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  • Friday Jul 18

    The German-American breakup

    If Obama is unable to rein-in spying on Germany, he may discover that he is helping to convert it from an ally into an adversary

  • Friday Jul 18

    Is a third intifada possible?

    Israel’s insistence on attaching malicious intent to the new unity government is only making a Palestinian upheaval look like an imminent reality

  • Friday Jul 18

    Republican first round pits Paul against Perry

    For now, these two are the proxies in the war for the foreign-policy soul of the party between the neo-isolationist, tea party libertarians and the strong-on-defence establishment types

  • Friday Jul 18

    The World Cup America soaked up

    The US team and audience for football derive their growing strength from immigrants — many from countries where the sport is a national passion

  • story 5
    Friday Jul 18

    Britain slams the door on Hong Kong

    The curious thing is that neither Britain nor business will profit from looking the other way and any show of weakness will not win special favours for British business from Xi

  • story 6
    Thursday Jul 17

    Undoing the Afghan resource curse

    With more than one in three people living below the poverty line, Afghanistan desperately needs its resources to drive growth and foster stability

  • story 7
    Thursday Jul 17

    Germany’s flickering golden moment

    The euro crisis has seen the country’s image take a battering in its own European backyard but the choices governing political leadership on the continent are unlikely to become any more popular

  • story 8
    Thursday Jul 17

    Russia’s strategic push in Iraq

    By helping Al Maliki in building up a resistance to Isil, Moscow is once again defending its economic and strategic interests in the Middle East

  • Thursday Jul 17

    What is so bad about middle age, one wonders

    Cameron has taken flak, and rightly, for surrounding himself with Old Etonians. Now he has lurched to the other extreme

  • story 10
    Thursday Jul 17

    Iran’s geopolitical gains in the region

    Growing concerns in Washington and other western capitals about an acute security threat emanating from a jihadist ‘Caliphate’ in eastern Syria/western Iraq have turned the Islamic Republic into a potential partner in the fight against a common enemy

  • Thursday Jul 17

    The perils of a new neutrality

    Given its insecurity, a by-product of the Korean Peninsula’s long division, South Korea requires, above all, calm and steady partners

  • Wednesday Jul 16

    Indonesia at a crossroads

    If Yudhoyono manages to ensure that the Presidential vote was fair and credible, he has the opportunity to become an international statesman

  • story 13
    Wednesday Jul 16

    Brics trying to find a global role

    Three democracies, one communist state and a fifth run by authoritarian patronage have little in common

  • Wednesday Jul 16

    The onus is on Netanyahu

    The continuing war in Gaza was once again the topic that dominated headlines in the region’s press. Newspapers across the Middle East voiced their concern at the latest round of Israeli atrocities against the Palestinian people

  • Wednesday Jul 16

    Creative destruction at work

    Much of the story of industrial development over the last century is a competition between an educated workforce and new technology

  • story 16
    Wednesday Jul 16

    Why Al Baghdadi and his ‘state’ will fail

    The Isil chief’s short record, which is about 10 days old, is far more complicated because no respectable religious entity has backed him

  • story 17
    Wednesday Jul 16

    Israel ought to wake up to reality

    It is high time Tel Aviv realises that it cannot militarily control Palestinians indefinitely and the latter deserve to be given the right to govern themselves

  • story 18
    Wednesday Jul 16

    Modi’s trickle-down model might not be enough

    India’s PM points to Gujarat as an emblem of economic success, but the state lags behind on welfare despite impressive growth

  • story 19
    Tuesday Jul 15

    Cameron’s reshuffle is more symbol than substance

    Its purpose is to ‘show’ various things to various constituencies. It is meant to show female voters the Conservative party is not a woman-free zone

  • story 20
    Tuesday Jul 15

    Indian foot soldiers of the First World War

    Troops from colonial India fought in key battles in France, Belgium, Mesopotamia and East Africa, but when the history of the war came to be written, it was mainly that of its impact on European society

  • story 21
    Tuesday Jul 15

    Needed: A new team of rivals for Obama

    With more than half of his second term ahead of him, US President will be better served by an inner circle that is more ready to challenge his thinking

  • story 22
    Tuesday Jul 15

    Barack Obama and a farewell to trust

    The perception of double standards is at the root of the problem with the US president

  • story 23
    Tuesday Jul 15

    Breaking Tehran’s hold on Baghdad

    Iraq’s Sunnis are key to thwarting Iran’s big brotherly duress but that calls for the US to act with conviction on advancing the principle of inclusion

  • story 24
    Tuesday Jul 15

    The old world’s role renewal

    Europe’s leading roles in institutions such as the UN, the WTO, and the IMF can be leveraged to help China gain the multilateral legitimacy that it seeks, in exchange for responsible behaviour

  • story 25
    Tuesday Jul 15

    Netanyahu’s war to preclude a third uprising

    Israel’s savage assault on Gaza intended to distract from the slowly building collective sentiment among Palestinians

Opinion Editor's choice

Technology vs humanity

Is technology not a match for mans cunning?

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