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Tariq A. Al Maeena

Tariq A. Al Maeena

Tariq A. Al Maeena is a Saudi socio-political commentator. He was educated at the University of Denver. He lives in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

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  • story 1
    Saturday Nov 22

    A beauty pageant that never was

    It is unfortunate that the commendable work of the Saudi religious police in general is often overshadowed by the excessive reaction of some of its members

  • story 2
    Saturday Nov 15

    Extremism is a sullied philosophy

    The Saudi government and people of the country are partners in their determination to stamp out the evil of extremism from their midst

  • story 3
    Saturday Nov 8

    Israelis must pay for their war crimes

    To excuse or forget the crimes against humanity committed by the Netanyahu government will be nothing short of a mockery of justice

  • story 4
    Saturday Nov 1

    Pakistan PM’s recent US trip comes under question

    There are many Pakistanis who reject the current set of leadership as being corrupt and self-serving

  • story 5
    Saturday Oct 25

    Writing on the wall for Saudi aviation

    That a study features the kingdom’s three main airports among the worst five in the region is enough reason to worry. Authorities need to stop acting indifferent

  • story 6
    Saturday Oct 18

    Time to clamp down on dishonest sponsors

    Authorities in Saudi Arabia ought to make sure those coming to the kingdom seeking employment do not end up being exploited by unscrupulous elements

  • story 7
    Saturday Oct 11

    Think before you speak

    GCC countries would be the biggest losers if they had clandestinely supported Daesh
as the US vice-president had insinuated

  • story 8
    Saturday Oct 4

    Saudis don’t own those who work for them

    Employers who deny workers their dues must be made to understand that wages 
are an earned right, not charity

  • story 9
    Saturday Sep 27

    Youth show the way to help flood victims in Kashmir

    The selflessness and commitment of Kashmiri youngsters in lending a helping hand to folks back home was evident in the US and elsewhere

  • story 10
    Saturday Sep 20

    The primary concerns of Saudi youth

    The rampant rise in the cost of living, despite efforts by the government to control the same, is putting a severe strain on many young families and individuals