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  • Biggest threat to Africa
    Monday Oct 20

    Biggest threat to Africa

    By Fraser Nelson

    Ebola may be gruesome but malaria has killed 70 times more people this year — even though it’s very easy to prevent

  • Monday Oct 20

    A changing Israel-Palestine global dynamic

    By Linda S. Heard | Special to Gulf News

    Netanyahu should continue to be viewed with suspicion, but his offer may well be genuine in the light of current circumstances

  • A flashback to Carter-era malaise
    Monday Oct 20

    A flashback to Carter-era malaise

    By Edward Luce

    Control of the US Senate, which looks very likely to fall into Republican hands, may hinge on Iowa’s decision

  • Narendra Modi wave only in Haryana
    Monday Oct 20

    Narendra Modi wave only in Haryana

    By Amulya Ganguli

    There does not appear to be any alternative left for the BJP but to renew its ties with Shiv Sena in Maharashtra

  • Monday Oct 20

    Stories of hope emerge from visuals of terror

    By Stephanie Saldaa

    We have no power over whether Daesh will release more videos of beheadings, but we can control what we choose to learn from them

  • Monday Oct 20

    Ebola: A global emergency

    Compiled by Malavika Kamaraju | Associate Editor

    The Ebola epidemic continues to agitate the world and the world media is keenly pursuing the many angles that the international community needs to consider to vanquish the power of this virus

  • Ebola-hit nations need funds to fight the scourge
    Monday Oct 20

    Ebola-hit nations need funds to fight the scourge

    Ellen Johnson SirleafPresident of Liberia

    It is not just Liberia — any African nation with a fragile health system is potentially vulnerable to this terrible virus

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  • Monday Oct 20

    Man’s ‘best friend’ orphaned twice

    Lalit Raizada Special to Gulf News

    The very thought of leaving Sheru behind was becoming unbearable. Finally, Amit and his mother reconciled to the inevitable

  • Sunday Oct 19

    My days with Speedy the turtle

    Archana R.D Special to Gulf News

    My days with Speedy

  • Friday Oct 17

    Prioritising could become a habit

    Cheryl Rao Special to Gulf News

    We understood pretty soon that putting someone else’s problems before our pleasure did not work in our favour then — or ever

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