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Master Chief came to Dubai

  • Posted by By Andy Staples, Editor – Universal Copy Desk
  • Published 16:13 November 9, 2012

Hours of waiting in line, following months of anticipation, and 16-year-old Abdullah Younis got his hands on the first copy of Halo 4 sold in the Middle East.

Younis, an Iraqi national who studies at Repton School in Dubai, said he’d played every Halo game since the first one.

He was at the head of a queue of 200 game fans who turned up to the midnight launch of Halo 4 at Geekay Games in Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates on Monday night.

As well as a slice of Halo 4 cake, fans could try out the new game on a specially installed console – and play older games in the series.

And they could pose for photos with the game’s main character, the iconic Master Chief.

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