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Luc Debieuvre

Luc Debieuvre

Luc Debieuvre is a French essayist and a lecturer at IRIS (Institut de Relations Internationales et Strategiques) and the "FACO" Law University of Paris.

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  • story 1
    Tuesday Aug 5

    Middle East conflicts export to Europe because of Western weaknesses

    The trouble for France, as well as most of Europe, is a failure of integration which risks identifying a stigmatised component of the population as an inside enemy

  • story 2
    Thursday Jul 3

    An American victory in the region

    Large Arab states have collapsed, ethnic entities have emerged, religious extremism is rising and the dream of an independent Palestine is more remote than ever

  • Wednesday Jun 4

    Let France find the resources for revival

    The point is not to have ‘more’ or ‘less’ of Europe, but a ‘better’ Europe. And the French can be a part of the solution

  • story 4
    Friday May 2

    From Syria debacle to a deadly sectarian war

    Nobody disputes the reality of a Sunni-Shiite divide, but until the US put a friendly hand in it, brothers in faith were able to understand that what unites is stronger than what divides

  • Sunday Mar 30

    Hollande unfazed by socialist debacle

    A last chance for the French president to avoid being shown the door is to understand that the people want concrete positive changes in their daily lives

  • story 6
    Saturday Mar 1

    Ukraine: Window-dressing diplomacy not enough

    Talking regularly to Russia, identifying areas for cooperation and avoiding giving too many lessons would help Europe tackle issues such as Ukraine effectively

  • Friday Jan 31

    Should a statesman be a man of virtue?

    Hollande’s attitude is going together with a policy, which is showing increasing hostility to the family structure

  • Friday Jan 3

    To be or not to be in Central African Republic

    Given the way France has muddled itself in the mess, organising an international safekeeping mission is crucial

  • story 9
    Thursday Dec 5

    America’s great march eastward

    The new situation unveils a much wider, ongoing change and the US needs to establish proper, if not friendly, relationships with countries such as Iran or India in order to deal with China

  • Friday Nov 1

    Nobody listens to Hollande

    Right-wing National Front poised to capitalise on French president’s lack of credibility and absence of a coherent economic and political strategy

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