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People shiver in the bitterly cold nights

Health experts advise people to stay warm and avoid open areas to keep illness at bay

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Al Ain:  Weather has brought the season’s coldest nights, especially in the intland desert areas, where temperature has dropped down to around 2 degree Celsius.
Forecasters have warned people to wear warm clothes and avoid staying in desert camps or open places overnight to avoid seasonal ailments.

Similar conditions are expected to continue for the next couple of nights at least.
Clear skies and bright sunshine have, however, added a couple of degrees in the daytime temperature, making it pleasant for outdoor activities.

Health experts have advised people to take hot drinks and avoid ice cream and other cold items as a precaution against flu and the common cold. They said many people have already been suffering from coughs and colds, particularly children. People with asthma should also wear warm clothes and stay away from dusty and windy places.
According to the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS), the coldest place in the country on (Saturday night) was Damsa, a locality some 35km in the west of Al Ain.

The other coldest places in the emirates are Raknah, which recorded 3.5C at night, Hamim (4.2C), Al Wathba (4.9C), and Al Shuweib (5C).

The forecast also indicate a rise in humidity at night and early on Monday morning. This could lead to mist and fog  in some inland areas.

The NCMS said weather will generally be fair on Monday, with partial cloud in the western emirates. Wind will be light to moderate, and sea will also be moderately rough. Tuesday’s weather is also expected to be same.



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Flu and the common cold are communicable diseases caused by infectiousagents and not ice cream and cold drinks


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