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Stuart Reigeluth

Stuart Reigeluth

Stuart Reigeluth is Managing Editor of Revolve Magazine and works at the Council for European Palestinian Relations in Brussels.

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  • story 1
    Thursday Sep 25

    Water: The lethal weapon in West Asia

    A key is to protect resources from becoming a target for terrorism and from being used as a tool to wreak chaos and destruction

  • story 2
    Monday Aug 11

    Israel intends to ‘get rid of Gaza’

    As long as the international community continues to pay for reparations, Tel Aviv will claim 
no responsibility for deaths of Palestinians and destruction of their properties

  • story 3
    Thursday Jul 10

    World watches as Israel gets away with murder

    It is ironic that Tel Aviv always accuses Arabs of advancing ‘hate-filled’ rhetoric, when so many of its actions can instigate far more brutal responses

  • Thursday Feb 6

    Why a Nato deployment in Palestine won’t happen

    Tel Aviv will never go for it and US diplomacy does not have the leverage to impose a security solution on the Israelis

  • Monday Jan 27

    Managing energy capacity and water demand

    Thirsty Energy is an international platform geared to helping developing countries to plan for better handling of these challenges

  • story 6
    Monday Aug 26

    Undermining the Middle East peace process

    US administrations repeatedly send their best diplomats to restore trust between the parties, only to have the rug pulled out from beneath them by the Israelis

  • story 7
    Thursday Aug 1

    The hubris of Hamas

    Being democratically-elected, the group is the legitimate representative of the Palestinians and must be involved in finding a two-state solution

  • story 8
    Thursday Jul 18

    To intervene or not — that is the question

    The fact that the Security Council is divided on Syria makes the UN unable to prevent and manage conflicts

  • story 9
    Thursday Jun 20

    More to it than meets the eye in Syria

    Obama’s acquiescence can be seen as a move to support the potential for democracy, but will be irrevocably considered as escalation towards greater military involvement

  • story 10
    Tuesday Jun 11

    If only Israel were smarter

    Kerry and the revised API present the possibility of perpetual peace to the Jewish state, but Tel Aviv remains as ever obsessed with pursuing perpetual war