

  • story 24
    Friday Dec 12

    London should break free from little England

    The new state would join EU and the city would recall a lesson Britain has forgotten: Power is best exercised close to the people

  • story 25
    Friday Dec 12

    Time for reality check over Ferguson and Staten Island

    When those who break the law — including cops — are not taken to task, then doubts begin to gain traction among the underclass of society