Mohammad Al Asoomi

Mohammad Al Asoomi is a UAE economic expert and specialist in economic and social development in the UAE and the GCC countries.

  • UAE economics
  • GCC scial development

Recent Articles

GCC moving in right direction

Proposal for a Gulf union is in line with the spirit of the age, which calls for creation of big blocs

In Theory: GCC banks face dollar peg conundrum

Despite the financial and economic difficulties suffered recently by the US economy, the central banks of many Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries have stressed that they will continue to peg their currencies to the dollar

Mohammad Al Asoomi writes: Developing countries, including many Arab nations, have passed through several phases of development over the past 50 years

Agreement delay has damaged trade

Mohammad Al Asoomi writes: EU's delay in signing a free trade agreement after 20 years of negotiations has led to a decline in trade between the EU and the GCC

Mohammad Al Asoomi writes: Although in GCC countries there is no mechanism to link inflation rates and price increases with wages and salaries, these wages and salaries have witnessed successive increases during the past few years

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