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  • Sunday Aug 31

    Alliance must call Putin’s bluff on Ukraine

    By Kurt Volker and Erik Brattberg

    The signal Nato sends this week — whether it will stand up for Europe or concede to Russia — will ripple across continent for years to come

  • Sunday Aug 31

    Modi’s Japan outreach to falter without reforms

    By Dhiraj Nayyar

    India is a terrible place to do business and the chances of progress on changes that matter most to Tokyo are depressingly slim

  • Iran nuclear deal by November is attainable
    Sunday Aug 31

    Iran nuclear deal by November is attainable

    By Andrew Hammond | Special to Gulf News

    The implications of an agreement would be enormous for Iran, the Middle East and global security

  • An unbearable burden on human conscience
    Sunday Aug 31

    An unbearable burden on human conscience

    By Mohammad Fadhel | Special to Gulf News

    Israel is a society in deep crisis, and nothing lays this bare more than six former heads of its notorious domestic intelligence service conceding the regime’s brutality towards Palestinians

  • US lack of resolve emboldening Isil
    Sunday Aug 31

    US lack of resolve emboldening Isil

    By Abdullah Al Shayji | Special to Gulf News

    Early American withdrawal from Iraq, indecisiveness in Syria and underestimating extremists has left a trail of death and destruction in region

  • Nato must ramp up defence spending
    Sunday Aug 31

    Nato must ramp up defence spending

    Anders Fogh RasmussenSecretary-General of Nato

    The Iraqi crisis and Russian aggression will top the agenda at the summit as the alliance looks at 
establishing a more visible presence in Central and Eastern Europe for as long as necessary

  • Counting on Modi’s ‘Great Expectations’
    Sunday Aug 31

    Counting on Modi’s ‘Great Expectations’

    By Ravi Menon | Special to Gulf News

    If India’s prime minister is serious about his ‘good days’ promise to the people 
then his government will need to do much more

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