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Farhan Bokhari

Farhan Bokhari

Farhan Bokhari is a Pakistan-based commentator who writes on political and economic matters. His other interests include regular writings on Islamic finance.

 Recent Articles

  • story 1
    Saturday Sep 20

    Ides of March beckon for Pakistan’s elite

    Shocking footage aboard PIA aircraft proves that ordinary citizens are now gathering courage to confront powerful political players who exploit public services for their personal advantage

  • story 2
    Saturday Sep 6

    Dialogue the only way forward for Pakistan

    The embattled PM must bite the bullet concerning the many controversies surrounding the country’s ruling structure and engage all stakeholders. Failure to do so will be a huge blow to the continuation of civilian rule

  • story 3
    Saturday Aug 23

    Odds against Sharif are of his own making

    In the ultimate analysis, it is possible that the Pakistan army may have a role in steering 
the country out of its prevailing crisis

  • Sunday Aug 17

    Pakistan’s deeply unsettled politics?

    Even if the Khan-Qadri duo are eventually pushed back, Nawaz Sharif’s image has suffered irreparable damage, the result of him having picked unnecessary fights with both the influential army and his political opponents

  • story 5
    Saturday Aug 9

    Will Sharif be able to ride turbulence?

    The Pakistani prime minister’s first year in office has vividly demonstrated his failure to tackle the country’s multiple challenges

  • story 6
    Saturday Jul 12

    Pakistan must brace for more chaos in near future

    While Pakistan’s soldiers are battling the militants on the frontlines, Sharif’s other key challenge beyond militancy must be that of lifting his nuclear-armed state out of its crisis surrounding the management of its economy and pressing issues related to governance.

  • story 7
    Saturday Jun 28

    Sharif committing suicide by overkill

    Pakistan’s security clampdown on Islamic scholar has only made more visible politically while demonstrating the government’s determination to silence its opponents

  • story 8
    Saturday Jun 14

    Nawaz Sharif must rise up to challenges

    It appears that the government’s resolve is in sync neither with the mainstream opinion across the country nor with the reported sentiment within the army

  • Saturday May 31

    Taliban split raises complex challenges

    While legislation to deal with the terrorist onslaught was conveniently ignored, the Pakistan government has taken up one pipedream project after another

  • story 10
    Saturday May 17

    Nawaz Sharif needs to work on better future for Pakistan

    The prime minister’s ability to succeed will depend on the choices he is prepared to make on his home turf

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