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Professor As'ad Abdul Rahman

Professor As'ad Abdul Rahman

Professor As'ad Abdul Rahman is the Chairman of the Palestinian Encyclopaedia.

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  • story 1
    Friday Jan 30

    What lies beneath the demand for ‘Jewish state’

    Recognising the ‘Jewishness’ of Israel amounts to the recognition of the Zionist premise based on fables and fabricated arguments made up by European non-Semitic Jews

  • story 2
    Friday Dec 5

    Moral responsibility: Israel’s empty words

    Tel Aviv’s shift towards the religious far right is manifesting itself in extreme abhorrence of anything pertaining to peaceful co-existence with Palestinians

  • story 3
    Friday Nov 21

    Israel and Daesh share sinister aims

    The militant doctrines of both are equal in their barbarian brutality, which knows no mercy while devastating human lives

  • story 4
    Friday Nov 7

    Time for Palestine to chart a new course

    Bringing down the Israeli apartheid wall, which is incarcerating Palestinians, is the very first step towards full liberation of the Palestinian people

  • story 5
    Friday Oct 24

    Israel’s relentless insistence on apartheid policies

    Only with a true democratic non-religious Israeli civil state living side by side with a true democratic civil Arab Palestinian state, free from Israeli occupation and colonies, will true peace prevail in Middle East

  • story 6
    Friday Oct 10

    The colonial-apartheid traits of Israel

    The new legal status of the Palestinians will, in effect, make the present political status of Tel Aviv illegal in the eyes of international law and the UN charter

  • story 7
    Friday Sep 26

    Emerging outcomes of Israel’s Gaza war

    Tel Aviv has lost its offensive and deterrent edge and is left with a defensive status that really does not offer any protective edge to its civilian population

  • story 8
    Friday Sep 12

    Is it a dawn of a peace deal after Gaza war?

    The Palestinian steadfastness and the extreme abhorrence of global public opinion have created a real opportunity for the US and the rest of the world to forge a just and fair political settlement in the Middle East

  • story 9
    Friday Aug 29

    Beware the lone wolves at the door

    Al Qaida’s anarchist cells can only feel more and more emboldened in the face of rising intolerance in the West and the frustration welling up within the Arab world over outrages the Palestinians still endure

  • story 10
    Friday Aug 15

    Israel has no ‘Protective Edge’

    Will the country heed calls to move to the right path and change 
its policies in order to save itself?