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  • Will a new force emerge in Iraq?
    Saturday Apr 19

    Will a new force emerge in Iraq?

    By Fanar Haddad | Special to Gulf News

    The fact that political entities have not yielded anyone with an alternate vision reflects the nature of post-2003 Iraqi politics and of its political classes

  • Putin is winning the propaganda war
    Saturday Apr 19

    Putin is winning the propaganda war

    By Philip Stephens

    He is far from alone in seeing the collapse of the Soviet Union as a catastrophe and the US as the author of Russia’s subsequent ills. The foreigners are to blame

  • Saturday Apr 19

    It’s ‘Russian military’ not ‘pro-Russian forces’

    By Yuriy Polurez | Special to Gulf News

    A lie is a lie and aggression is an aggression — no matter how Moscow calls it and how much smoke gets blown by its propaganda machine

  • Algeria’s frail and silent president
    Saturday Apr 19

    Algeria’s frail and silent president

    By Nabila Ramdani

    The senior citizen who was wheeled to the ballot box is the abiding image of Algeria’s presidential poll day and summed up the state of its democracy

  • Al Qaradawi should not leave Doha
    Saturday Apr 19

    Al Qaradawi should not leave Doha

    By Mohammad Alrumaihi | Special to Gulf News

    It is better to monitor the cleric in Qatar instead of sending him abroad where he could become an annoyance

  • Self-appointed guardians of faith
    Saturday Apr 19

    Self-appointed guardians of faith

    By Tariq A. Al Maeena | Special to Gulf News

    Rejectionists and their hardline interpretations are giving way to a more tolerant Saudi society as the barriers against the exclusion of women are falling slowly

  • Sharif needs the army on his side now
    Saturday Apr 19

    Sharif needs the army on his side now

    By Farhan Bokhari | Special to Gulf News

    Curbing militancy will require a military push to confront the Taliban and weaken its position before it can be forced to negotiate

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  • Friday Apr 18

    Houses that hold our hearts

    Cheryl Rao Special to Gulf News

    The immense ‘possibilities’ of future homes were what kept us ever ready, and more than that, ever eager, to go to the next house

  • Thursday Apr 17

    Finally, the queen the house ... but hold on

    Sudha Subramanian Special to Gulf News

    With so much to do and not do, I had to be indeed very happy at the prospect of my relatives leaving for their home country

  • Wednesday Apr 16

    Checking out the you in euphemism

    Kevin Martin Special to Gulf News

    To the perceptive ear of the public, to the querying eye of the law they are oftentimes described as ‘a mere tinkling’

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