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  • Tuesday Jul 22

    Chinese reform key to Brics’ success

    By Pankaj Mishra

    The financial crisis of 2008 was the first sign that the East’s own era of irrational exuberance could not last. The political and economic challenges before the bloc have multiplied since then

  • Who could be Hillary’s Democratic challenger?
    Tuesday Jul 22

    Who could be Hillary’s Democratic challenger?

    By Chris Cillizza

    Some Democrats run to promote a cause or a set of beliefs. Others run because timing dictates they have to. Still others run in the hope of improving 
their chances of either winding up on the ticket alongside Clinton or with a prominent spot in her administration

  • Europe must impose financial sanctions on Russia
    Tuesday Jul 22

    Europe must impose financial sanctions on Russia

    By Wolfgang Munchau

    When tragedy strikes, we ought to care about how it happened and why it happened. Economic consequences should be secondary

  • Putin has led Russia to disaster
    Tuesday Jul 22

    Putin has led Russia to disaster

    By Gideon Rachman

    The Russian president’s mistakes extend beyond the irresponsibility of enabling the separatists to shoot at passing aircraft

  • Tuesday Jul 22

    Making a travesty of women’s security

    By Mohit Dubey

    Callousness of the police and a couldn’t-care-less attitude of the administration in India’s most populous state have left everyone shocked

  • GOP ought to control its demons
    Tuesday Jul 22

    GOP ought to control its demons

    By Gordon Robison | Special to Gulf News

    The question is whether Boehner will succeed in placating the right in Congress and his party with a lawsuit against Obama

  • Monday Jul 21

    When violence gets real

    By Ludovic Hunter-Tilney

    The cultural tapestry of shootings and explosions goes unquestioned, other than when bloodletting is held to be too violent

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  • Tuesday Jul 22

    Life is not life without the World Cup

    Mahmood Saberi Senior Reporter

    I too wanted to stay up the whole night as some of the matches started at an unearthly hour

  • Monday Jul 21

    Home is where the bark is

    Gautam Raja Special to Gulf News

    Journeys are simple — we leave one place and arrive at another

  • Friday Jul 18

    Will the power run dry?

    Cheryl Rao Special to Gulf News

    Then, somewhere in that blink of an eye of about ten years or so, between the lovely time when a son is a little boy and the startling realisation that the same son is a grown man, the powder ran dry for him

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