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Osama Al Sharif

Osama Al Sharif

Osama Al Sharif is a veteran journalist and political commentator based in Amman. His experience as publisher, editor and syndicated writer in Arabic and English spans over 25 years.

 Recent Articles

  • story 1
    Sunday Sep 7

    Nato strategy to fight Isil is flawed

    Dealing with the phenomenon of foreign jihadists coming from Europe and the US will not be easy

  • story 2
    Tuesday Aug 12

    Halt Isil menace before more is lost

    Dealing with the extremist group’s ideology, which seems to attract young, disillusioned 
Muslims, will prove important

  • story 3
    Wednesday Jul 9

    Isil has saved Al Assad regime for now

    With the world’s attention focused on Iraq and in the absence of a political solution, the Syrian uprising faces an existential challenge

  • story 4
    Tuesday Jun 10

    Al Sissi has his task cut out

    Eventually, the new Egyptian president will have to address national reconciliation and deal with human rights and freedom of expression — issues that matter to his western allies

  • story 5
    Thursday May 8

    Why the Homs truce matters for Syria

    In spite of its brittle nature and the threat of such a move being nothing more than a short-lived lull, it still remains the most viable route to achieve a ceasefire and allow humanitarian aid to flow

  • story 6
    Thursday Apr 10

    The reinvention of Hamid Karzai

    As he leaves office, one thing is sure: Karzai’s influence on Afghan politics will continue for some time to come

  • Sunday Mar 9

    Hamas contemplates its options after Egyptian ban

    Feeling growing isolation, the Gaza leadership has tried to revive reconciliation efforts with Ramallah and a Fatah team was allowed to visit the Gaza Strip

  • story 8
    Monday Feb 10

    Israelis prefer to extend status quo

    Offering a raw deal to Palestinians and trying to coerce Kerry and the US into a favourable stance, Tel Aviv’s machinations continue

  • story 9
    Thursday Jan 9

    Geneva II is no magic formula

    Syria’s is a complicated conflict with many foreign parties playing contentious roles

  • Monday Dec 2

    Jordan faces major challenges in 2014

    Failure to deal with these simmering problems could recharge the public mood, unite the opposition and re-launch popular protests

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