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Tariq A. Al Maeena

Tariq A. Al Maeena

Tariq A. Al Maeena is a Saudi socio-political commentator. He was educated at the University of Denver. He lives in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

 Recent Articles

  • story 1
    Saturday Sep 27

    Youth show the way to help flood victims in Kashmir

    The selflessness and commitment of Kashmiri youngsters in lending a helping hand to folks back home was evident in the US and elsewhere

  • story 2
    Saturday Sep 20

    The primary concerns of Saudi youth

    The rampant rise in the cost of living, despite efforts by the government to control the same, is putting a severe strain on many young families and individuals

  • story 3
    Saturday Sep 13

    War on Isil: The coalition of the unwilling

    While Arab states have agreed to confront the growing menace of Isil, doubts remain over the cohesiveness of a global anti-terror front under US leadership

  • Saturday Sep 6

    The immoral acts of a moral entity

    If Saudi Arabia is serious about projecting itself as a business-friendly destination, it should take stock of the excesses committed by its religious police

  • story 5
    Saturday Aug 30

    Israel should not escape the war crimes hangman

    Over 750 women and children breathed their last at the hands of the recent Israeli brutality that saw more than 2,100 civilians killed yet the silence of the West and the International Criminal Court is defeaning

  • story 6
    Saturday Aug 23

    Significance of imported domestic help

    As more Saudi women enter the job market, and more countries restrict maid recruitment, Saudis turn to runaways to look after their children

  • story 7
    Saturday Aug 16

    A relationship of global significance

    While there remain some differences between Iran and Saudi Arabia today, regional realities should encourage more cooperation between the two countries for a safer and more secure Middle East

  • Saturday Aug 9

    Imitation is artless flattery

    Warnings against flatterers often do not reach those who are intent on perfecting the art for material gain

  • story 9
    Saturday Aug 2

    The silence is deafening

    As the bloodshed continues, world powers continue to behave as if nothing of significance is going on and that Israel is simply trying to get rid of the rockets in Gaza

  • story 10
    Saturday Jul 26

    Western media turns a blind eye to Gaza

    A section of mainstream media has sought to downplay the real horrors of Israeli onslaught, which specifically targeted civilians, by brushing off the aggression as a skirmish to be reported on the sidelines

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