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Dr. Joseph A. Kechichian

Dr. Joseph A. Kechichian

Dr. Joseph A. Kechichian is an American scholar of Armenian descent. He is a commentator and author of several books on Gulf affairs.

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  • story 1
    Wednesday Oct 22

    A Daesh air force and WMDs: What next?

    It may be far better to cut the group down quickly and spare innocent lives, than weaving fairy-tales around its invincibility

  • story 2
    Wednesday Oct 15

    From empires to statelets

    Regrettably, Iraq and Syria seem programmed to implode unless effective federal systems are created, while Lebanon looks impossible to save in its present form

  • story 3
    Wednesday Oct 8

    Lebanon’s problems in electing a president

    Shiites felt Sunni and Christian political privileges ought to be proportionate and that the time was right to debate and agree to a new power-sharing formula

  • story 4
    Wednesday Oct 1

    Is Daesh more dangerous than Bashar Al Assad?

    It may be difficult to rationalise some of the latest actions and it may be convenient to ignore grievances, but what is harder to do is to pretend that the regime in Damascus is part of the solution

  • story 5
    Wednesday Sep 24

    A Saudi-Iranian meeting of minds

    Unlike thaws between any two bitter rivals, this one goes beyond the quest for regional influence and includes ideological schisms

  • Wednesday Sep 17

    Iran’s leadership at odds with the people

    While the citizens of the Islamic republic are gentle and humble, the same can’t be said of their leaders whose mistakes have made the world eye Tehran with suspicion

  • story 7
    Wednesday Sep 10

    Stop asking the wrong questions, Fareed Zakaria!

    Zakaria should have learned from the great Roman teacher Cicero on politics and the role of a strong leader before blaming the crises in the Arab world on political decay in the region

  • story 8
    Wednesday Sep 3

    Limited peace in an orderless world

    Like all history, contemporary developments confirm that the first rule of power is to keep it, while the second one is to deny it to others

  • story 9
    Wednesday Aug 27

    Fighting a good fight against extremism

    Identifying Al Assad as a secularist in hopes of bolstering the war on Isil is sheer hypocrisy. The world must place its hopes on decent individuals, not criminals

  • story 10
    Wednesday Aug 20

    Why anticipate the demise of Qaboos?

    Journalists in this part of the world ought to adopt higher standards of reporting and stop spreading rumours on the health of Arab heads of state