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    Saturday Dec 20

    Decoding the US-Cuba deal

    Of all modern presidents, Obama was always more likely than most to take such a pragmatic and unimperial step, not least because he never needs to try to carry Florida again

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    Saturday Dec 20

    Can Modi really take on the Hindu hawks?

    The Indian prime minister still enjoys considerable support. If the BJP wins in Delhi early next year, it will be because of him. But the Modi wave is no longer as high as it used to be

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    Saturday Dec 20

    Where have Ebola’s fearmongers all gone?

    Our thanks should go to some Americans who didn’t panic — and even did something to bring the epidemic closer to an end

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    Saturday Dec 20

    When clerics collide over differing ideologies

    Perhaps the biggest argument raised in support of Shaikh Al Ghamdi is that God did not decree that women should cover their faces during the holiest of religious rituals which is during Haj

  • story 5
    Saturday Dec 20

    Now’s the time to shake hands with Putin

    Russia’s president is here to stay and his weakened country is looking to do a deal

  • story 6
    Saturday Dec 20

    The state of the world — in a word (or two)

    Fragmentation and identity serve as mirror images in a world that seems to be looking for reasons to splinter

  • Saturday Dec 20

    Once the hoopla over the new deal is over

    Raul knows that thanks to the big American policy move, he and his fellow military officers will be in firm control of political and economic levers

  • story 8
    Saturday Dec 20

    Netanyahu must realise that it’s time for peace

    Many agree that Israel missed an historic opportunity by refusing the Saudi peace plan in 2002, 
that in the end would have given it what it has always demanded — full Arab recognition

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    Saturday Dec 20

    Rouhani’s fate tied to nuclear deal

    In 2015, moderates led by the Iranian president must fight a war for survival and all viable roads lead to the realisation of a pact with Washington

  • story 10
    Friday Dec 19

    The real meaning of a ‘Jewish state’

    Israel is the only state in the world that has no constitution, nor defined borders and is still looking for a legal identity or citizenship for its people

  • story 11
    Friday Dec 19

    The state of global poverty

    If poverty were communicable, its incidence would be far lower by now. Fortunately, a chorus of voices has given rise to a global movement to end the scourge

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    Friday Dec 19

    West is clearly losing the cyberwar

    The withdrawal by Sony Pictures of a film on North Korean dictator Kim shows how vulnerable the West is to hackers

  • story 13
    Friday Dec 19

    Lift sanctions now to humiliate Putin

    Western leaders lack the imagination to deal with the Russian president creatively, and they are loath to admitting their mistakes

  • story 14
    Friday Dec 19

    Let Modi change his mindset towards women

    Women’s rights activists are wary of the Indian premier not only because of his wife’s ordeal, but because of his Hindu right-wing BJP-led government’s shocking lack of policy vision on women’s issues

  • story 15
    Thursday Dec 18

    Why Castro felt it was time to talk to America

    For several years, Cuba’s economy has been kept afloat by Venezuelan oil supply. But with oil prices falling, it was unclear how long that economic lifeline could last

  • story 16
    Thursday Dec 18

    Putin and economics have never mixed well

    The problem with the Russian president is that even a cosmetic change of course will carry a political price: It will concede that his approach of repression at home, aggression abroad was wrong

  • story 17
    Thursday Dec 18

    India’s turn to thank Bangladesh

    Giving Bangladesh legal rights to territory within its own borders is the least New Delhi can do

  • story 18
    Thursday Dec 18

    Media treats Cheney like the royals on vacation

    The people in charge of American accountability on torture are also the CIA’s biggest allies when it comes to US ingenuity in killing

  • story 19
    Thursday Dec 18

    Toothless ‘threats’ won’t deter Israel

    The PNA should invest all its efforts to demand Israeli accountability and ostracise Tel Aviv from the world community

  • story 20
    Thursday Dec 18

    The roots of enhanced interrogations

    A thorough probe would show that senior FBI, CIA and Pentagon officials knew in September 2001 that gathering intelligence about any likely Al Qaida strike would require harsh interrogations

  • story 21
    Wednesday Dec 17

    Time for a new Israeli leadership

    Israelis and their supporters, particularly in the US, must realise that a genuine peace settlement needs fresh and sincere efforts

  • story 22
    Wednesday Dec 17

    Don’t squander South Sudan’s promise

    The world is watching to see what the country’s leaders will do. Will they continue on the path of conflict or will they make hard choices

  • story 23
    Wednesday Dec 17

    America needs a constitutional amendment to ban torture

    The US does not belong to Cheney and men and women of his ilk. It is much larger than those who pretend to defend its values, because ordering the torture of fellow human beings cannot and ought not be an American trait

  • story 24
    Wednesday Dec 17

    That ugly US spending bill is the fruit of compromise

    The fissure between populists and Wall Street-friendly centrists is widening into open warfare among Democrats

  • story 25
    Wednesday Dec 17

    EU must support the ‘new Ukraine’

    Neither Europe’s leaders nor its citizens seem to recognise that Russia’s attack on the country is indirectly an assault on the bloc and its principles of governance

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