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Dr. Joseph A. Kechichian

Dr. Joseph A. Kechichian

Dr. Joseph A. Kechichian is an American scholar of Armenian descent. He is a commentator and author of several books on Gulf affairs.

 Recent Articles

  • Wednesday Jul 23

    ‘Houston, we’ve got a leadership problem!’

    We now live in a very predictable world in which no earth-shattering geopolitical dangers exist. Yet, all of us pretend that we are fighting open-ended wars

  • story 2
    Wednesday Jul 16

    Why Al Baghdadi and his ‘state’ will fail

    The Isil chief’s short record, which is about 10 days old, is far more complicated because no respectable religious entity has backed him

  • story 3
    Wednesday Jul 9

    ‘The tragedy of the Arabs’? Really?

    In time, Syrians and Iraqis, among others, and Sunnis and Shiites, more broadly, will find the mechanism to co-exist in peace just like Catholics and Protestants

  • story 4
    Wednesday Jul 2

    The first caliphate of the 21st century, or is it?

    Militant groups volunteering to butcher each other on command can’t claim the moral high ground they so desperately seek to further their agendas

  • story 5
    Wednesday Jun 25

    Saudi Arabia and Egypt forge a new alliance

    By stopping in Egypt, King Abdullah signalled to the world that he understood the country’s importance and had no compunction to back Al Sissi when the latter took serious risks as field marshal against the Muslim Brotherhood

  • story 6
    Wednesday Jun 18

    Is this the end of Iraq?

    Under Al Maliki’s rule, Baghdad has become gradually disunited, as various factions have prevented each other from finding the ways to live together in harmony

  • story 7
    Wednesday Jun 11

    Will Iran triumph in the Arab world?

    In spite of all the provocations from Tehran over its policy in Syria, Riyadh has always manitained a more pragmatic stance in the larger interest of the Arab and Muslim world

  • story 8
    Wednesday Jun 4

    Obama wants to lead without power

    The US president relished the idea that he steered America clear of potential dangers, deciding that Washington had no national security interests in Syria, though what that policy illustrated was blatant isolationism

  • story 9
    Wednesday May 28

    The return of the generals

    How well Al Sissi, Haftar and Qahwaji do to inculcate liberal-democracy and rescue their respective countries’ economies will help identify whether Egypt, Libya and Lebanon will evolve

  • Wednesday May 21

    A troubled legacy in Lebanon

    Neither Sulaiman nor any of the governments devoted much attention to the economy and as a result, average citizens are utterly dejected because the country today stands precisely where it was six years ago

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