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Bahrainis must give talks a fair chance to succeed

Efforts geared towards reconciliation and confidence-building is the best way forward

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The dialogue between various parties that was launched recently in Bahrain comes at a critical juncture for the country. It is important for all groups to be engaged in the conversation given the stalemate that has existed for some time now. Efforts geared towards reconciliation between various groups is the best way forward for the nation.

The announcement made by the authorities recently with regards to a terror plot is alarming as much as disappointing. This not only undermines current efforts towards building confidence, but also deviates the agenda from what it is supposed to achieve.

There is an urgency with regards to the ground reality in Bahrain. The violence that the country has witnessed over the past few years has created deep divisions in society. It has also divided the country along ethnic and political lines. In the long run, such a situation will prove to be costly, not only for those who are experiencing it today, but more so for the coming generations.

The dialogue initiative should be given a chance to succeed – and this can only happen when all violence ceases.