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    Thursday Jul 24

    US spying is galling to Germany

    The sensible thing for Washington to do will be to impose voluntary limits on its intelligence activities against one of its most valuable allies in Europe, especially when they have proved so counterproductive once exposed

  • story 2
    Thursday Jul 24

    Al Houthis look to change the discourse

    While it may be difficult not to accuse the group of wanting to gain ultimate control of Yemen, its leaders and members have stated clearly that they neither want separation from the rest of the nation nor do they seek independence but are keen on regional autonomy

  • story 3
    Thursday Jul 24

    The Gallic heart of Europe

    France should not be afraid to exchange some of its sovereignty for political union in Europe

  • story 4
    Wednesday Jul 23

    Political leaders in Iran and US want nuclear deal to work

    Both Ashton and Zarif say they are determined to reach agreement at the earliest possible moment

  • Wednesday Jul 23

    ‘Houston, we’ve got a leadership problem!’

    We now live in a very predictable world in which no earth-shattering geopolitical dangers exist. Yet, all of us pretend that we are fighting open-ended wars

  • Wednesday Jul 23

    World urgently needs an anti-corruption court

    An IACC would provide an effective forum for enforcement of laws criminalising grand corruption that exist in virtually every country

  • Wednesday Jul 23

    ‘This is no time to remain silent’

    Continued Israeli aggression in Gaza, possible EU sanctions on Russia over the downing of the Malaysia Airlines plane and the Isil’s ultimatum to Christians in Mosul dominated headlines in regional media

  • Wednesday Jul 23

    Is fastidiousness cousin to forgetfulness?

    While my approach had a sort of method to it, my pal Krishna went about things with haphazard instinct

  • story 9
    Wednesday Jul 23

    My British identity is in Scotland’s hands

    The independence vote has rightly nothing to do with the English, but I hope the Scottish vote ‘no’ — Britishness is too important

  • Wednesday Jul 23

    Heartbreaking and deplorable

    Amid continued Israeli atrocities in Gaza and US inaction to punish the perpetrators, Palestinians are left battling an intolerable existence

  • story 11
    Wednesday Jul 23

    Fighting the trauma of debt

    UAE needs to engage in more innovative solutions to managing personal debt and ensuring that murder-suicides are put to rest

  • story 12
    Wednesday Jul 23

    How ‘health’ became an unhealthy obsession

    For some people, worrying about being well can actually lead to health problems. Health anxiety — the new term for hypochondria — is also on the increase

  • story 13
    Wednesday Jul 23

    Putin’s chance to save face

    The Russian leader hates being lectured and a change of tack could perhaps persuade him to disown the rag-tag Ukraine rebels

  • Tuesday Jul 22

    Making a travesty of women’s security

    Callousness of the police and a couldn’t-care-less attitude of the administration in India’s most populous state have left everyone shocked

  • Tuesday Jul 22

    Chinese reform key to Brics’ success

    The financial crisis of 2008 was the first sign that the East’s own era of irrational exuberance could not last. The political and economic challenges before the bloc have multiplied since then

  • story 16
    Tuesday Jul 22

    Who could be Hillary’s Democratic challenger?

    Some Democrats run to promote a cause or a set of beliefs. Others run because timing dictates they have to. Still others run in the hope of improving 
their chances of either winding up on the ticket alongside Clinton or with a prominent spot in her administration

  • story 17
    Tuesday Jul 22

    Europe must impose financial sanctions on Russia

    When tragedy strikes, we ought to care about how it happened and why it happened. Economic consequences should be secondary

  • story 18
    Tuesday Jul 22

    GOP ought to control its demons

    The question is whether Boehner will succeed in placating the right in Congress and his party with a lawsuit against Obama

  • story 19
    Tuesday Jul 22

    Putin has led Russia to disaster

    The Russian president’s mistakes extend beyond the irresponsibility of enabling the separatists to shoot at passing aircraft

  • Monday Jul 21

    When violence gets real

    The cultural tapestry of shootings and explosions goes unquestioned, other than when bloodletting is held to be too violent

  • Monday Jul 21

    A nuclear negotiation without end

    US would be wise to complement its sanctions policy with a determined regional strategy of pushing back against Iran

  • story 22
    Monday Jul 21

    Dialogue is key after MH17 tragedy

    A ceasefire will be first step for reversing the trend towards mutual destruction in Ukraine and beyond

  • story 23
    Monday Jul 21

    Where a road is best way to stop piracy

    Poor and cut-off areas in Somalia have been fertile recruitment grounds and havens for 
all types of insurgents

  • story 24
    Monday Jul 21

    In Modi’s India, waterways are a geopolitical issue

    The great challenge for this vast country is that, when it comes to dispensing water, nature is neither measured nor equitable

  • Monday Jul 21

    Gross disparity in Israeli war against Hamas

    Both sides are claiming the right to defend themselves but the test of self-defence places a heavy burden on the initiator of hostilities

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