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Gordon Robison

Gordon Robison

Gordon Robison teaches political science at the University of Vermont. He has served as Baghdad Bureau Chief for the Fox News Channel, worked as a correspondent and field producer reporting from Kuwait, Jordan and Iraq for CNN.

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  • story 1
    Tuesday Mar 3

    One bad week in Washington leads to the next

    If every single issue is too important to compromise on in the US Congress then it is hard to see how anything will ever get done

  • story 2
    Tuesday Feb 17

    Obama’s Daesh request is political

    At the simplest level, the administration just wants to be able to keep bombing Daesh without worrying much about Congress

  • story 3
    Tuesday Feb 3

    The Middle East and a newly-bold Obama

    The question now is whether the US president will begin to channel his energies mainly into foreign affairs

  • story 4
    Tuesday Jan 20

    Fight against Daesh needs fresh thinking

    What western leaders ought to realise is that this terror outfit can be easily degraded, but the mindset that drives it cannot be destroyed — not at least with the resources that US and its allies are willing to commit

  • story 5
    Tuesday Dec 9

    Obama, hostage rescues and terrorism

    If containing Al Qaida or Daesh is unacceptable because only obliterating either group will do, then the US president, his critics and rest of the world are doomed to failure

  • story 6
    Tuesday Nov 25

    Obama’s long game begins now

    The US president seems finally to have accepted the reality that the Republicans are going to criticise him, often in borderline-slanderous ways, no matter what he does

  • story 7
    Tuesday Nov 11

    Iran negotiations may be US polls’ casualty

    If the P5+1 and the Iranians do reach a deal it will surely require the Americans to ease sanctions

  • story 8
    Tuesday Oct 28

    Let fearmongers not dictate the Ebola discourse

    Many don’t want to hear that the US health system is doing fine because it clashes with their belief 
that the government can never do anything right

  • story 9
    Tuesday Oct 14

    Little will change if Republicans win

    A Republican Senate will surely combine with the Republican House to pass bills it knows Obama will never sign

  • story 10
    Tuesday Sep 30

    Action against Daesh isn’t war

    In the five weeks before mid-term elections, the challenge for Americans will be to ensure that the discussion of real issues does not get side-tracked by silly questions