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Patrick Seale

Patrick Seale

Patrick Seale is a commentator and author of several books on Middle East affairs, including Asad of Syria: The Struggle for the Middle East and Abu Nidal: A Gun for Hire.

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  • story 1
    Friday Dec 14

    Mali cannot be won by military might

    Country needs political reconciliation underpinned and promoted by massive development aid, sustained over several years

  • story 2
    Friday Dec 7

    Obama is alienating the Palestinians

    Tolerating Israel’s policy of discrediting the moderates and provoking the fighters is sure to backfire

  • story 3
    Friday Nov 30

    Syria crisis cannot be solved militarily

    To pay lip-service to a negotiated transition of power while arming rebels is to guarantee more bloodshed

  • story 4
    Friday Nov 23

    What can Arabs do about Gaza?

    Situations like Gaza will be history if Arab leaders listen to the masses and resolve the Middle East’s challenges outside the American orbit

  • story 5
    Thursday Nov 15

    Obama, Netanyahu on collision course

    If the Palestinians do not get their state in Obama’s second term, it will release a tsunami of hate, frustration and a thirst for revenge that will be difficult to control

  • story 6
    Thursday Nov 8

    Key challenges to Middle East stability

    Palestinian statehood, Sunni-Shiite reconciliation and cooperation with Iran are essential to limit western interference and build bridges of friendship

  • story 7
    Friday Nov 2

    Replace blind hate with dialogue

    The escalation of the Syrian conflict has made national reconciliation an uphill task, but the country will be reduced to rubble if the cycle of violence continues