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Dr. Joseph A. Kechichian

Dr. Joseph A. Kechichian

Dr. Joseph A. Kechichian is an American scholar of Armenian descent. He is a commentator and author of several books on Gulf affairs.

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  • story 1
    Wednesday Mar 4

    Iran is a new colonial power

    Iranian successes in colonising Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen overlooked the fact that all four countries were mired in perpetual conflicts

  • story 2
    Wednesday Feb 25

    The Iranian fiasco unfolding in Yemen

    Obama’s key miscalculation in the Middle East was believing that the Islamic republic would be satisfied with a minor regional role

  • story 3
    Wednesday Feb 18

    A few non-gullible questions

    To live a full life, and at a time when few engage in non-interest-based thinking, we ought to raise fundamental queries precisely because we refuse to be hoodwinked

  • story 4
    Wednesday Feb 4

    Will Al Houthis break up Yemen?

    Seizing the presidential palace in Sana’a could not possibly translate into tight control over all of Yemen because Southerners are not ready to submit to diktats

  • story 5
    Wednesday Jan 28

    No gloom or doom in Saudi Arabia

    King Salman is now confronted by a slew of challenges, but the overwhelming majority of Saudis back them and are loyal to the ruling family

  • story 6
    Wednesday Jan 21

    The Guantanamo shame that won’t go away

    Some form of torture continued even after 2008, including the excessive reliance on drones that killed many innocent human beings in Yemen and elsewhere

  • story 7
    Wednesday Dec 17

    America needs a constitutional amendment to ban torture

    The US does not belong to Cheney and men and women of his ilk. It is much larger than those who pretend to defend its values, because ordering the torture of fellow human beings cannot and ought not be an American trait

  • story 8
    Wednesday Dec 10

    Muslim scholars chastise Al Baghdadi

    Two of the most important assertions of the ‘Open Letter’ focused on the ban in Islam to ‘declare a Caliphate without consensus from all Muslims’

  • story 9
    Wednesday Dec 3

    GCC reconciliation summit on right course

    Bloc members will seal their mutual understanding in Sunday’s meeting 
and open a fresh chapter in their quest for a union

  • story 10
    Wednesday Nov 26

    Iran: ‘Policeman of the Gulf’?

    Tehran’s future geo-strategic role in the Middle East and Southeast Asia is so critical that its leaders will not hesitate to bargain in earnest to transform it