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  • Tuesday Sep 23

    On a self-made course of political hara-kiri

    By Sanjib Kumar Das | Pages Editor

    A government neck-deep in the embarrassment of a ponzi scam has now landed with muck on its face with inept handling of the grievances of Jadavpur University students

  • Arab Spring a curse on environment
    Tuesday Sep 23

    Arab Spring a curse on environment

    By Mohamed Abdel Raouf | Special to Gulf News

    The ecosystems and biodiversity are the real victims of military conflicts in many Mena countries such as Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya

  • Iran remains biggest challenge for US
    Tuesday Sep 23

    Iran remains biggest challenge for US

    By Eric Edelman, Dennis Ross and Ray Takeyh

    The Islamic republic’s ideological compulsions and sheer opportunism make it an unlikely ally for the West

  • Tehran’s missing nuclear answers
    Tuesday Sep 23

    Tehran’s missing nuclear answers

    By Shahir ShahidSaless | Special to Gulf News

    Iran could consider providing information on issues with military dimensions, as well as allowing IAEA inspectors to visit the Parchin base provided that the West ceases its imposition of pressure

  • Another chapter of America’s unfinished Iraq war
    Tuesday Sep 23

    Another chapter of America’s unfinished Iraq war

    By Ramzy Baroud | Special to Gulf News

    Washington hopes to use the war on Isil as a back-door attempt to get involved in the war on Syria, which is more intricate than ever. The US decision to arm ‘moderate’ Syrian opposition groups is a testament to these efforts

  • Tuesday Sep 23

    Turkey’s complicated role against Isil

    By Marc Champion

    Erdogan will want to use a ‘safe zone’ to train Al Assad’s opponents, because unlike the US, his top priority remains removing Al Assad

  • The strange revival of nationalism
    Tuesday Sep 23

    The strange revival of nationalism

    By Gideon Rachman

    Indeed, the disorientating effects of globalisation probably encourage people to look for reassurance and meaning in things that are more local or national

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Off the Cuff

  • Tuesday Sep 23

    A clean house, a wasted life?

    Mehmudah Rehman Special to Gulf News

    I can’t tell you how relieved I am that they’re still around and still feign tears when they fall and I know they’re not really hurt but I cuddle them all the same

  • Monday Sep 22

    The joys and agony of having triplets

    Lalit RaizadaSpecial to Gulf News

    None of them slept at the same time, making the parents stay awake round the clock

  • Sunday Sep 21

    Timeless whispers of the tassels

    Bhavana Koliyot Special to Gulf News

    Grandma’s passing away taught us a crucial lesson in living life: making each moment of the present count

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