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In Mind: Psychologists’ Chair

Stressed out, depressed, the world getting on top of you ... join the Gulf News online conversation and our panel of experts will guide you to find a potential solution to your worries.
Write with your concerns to: inmind@gulfnews.com and selected questions will be answered by a panel of qualified psychiatrists and psychologists. Your contributions will be modified for length and appropriateness, and will be open to other Gulf News readers to comment and suggest solutions.

Let us know if you would like GulfNews.com to withhold your name from your letter should it be published.

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Opinion Editor's choice
  • Narendra Modi
    A new vision of India that is 100% Hindu

    Modi’s nongesture on conversions reflects his divided allegiance between the oaths and responsibilities of his present post and the convictions and prejudices of his often murky past

  • OPN_141228 Gulf States
    Arabs will struggle to restore order in 2015

    Gulf states will work to support any national government that can maintain stability in the face of the disastrous collapse they have seen in Syria, Iraq and Libya, and only narrowly avoided in Egypt

  • OPN_141228 Tunisia Image
    My goals for better Tunisian future

    To fight extremism, we will need to pursue a two-pronged strategy that will be both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’