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    Sunday Jul 27

    Stand with Ukraine in its hour of need

    The US must consider imposing even tougher and wider-reaching sectoral sanctions on Moscow and Europe needs to follow the its lead

  • story 2
    Sunday Jul 27

    All in the tidy mind

    The difficult thing about sorting through several thousand pieces of paper is having to decide again and again what the definition of precious is

  • story 3
    Sunday Jul 27

    Dynasty is to blame for Congress’ plight

    The signs of organisational disarray in several Indian states suggest that it is still a far cry for the Congress where recovery is concerned

  • story 4
    Saturday Jul 26

    A humanitarian breakthrough in Syria

    The mandate to a UN official to deliver aid to rebel-held areas and appointment of a political negotiator have raised hopes

  • story 5
    Saturday Jul 26

    We must not whitewash First World War

    The Eurocentric view of the conflict ignores the four million men from Africa and Asia who fought on the same side as the British and that is why one ought to move beyond conventional archives to recover the histories

  • story 6
    Saturday Jul 26

    Miliband must wake up now

    Britain’s leader of the opposition needs to quickly find the public voice of a prime minister-in-waiting or risk ceding all hopes of a Labour victory

  • story 7
    Saturday Jul 26

    Moscow’s growing clout in Europe

    Russia’s efforts in expanding its influence in southeastern Europe through key investments have been particularly notable

  • story 8
    Saturday Jul 26

    Western media turns a blind eye to Gaza

    A section of mainstream media has sought to downplay the real horrors of Israeli onslaught, which specifically targeted civilians, by brushing off the aggression as a skirmish to be reported on the sidelines

  • Friday Jul 25

    Time for a Cold War lesson in deterrence

    Politicians, particularly in Europe, sedated by hopes of a world organised around global collaboration, will have to wake up to the dynamics of great-power rivalry

  • Friday Jul 25

    It’s all in the jeans

    Of course, those months of yearning and saving and then getting what we wanted told on our psyches

  • Friday Jul 25

    Xi steals a march over Modi

    India is excruciatingly aware that a Shanghai-based Brics Development Bank, mostly capitalised by China, is bound to give Beijing far greater leverage in choosing which projects to fund and which to keep on hold

  • story 12
    Friday Jul 25

    I am from India’s northeast ... but I’m not Mowgli!

    While ‘mainstream India’ has little exposure to northeast, people from the ‘remote’ region also need to make adjustments to local realities

  • story 13
    Friday Jul 25

    Europe must learn to deal with Moscow on its own

    Given America’s conspicuous absence at the sendoff of MH17 crash victims from Kharkiv, an uneasy truth has become apparent: In diplomatic and military terms, Europe has ceased to be special in Washington

  • story 14
    Friday Jul 25

    Propaganda machinery that would beat Goebbels

    Like Nazi officials, Israelis are master manipulators of language, adept at turning words upside down to establish innumerable falsehoods

  • Thursday Jul 24

    Every single Palestinian has become a target

    Recent Israeli attacks on sewage and electricity plants as well as water lines are further proof that it is not acting in self-defence

  • Thursday Jul 24

    Why all those children are immigrating alone

    Children of poor parents are making the perilious journey towards the US in search of the American Dream

  • story 17
    Thursday Jul 24

    Shocking failure to rescue the girls

    Nigerians are furious at their government’s inability to bring back the abducted schoolgirls more than 100 days after the incident

  • story 18
    Thursday Jul 24

    US spying is galling to Germany

    The sensible thing for Washington to do will be to impose voluntary limits on its intelligence activities against one of its most valuable allies in Europe, especially when they have proved so counterproductive once exposed

  • story 19
    Thursday Jul 24

    Al Houthis look to change the discourse

    While it may be difficult not to accuse the group of wanting to gain ultimate control of Yemen, its leaders and members have stated clearly that they neither want separation from the rest of the nation nor do they seek independence but are keen on regional autonomy

  • story 20
    Thursday Jul 24

    The Gallic heart of Europe

    France should not be afraid to exchange some of its sovereignty for political union in Europe

  • story 21
    Wednesday Jul 23

    Political leaders in Iran and US want nuclear deal to work

    Both Ashton and Zarif say they are determined to reach agreement at the earliest possible moment

  • Wednesday Jul 23

    ‘Houston, we’ve got a leadership problem!’

    We now live in a very predictable world in which no earth-shattering geopolitical dangers exist. Yet, all of us pretend that we are fighting open-ended wars

  • Wednesday Jul 23

    World urgently needs an anti-corruption court

    An IACC would provide an effective forum for enforcement of laws criminalising grand corruption that exist in virtually every country

  • Wednesday Jul 23

    ‘This is no time to remain silent’

    Continued Israeli aggression in Gaza, possible EU sanctions on Russia over the downing of the Malaysia Airlines plane and the Isil’s ultimatum to Christians in Mosul dominated headlines in regional media

  • Wednesday Jul 23

    Is fastidiousness cousin to forgetfulness?

    While my approach had a sort of method to it, my pal Krishna went about things with haphazard instinct

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