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Professor As'ad Abdul Rahman

Professor As'ad Abdul Rahman

Professor As'ad Abdul Rahman is the Chairman of the Palestinian Encyclopaedia.

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  • story 1
    Friday Aug 29

    Beware the lone wolves at the door

    Al Qaida’s anarchist cells can only feel more and more emboldened in the face of rising intolerance in the West and the frustration welling up within the Arab world over outrages the Palestinians still endure

  • story 2
    Friday Aug 15

    Israel has no ‘Protective Edge’

    Will the country heed calls to move to the right path and change 
its policies in order to save itself?

  • Friday Aug 1

    BDS — a fitting reply to Israeli violations

    As Israel besieges Gaza and the West Bank, the boycott movement besieges Israel around the world, stripping it of illegal profits from stolen Palestinian lands

  • Friday Jul 18

    Is a third intifada possible?

    Israel’s insistence on attaching malicious intent to the new unity government is only making a Palestinian upheaval look like an imminent reality

  • story 5
    Friday Jul 4

    The root of the colonist Lobby’s sick mentality

    The insular right-wing minority queering Israeli political discourse can be traced to a mindset moulded by the Western Talmud

  • story 6
    Friday Jun 20

    Israel’s cost paid in full by US

    The rejection of the two-state solution, and opting instead for total Judaisation of historical Palestine, is threatening to lead to Tel Aviv’s continued isolation

  • story 7
    Friday Jun 6

    BDS campaign creating growing panic in Israel

    Tel Aviv ought to realise that expanding existing colonies and building new ones on Palestinian Occupied Territories cannot be an agenda for peace

  • Friday May 23

    A third Intifada should surprise none

    History teaches us that no military occupation can ever last forever and history also teaches us that people always surprise their rulers — especially foreign ones

  • story 9
    Friday May 9

    The difficult questions facing the Palestinian National Authority

    Indeed, the Zionist colonial agenda, which Tel Aviv wishes to impose upon the Palestinians, as well as on the American administration, is about to wreck the US position as ‘an honest broker’ of peace

  • story 10
    Friday Apr 25

    What Netanyahu ought to know

    No democratic state can ever arise in a ‘Jewish state’ because non-Jews will never have equal rights

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