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Shakir Noori

Shakir Noori

Shakir Noori is a senior editor and writer who resides in Dubai and Paris.

 Recent Articles

  • story 1
    Friday Feb 15

    Onus on Al Maliki to protect Iraq’s interests

    If the government does not change its ways to deal with the changed circumstances, the crisis will only deepen and reach a point from where there will be no going back

  • story 2
    Sunday Jan 27

    Need for clear socio-political agenda

    The real problem is not the arrival of Islamists at the top, but how the Islamist project can win the confidence of the people

  • story 3
    Monday Dec 24

    Iraq’s crisis of confidence

    Conflict between Al Maliki and Barzani highlights that Iraqi authorities are possibly incapable of resolving political issues on national level

  • Friday Oct 19

    Drums of war beat in Mali

    France has strategic interests for seeking military intervention in the restive north, but such a move could spark regional conflict and boost extremism

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