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Dr. Joseph A. Kechichian

Dr. Joseph A. Kechichian

Dr. Joseph A. Kechichian is an American scholar of Armenian descent. He is a commentator and author of several books on Gulf affairs.

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  • story 1
    Wednesday Apr 16

    Who uses poison gas in Syria?

    That a renowned investigative reporter is misled by a Russian source who he never met is sad. But what is even more depressing is to see the US deny fresh reports of another chemical weapons attack

  • story 2
    Wednesday Apr 9

    Why are Syrian refugees expendable?

    Lebanon and Jordan, both with fragile societies, are struggling to cope while Damascus remains oblivious to the plight of its own citizens

  • story 3
    Wednesday Apr 2

    Saudis smooth rough succession issues

    While the royal order is an internal deal to present a united front, what has occurred is nothing more than a progressive development to avoid dynastic squabbles

  • story 4
    Wednesday Mar 26

    Al Assir sows seeds of discontent in Lebanon

    The cleric’s ominous words have separated the Lebanese, raising fundamental questions about the unwritten national charter that governs the rules of tolerance

  • Wednesday Mar 19

    Forcing Hezbollah to accept the Lebanese state

    To his credit, Salam clutched from the group’s jaws ‘the unity of the Lebanese state and its exclusive authority in issues related to the general policy’

  • story 6
    Wednesday Mar 12

    Is Nouri Al Maliki an Iranian Lieutenant?

    Is Nouri Al Maliki an Iranian Lieutenant?

  • Wednesday Mar 5

    Iran: Hassan Rouhani’s domestic quagmire

    Re-evaluating Iran’s global, regional aspirations will allow the president to focus on economic and demographic challenges threatening the country’s existence

  • Wednesday Feb 26

    A congruence of Christian and Muslim extremisms

    When fundamentalists incite to create wars or bring about apocalyptic outcomes, however, it then becomes everyone’s business to thwart them, wherever they are

  • story 9
    Wednesday Feb 19

    It’s not enough to apologise to the Syrian people

    More people continue to die as Washington and Moscow occupy themselves with scoring propaganda points and blaming each other for Geneva 2’s failures

  • story 10
    Wednesday Feb 12

    Clearing the air on US-Saudi ties crucial

    Beyond ‘fence-mending’, Obama’s mid-March trip ought to be courageous to prevent Riyadh from going its ‘own way’ since that will serve neither’s interests

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