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Monitoring of children crucial

It is important to ensure that little ones are never left on their own while at home

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The news of another child falling off the balcony or apartment window is disturbing. But the news of a child falling to her death after being rescued only four weeks ago is shocking. The government and the media have been highlighting the importance of child safety over the past few months, but these incidents seem to continue with alarming regularity.

While it is good to child-proof homes, it is even more important to ensure that children are never left on their own while at home. Over time, parents will tend to become lax when it comes to monitoring their children's activities at home, but vigilance plays a huge role in keeping children safe. It is not enough for an adult to be at home in one room busy on the phone or taking a nap, while the child explores endless possibilities in another room. What is important is persistent monitoring of the child.

This also holds true when a group of children are together in a room. Supervision is required here too lest some enthusiastic children begin an adventure of their own.

But what about educating children about the dangers of opening windows and balcony doors? It is never too early to start teaching them the ‘dos' and ‘don'ts' of child safety. After all, in this case, we can never overemphasise the importance of life itself.