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Yuriko Koike

Yuriko Koike

Yuriko Koike, Japan's former defence minister and national security adviser, is Chairman of the Executive Council of the Liberal Democratic Party. She is a member of the House of Representatives of Japan for Tokyo's 10th district.

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  • story 1
    Thursday Nov 27

    No doubts over Abe’s commitment

    If the Japanese public returns him to office, he will have the mandate he needs to complete his ambitious, pragmatic and forward-thinking agenda

  • story 2
    Thursday Oct 30

    Northeast Asia’s home fires burning

    With Abe, Park and Xi facing daunting domestic challenges, a rare convergence of self and national interests may create an opportunity for improved relations

  • Thursday Jul 17

    The perils of a new neutrality

    Given its insecurity, a by-product of the Korean Peninsula’s long division, South Korea requires, above all, calm and steady partners

  • story 4
    Thursday Jun 26

    End of insurgency helps Philippines soar

    Aquino’s efforts to fight corruption and rebuild his country’s economic foundations have enabled the country — at long last — to become Southeast Asia’s fastest-growing economy

  • story 5
    Saturday May 24

    Tipping points to Asia’s future

    Modi’s victory and Abe’s ability to stand by Japan’s allies can foster a greater strategic equilibrium in region

  • story 6
    Friday Apr 25

    US must demonstrate that word is its bond

    Unless Russia honours the accord to defuse the Ukraine crisis, the US must use its full arsenal of non-military means to demonstrate to Putin the costs and folly of his revanchism

  • story 7
    Tuesday Apr 1

    Japan’s Russian dilemma

    Tokyo is concerned with Russian expansionism, because it is the only G7 country that currently has a territorial dispute with Moscow

  • story 8
    Saturday Mar 1

    Japan: Equality or estrangement?

    In Abe’s view Japan needs to regain, wherever possible, the right of independent decision-making

  • story 9
    Thursday Jan 16

    Thai opposition claim needs to be rebutted

    Thaksin may be no saint, but his government, like that of his sister’s, kept Chinese influence at bay

  • story 10
    Tuesday Dec 24

    Killings may signal Kim clan’s last chapter

    Perhaps the most chilling aspect of Jang’s execution is that it seems to be part of a feeding frenzy that has claimed the lives of several senior officials and generals