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Professor As'ad Abdul Rahman

Professor As'ad Abdul Rahman

Professor As'ad Abdul Rahman is the Chairman of the Palestinian Encyclopaedia.

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  • story 1
    Friday Apr 11

    Israel hunts for new security strategy

    With the changing developments in the Middle East, its survival as a political state is in extreme peril if no peaceful and just political settlement is reached soon

  • Friday Mar 28

    Demographic changes threaten Israel

    Changing its secular identity into a religious Jewish identity ruled by the western Talmud will eradicate any traces left of the democratic civil principle

  • Friday Mar 14

    The American Zionist lobby revisited

    The US is rethinking its policies in the Middle East, which may eventually make it distance itself from Israel and its colonial racist agenda

  • Friday Feb 28

    Nonviolent BDS strikes hard at Israel

    The movement’s successful campaigns exposing Israeli racist policies of Judaisation in occupied Palestine have shocked every conscience around the world

  • Friday Feb 14

    The forbidden truth about Ashkenazis

    The real intent behind the Judaisation of Israel is to strip Palestinians of the legal right to their land in order to ship them out as illegal aliens

  • story 6
    Friday Jan 31

    The deceit behind Israeli civic service project

    The ulterior motive behind this exercise is to create an enslaved Palestinian population that will serve Israel and succumb to its racist agenda

  • story 7
    Friday Jan 17

    Israel: A wandering state in search of a nationality

    The only true Hebrews in the Zionist state are the Arab Jews — a historical fact that makes the Hebrew nationality invalid because it excludes the Ashkenazis

  • story 8
    Friday Jan 3

    Israeli colonisation of land — and minds

    Israel will never tolerate the fact that Palestinians will be the majority in historical Palestine in the next 20 years

  • Friday Dec 20

    A prelude to annihilation

    The proposed Israeli ‘civic service’ plan is meant to create ‘servants’ of young Palestinians, not citizens with equal rights

  • story 10
    Friday Dec 6

    Why Are Israeli-Palestinian talks heading nowhere?

    Because Israel is the strongest and the PNA the weakest and defenceless, Tel Aviv now negotiates, even as it expands its colonies, to make the ‘two-state solution’ totally unfeasible

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