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Seatbelts are not an option but a necessity

Motorists must remember that it is not just their lives but those of many others that are at risk

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The number of people penalised by Abu Dhabi Police for not wearing seatbelts shows that safety on the road is still not a priority for many. Police issued more than 52,000 tickets this year to belt-less travellers.

Too often motorists take things for granted, hoping that on a short drive on the road precautions need not be taken. But time and again we have been reminded that wearing belts is not an option and can save lives.

Yet, motorists still tend to flout this rule citing inconvenience or the distance they travel. Those found guilty should face the full force of the law and be fined.

Police must also clamp down on other rules being flouted by motorists. Children can sometimes be seen seated in the front seat, drivers still talk on their cell phones while driving and some motorists change lanes with scant respect for others’ safety. Road users must be careful at all times and remember that it is not just their own lives but also the lives of others that are at stake.