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Gordon Robison

Gordon Robison

Gordon Robison teaches political science at the University of Vermont. He has served as Baghdad Bureau Chief for the Fox News Channel, worked as a correspondent and field producer reporting from Kuwait, Jordan and Iraq for CNN.

 Recent Articles

  • story 1
    Tuesday Apr 15

    Is Hillary the best choice for top job?

    When Clinton does step into the presidential ring a lot of attention is likely to be paid to her time as Obama’s secretary of state

  • story 2
    Tuesday Apr 1

    In America, everything is politics

    There is a dangerous perception that politicians say one thing at home and something else in Washington

  • story 3
    Tuesday Mar 18

    Speaking softly in Ukraine

    Like the Arab Spring, the Crimea crisis presents the US and European policy-makers with a series of uncomfortable choices

  • story 4
    Tuesday Mar 4

    Avoiding a new Cold War

    However the Ukraine crisis ends, Russia must not walk away with the impression that its action is cost-free

  • story 5
    Tuesday Feb 18

    Danger of an American dysfunction

    The debt ceiling soap opera can actually be a harbinger of bad news for the global community

  • story 6
    Tuesday Feb 4

    Hillary or Kerry? It’s still early days

    Any debate on who was a better choice as secretary of state demands a certain objective detachment for a truly dispassionate analysis

  • story 7
    Tuesday Jan 21

    Bridges and Benghazi: An American myopia

    Neither will the Senate report end Hillary’s career nor the traffic scandal end Christie’s, but the partisanship surrounding both undermines legitimate concerns

  • Tuesday Jan 7

    What has changed, and what has not

    The lesson from Arab Spring is that much of the region hungers for something different, even if it is not sure what exactly that ‘something’ ought to be

  • Tuesday Dec 24

    Missing the real issues

    America’s ‘Rescue robot’ technology will surely save lives, but, just as surely, drones and similar gizmos will grow more sophisticated and more lethal

  • story 10
    Tuesday Dec 10

    Don’t write off Barack Obama yet

    If Obama can go from disaster to triumph and back to disaster in three months, the real lesson is things are usually neither as awesome nor as dire as they seem

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