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  • Britian’s expanding political space
    Friday Oct 24

    Britian’s expanding political space

    By Philip Stephens

    The Tory-Liberal Democrat coalition turned two-party into three-party politics. Four or five more could be in the game after 2015

  • India border issue a Chinese bargaining chip
    Friday Oct 24

    India border issue a Chinese bargaining chip

    By Ranjit Singh Kalha

    The boundary issue is being utilised by Beijing for trying to coerce foreign policy changes by New Delhi that often have nothing to do with the dispute itself

  • Friday Oct 24

    A carrot and stick approach towards Israel

    By Dania Khatib | Special to Gulf News

    Arab League and Arab states should think of a new strategy for their boycott policy — stand united against Israel’s unjust policies, while lending a hand to those who want peace

  • Palin’s sun has begun to set in Alaska
    Friday Oct 24

    Palin’s sun has begun to set in Alaska

    By Margaret Carlson

    She has not officially endorsed anyone for the Alaska governor’s candidature and going by her current status, her backing or the lack of it is unlikely to make a difference

  • Israel’s relentless insistence on apartheid policies
    Friday Oct 24

    Israel’s relentless insistence on apartheid policies

    By As’ad Abdul Rahman | Special to Gulf News

    Only with a true democratic non-religious Israeli civil state living side by side with a true democratic civil Arab Palestinian state, free from Israeli occupation and colonies, will true peace prevail in Middle East

  • Of mindcraft and machinations
    Friday Oct 24

    Of mindcraft and machinations

    By Sanjib Kumar Das | Pages Editor

    Reconciling all the negative headlines of the past with the present positives of a successful election manager is the BJP president’s biggest challenge

  • Another black day for Reeva and all women
    Thursday Oct 23

    Another black day for Reeva and all women

    By Allison Pearson

    It is shameful that a possessive control freak like Pistorius, with a track record of terrifying women, literally gets way with murder

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  • Friday Oct 24

    What’s cooking?

    Cheryl Rao Special to Gulf News

    I cook mostly under duress now: When the freezer, the fridge and the larder are bare and the weather is too inclement to go out for a meal or call in one

  • Thursday Oct 23

    A mentor is no more

    Vanaja Rao Stone Editor

    In a way, I was her student. She taught me valuable lessons and was the one who brought me gently down when I was being too fanciful

  • Wednesday Oct 22

    There’s no such thing as a routine day

    Kevin Martin Special to Gulf News

    A decent end to a terrible, true incident — there’s always an incident lurking in the wings

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