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Luc Debieuvre

Luc Debieuvre

Luc Debieuvre is a French essayist and a lecturer at IRIS (Institut de Relations Internationales et Strategiques) and the "FACO" Law University of Paris.

 Recent Articles

  • Sunday Mar 30

    Hollande unfazed by socialist debacle

    A last chance for the French president to avoid being shown the door is to understand that the people want concrete positive changes in their daily lives

  • story 2
    Saturday Mar 1

    Ukraine: Window-dressing diplomacy not enough

    Talking regularly to Russia, identifying areas for cooperation and avoiding giving too many lessons would help Europe tackle issues such as Ukraine effectively

  • Friday Jan 31

    Should a statesman be a man of virtue?

    Hollande’s attitude is going together with a policy, which is showing increasing hostility to the family structure

  • Friday Jan 3

    To be or not to be in Central African Republic

    Given the way France has muddled itself in the mess, organising an international safekeeping mission is crucial

  • story 5
    Thursday Dec 5

    America’s great march eastward

    The new situation unveils a much wider, ongoing change and the US needs to establish proper, if not friendly, relationships with countries such as Iran or India in order to deal with China

  • Friday Nov 1

    Nobody listens to Hollande

    Right-wing National Front poised to capitalise on French president’s lack of credibility and absence of a coherent economic and political strategy

  • story 7
    Tuesday Oct 1

    Israeli contradiction still at the heart of the crisis

    One would like Americans, Europeans, Russians and Arabs to start looking at more serious issues than ‘punishing Al Assad’

  • story 8
    Saturday Sep 7

    Hollande jumps the gun

    French diplomacy could have made a difference in mobilising support against Al Assad’s regime, but it descended into sensationalism

  • Monday Sep 2

    Don’t play it again, Uncle Sam

    Obama’s argument for military intervention in Syria is flawed both legally and morally given the horrors of America’s past conflicts

  • story 10
    Thursday Aug 15

    Islam and democracy

    All the people in the world deserve freedom, justice and security, but consensus in society is the best way to achieve these objectives

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