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Yuriko Koike

Yuriko Koike

Yuriko Koike, Japan's former defence minister and national security adviser, is Chairman of the Executive Council of the Liberal Democratic Party. She is a member of the House of Representatives of Japan for Tokyo's 10th district.

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  • Thursday Jul 17

    The perils of a new neutrality

    Given its insecurity, a by-product of the Korean Peninsula’s long division, South Korea requires, above all, calm and steady partners

  • story 2
    Thursday Jun 26

    End of insurgency helps Philippines soar

    Aquino’s efforts to fight corruption and rebuild his country’s economic foundations have enabled the country — at long last — to become Southeast Asia’s fastest-growing economy

  • story 3
    Saturday May 24

    Tipping points to Asia’s future

    Modi’s victory and Abe’s ability to stand by Japan’s allies can foster a greater strategic equilibrium in region

  • story 4
    Friday Apr 25

    US must demonstrate that word is its bond

    Unless Russia honours the accord to defuse the Ukraine crisis, the US must use its full arsenal of non-military means to demonstrate to Putin the costs and folly of his revanchism

  • story 5
    Tuesday Apr 1

    Japan’s Russian dilemma

    Tokyo is concerned with Russian expansionism, because it is the only G7 country that currently has a territorial dispute with Moscow

  • story 6
    Saturday Mar 1

    Japan: Equality or estrangement?

    In Abe’s view Japan needs to regain, wherever possible, the right of independent decision-making

  • story 7
    Thursday Jan 16

    Thai opposition claim needs to be rebutted

    Thaksin may be no saint, but his government, like that of his sister’s, kept Chinese influence at bay

  • story 8
    Tuesday Dec 24

    Killings may signal Kim clan’s last chapter

    Perhaps the most chilling aspect of Jang’s execution is that it seems to be part of a feeding frenzy that has claimed the lives of several senior officials and generals

  • story 9
    Wednesday Nov 6

    Securing Japan without the gag laws

    Prime Minister Abe has submitted a bill that aims to establish a National Security Council based on lessons from the successes and failures of similar institutions in other countries

  • story 10
    Sunday Sep 29

    Obama’s foreign policy is drifting into isolationism

    ‘Asia pivot’ will be fatally undermined if Asians perceive the same gap between America’s words and actions that has become apparent in its Middle East policy