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  • Wednesday Apr 23

    Obama’s ‘Asia pivot’ ambiguous and distracted

    By Gideon Rachman

    While the central strategic insight behind Washington’s Far East policy is valid, its execution leaves a lot to be desired

  • Ukraine: Bitter truth gives no pleasure
    Wednesday Apr 23

    Ukraine: Bitter truth gives no pleasure

    By Alexander Efimov | Special to Gulf News

    The sooner Kiev stops seeking a ‘hand of Moscow’ as a source of all troubles, the sooner it will be possible to start resolving the crisis

  • Misreading Saudi policies
    Wednesday Apr 23

    Misreading Saudi policies

    By Joseph A. Kechichian | Senior Writer

    It is depressing to note the media awash with rumours on Prince Bandar’s removal from his post as spy chief, with serious commentators electing to major on minor issues

  • Despair of the Syrian beggar boy
    Wednesday Apr 23

    Despair of the Syrian beggar boy

    By Ruth Sherlock

    Khalid is one of countless child refugees whose parents have turned them on to the streets to work, where they are often beaten, sold into prostitution rings and forced to sell drugs

  • Wednesday Apr 23

    Ferry disaster — tragedy, but not murder

    By Mary Dejevsky

    It is perhaps not justified to call the South Korean ferry crew ‘killers’ if deaths resulted from oversight or from fear

  • Gulf professional class still struggling
    Wednesday Apr 23

    Gulf professional class still struggling

    By Francis Matthew | Editor at Large

    The financial crash was a shock to many profesionals whose shallow finances were exposed by serious loss of savings

  • It’s not about Cameron or Miliband
    Wednesday Apr 23

    It’s not about Cameron or Miliband

    By Steve Richards

    Both leaders are hiring Obama aides for the 2015 election, but Britain will be voting for a party — not a president or a personality

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