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Gordon Robison

Gordon Robison

Gordon Robison teaches political science at the University of Vermont. He has served as Baghdad Bureau Chief for the Fox News Channel, worked as a correspondent and field producer reporting from Kuwait, Jordan and Iraq for CNN.

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  • story 1
    Tuesday Jul 22

    GOP ought to control its demons

    The question is whether Boehner will succeed in placating the right in Congress and his party with a lawsuit against Obama

  • story 2
    Tuesday Jul 8

    America’s new isolationism?

    Somewhere between the arrogance of the Bush era and the disengagement America’s left and right now seek lies a middle ground that is militarily, diplomatically and politically realistic

  • story 3
    Tuesday Jun 24

    US must stop deceiving itself about the ‘Surge’

    Any attempt to question conventional wisdom about America’s military action in Iraq during 2007-2008 has been challenged by politicians and pundits

  • story 4
    Tuesday Jun 10

    US quest for perfect security is impossible

    Reactions to the Bergdahl deal reveal that since 9/11, America has not learned to handle risk — politically or emotionally

  • story 5
    Tuesday May 27

    All is certainly not lost on Obama’s Mideast policy

    The collective nature of the P5+1 talks lines up well with the US president’s oft-expressed desire to have America lead on security issues, but that has to be done from within a collective framework

  • story 6
    Tuesday May 13

    America is becoming more polarised

    The striking change is the degree to which partisans on each side now often believe their own ideologically-charged nonsense

  • story 7
    Tuesday Apr 29

    America can’t quit the Middle East

    It’s not about America’s Israel ties or balance of interests. It’s about knowing that power is a blessing and a burden

  • story 8
    Tuesday Apr 15

    Is Hillary the best choice for top job?

    When Clinton does step into the presidential ring a lot of attention is likely to be paid to her time as Obama’s secretary of state

  • story 9
    Tuesday Apr 1

    In America, everything is politics

    There is a dangerous perception that politicians say one thing at home and something else in Washington

  • story 10
    Tuesday Mar 18

    Speaking softly in Ukraine

    Like the Arab Spring, the Crimea crisis presents the US and European policy-makers with a series of uncomfortable choices

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