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Tariq A. Al Maeena

Tariq A. Al Maeena

Tariq A. Al Maeena is a Saudi socio-political commentator. He was educated at the University of Denver. He lives in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

 Recent Articles

  • Saturday Jul 19

    Modern twists to an age-old tradition

    With the passage of time and the emergence of newer technology for the transfer of information, I can assure you that more colourful aberrations of exchanging Eid greetings will emerge

  • story 2
    Saturday Jul 12

    Children of a different world

    For those born and brought up in the Gulf and who have imbibed the local culture and lifestyle in right earnest, for them to leave — at a later stage in their lives — the only home they have known as their own can be quite distressing

  • story 3
    Saturday Jul 5

    A ballgame with human lives

    Unlike the World Cup in Brazil, there is no referee to restrain Israel’s aggression and brutality towards Palestinians and innocent people are dying daily with nobody to defend them

  • story 4
    Saturday Jun 28

    Key to understanding ourselves

    At times, it is best to rely on others for an objective view of what they think about us, for their opinions would offer an honest perspective on what we really are

  • story 5
    Saturday Jun 21

    Minorities in Sri Lanka face growing terror

    Buddhist Sinhalese terrorists have been instigating attacks against the island’s minorities, particularly the Muslims

  • Saturday Jun 14

    When in the wrong, blame it on devil!

    A Saudi judge citing the influence of jinns to plead not guilty in an embezzlement case is yet another example of how some people seek to degrade their faith

  • story 7
    Saturday Jun 7

    Ambassadors of their country

    While abroad, Saudis should carry themselves in a commendable manner and at home, they should not forget to take care of the expats living among them

  • story 8
    Saturday May 31

    How many roads must a woman travel?

    Campaigns bolstered by social media have encouraged many Saudi females to discard the shackles of male authority and get behind the wheel

  • story 9
    Saturday May 24

    The real victims of veiled desires

    The trend has now become a matter of grave concern for Saudi authorities

  • story 10
    Saturday May 17

    Terrorists have no religious affiliation

    Boko Haram are just a band of wayward thugs and misfits who have armed themselves in the pursuit of power

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