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Obeying road-safety rules at all times is essential

Motorists must remember that they are in control of a lethal machine every time they get behind the wheel of a vehicle

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The roads of the UAE are dangerous, despite the efforts of the authorities to enforce safer driving. All drivers need to know that when they sit behind the wheel of a car or any vehicle for that matter, they are in control of a lethal machine and they need to behave accordingly.

It is essential that people drive safely, obeying speed limits and the rules of the road and constantly drive with courtesy towards other drivers and pedestrians.

That said, it is very heartening to read that the number of pedestrians killed in road accidents in Abu Dhabi has fallen by just over 20 per cent to 46 mortalities for the first nine months of 2012 when compared with the same period the previous year.

The Abu Dhabi Police said the main reasons for road deaths were reckless driving, not looking out for pedestrians and motorists allowing themselves to be distracted while driving. Their statement emphasises how important it is that motorists stick to speed limits and follow traffic rules, since these rules allow a driver enough time to react to anything unexpected.