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Osama Al Sharif

Osama Al Sharif

Osama Al Sharif is a veteran journalist and political commentator based in Amman. His experience as publisher, editor and syndicated writer in Arabic and English spans over 25 years.

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  • story 1
    Wednesday Feb 11

    Fight against extremists goes beyond battlefields

    The objective must be to eradicate fundamentalist dogma that appeals to millions and which has provided a breeding ground for extremism

  • story 2
    Tuesday Dec 16

    Anbar’s fall will dent anti-Daesh coalition

    Iraq’s Sunnis are divided and sceptical about Baghdad’s intentions and promises and need to be assured that the bitter experience of the ‘awakenings’ will not be repeated

  • story 3
    Monday Nov 10

    Israel’s final war on occupied Jerusalem

    It may sound parochial and naive, but the only way Al Aqsa Mosque can be saved is by Arab and Muslim leaders banding together and adopting a united stand

  • story 4
    Sunday Oct 19

    Al Houthi takeover threatens GCC security

    The Iran-Hezbollah connection to the rebels is not new, but after their takeover of most of Yemen that link has raised red flags in Riyadh and other Gulf capitals

  • story 5
    Sunday Sep 7

    Nato strategy to fight Isil is flawed

    Dealing with the phenomenon of foreign jihadists coming from Europe and the US will not be easy

  • story 6
    Tuesday Aug 12

    Halt Isil menace before more is lost

    Dealing with the extremist group’s ideology, which seems to attract young, disillusioned 
Muslims, will prove important

  • story 7
    Wednesday Jul 9

    Isil has saved Al Assad regime for now

    With the world’s attention focused on Iraq and in the absence of a political solution, the Syrian uprising faces an existential challenge

  • story 8
    Tuesday Jun 10

    Al Sissi has his task cut out

    Eventually, the new Egyptian president will have to address national reconciliation and deal with human rights and freedom of expression — issues that matter to his western allies

  • story 9
    Thursday May 8

    Why the Homs truce matters for Syria

    In spite of its brittle nature and the threat of such a move being nothing more than a short-lived lull, it still remains the most viable route to achieve a ceasefire and allow humanitarian aid to flow

  • story 10
    Thursday Apr 10

    The reinvention of Hamid Karzai

    As he leaves office, one thing is sure: Karzai’s influence on Afghan politics will continue for some time to come