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  • Sunday Apr 20

    An ominous warning on climate change

    Our exponential production of carbon dioxide has not only increased the globe’s average temperature but has resulted in local and regional changes of the climate

  • story 2
    Sunday Apr 20

    Constant failures plague peace process

    In the absence of a determined stand by US, Israeli leaders will not move to seek peace with Palestinians

  • story 3
    Sunday Apr 20

    Japan misses out as Abe looks backward

    Tokyo should be much more forward-looking about making the switch to renewables

  • story 4
    Sunday Apr 20

    How to navigate the East China Sea dispute

    The real dangers are not in the intentions of the leaders of China and Japan but in the potential for miscalculation at the lower levels

  • story 5
    Sunday Apr 20

    Modi: Saviour or sectarian?

    The likely new prime minister of India is wildly popular among his supporters but others fear and distrust him

  • story 6
    Sunday Apr 20

    Americans are actually keen on dynastic politics

    The concept of elected ruling elites isn’t nearly as much an affront to them as they would have you believe

  • story 7
    Sunday Apr 20

    Modi is a maestro of class resentment

    Modi is playing the role of BJP superego while the party’s RSS id boils away underneath, peeking through only at inopportune moments

  • story 8
    Sunday Apr 20

    The West has to call Putin’s bluff

    He is trying to put off the presidential election due in Ukraine in May, that should proceed as scheduled

  • Saturday Apr 19

    I did not leave my original on the copier

    One printout is as ‘original’ as another — or in other words, both are copies

  • story 10
    Saturday Apr 19

    Algeria’s frail and silent president

    The senior citizen who was wheeled to the ballot box is the abiding image of Algeria’s presidential poll day and summed up the state of its democracy

  • story 11
    Saturday Apr 19

    Will a new force emerge in Iraq?

    The fact that political entities have not yielded anyone with an alternate vision reflects the nature of post-2003 Iraqi politics and of its political classes

  • story 12
    Saturday Apr 19

    Al Qaradawi should not leave Doha

    It is better to monitor the cleric in Qatar instead of sending him abroad where he could become an annoyance

  • story 13
    Saturday Apr 19

    Sharif needs the army on his side now

    Curbing militancy will require a military push to confront the Taliban and weaken its position before it can be forced to negotiate

  • story 14
    Saturday Apr 19

    Self-appointed guardians of faith

    Rejectionists and their hardline interpretations are giving way to a more tolerant Saudi society as the barriers against the exclusion of women are falling slowly

  • story 15
    Saturday Apr 19

    Putin is winning the propaganda war

    He is far from alone in seeing the collapse of the Soviet Union as a catastrophe and the US as the author of Russia’s subsequent ills. The foreigners are to blame

  • Saturday Apr 19

    It’s ‘Russian military’ not ‘pro-Russian forces’

    A lie is a lie and aggression is an aggression — no matter how Moscow calls it and how much smoke gets blown by its propaganda machine

  • story 17
    Friday Apr 18

    The West is obliged to defend Ukraine

    Force should be met with force, but civil war can only be avoided if Russia’s legitimate interests are accepted

  • story 18
    Friday Apr 18

    In tragedy, Seoul shows how far it has come

    In the light of the ferry accident, South Koreans clearly feel they have a right to expect more from their government, now that such disasters are the province of poorer nations with shoddier safety records

  • story 19
    Friday Apr 18

    Perplexing delay in Iraq inquiry report

    Probe body chairman Chilcot’s conclusions should and could be published soon, but there are still some political obstacles to overcome

  • story 20
    Friday Apr 18

    Women should think twice about Modi

    The BJP’s prime ministerial candidate hopes his perceived track record of bureaucratic competence will be enough to attract women’s support, but ensuring women’s rights demands a lot more than just safe streets

  • story 21
    Friday Apr 18

    Feeling the pain, telling the joke

    It is a well-known fact that Palestinians have suffered long enough to form their own body of self-depreciating national humour, rooted in their objective reality

  • Thursday Apr 17

    A new kind of warfare

    The language games and disinformation campaign in Ukraine are far more sophisticated than anything the Soviet Union ever produced

  • Thursday Apr 17

    Why the Cuba embargo is such a bad idea

    There is surely a more efficient way to expose Cubans to American ideas: End the restrictions

  • story 24
    Thursday Apr 17

    Obama’s Asia tour will reassure allies

    There is distrust of China within many Asean countries, not least over territorial claims in South China Sea

  • story 25
    Thursday Apr 17

    China’s Tibet conundrum

    Western infatuation with the Tibetan myth has enabled Tibetans to exercise a unique ‘soft power’ that Beijing can neither control nor ameliorate

Opinion Editor's choice

Technology vs humanity

Is technology not a match for mans cunning?

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