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Get a cab in 12 minutes in Dubai

Commuters calling for a taxi service should expect their cabs to arrive within 12 minutes. Taxi dispatchers should also answer calls within 12 seconds.

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The arrival time of a call-in taxi has been reduced from 15 to 12 minutes, says Ammar Bin Tamim, director of the Dubai Taxi Department.
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Dubai: Commuters calling for a taxi service should expect their cabs to arrive within 12 minutes.

Taxi dispatchers should also answer calls within 12 seconds.

These are the targeted response times of the Dubai Taxi Department in line with the service quality upgrade being undertaken by the Public Transport Corporation of the Roads and Transport Authority.

"We have successfully managed to reduce the arrival time of a call-in taxi from 15 to 12 minutes while it takes an average of 12 seconds to reply to incoming calls for taxi bookings," said Ammar Bin Tamim, director of the Dubai Taxi Department.

He said that due to the improved efficiency of their service, the number of telephone calls for taxi booking had increased in July.

The Reservation and Distribution Department of the Public Transport Corporation received 198,485 telephone calls during the month of July, and the total number of taxi reservations made was 112,996.

Taxi reservation over the phone has increased despite the fact that the base fare for taxis called by telephones was increased in June from Dh4 to Dh6 during the day and from Dh4.50 to Dh7 at night.



Your comments

Well the first thing is if the taxi driver stops.

You wait for 20 minutes and when a taxi finally shows up, it just passes you by, even though its empty! Ok, so they've got appointments, so why cant they put up a sign saying, "I'm busy here?"
Name withheld by request

So many times taxi drivers refused to go to where I wanted, and many times they have not stopped at all.

Talking about Taxi in Dubai is a nightmare, due to harassment from the drivers after getting into the taxi. The drivers say if there is any problem for not picking up the passeenger call the company.

The Public Transport System is too expensive in Dubai. The base rate of 6Dhs is very high as compared to Abu Dhabi. RTA should concentrate to make arrangement to change the attitute of taxi drivers. They are very rude to customers.

Those in high positions in RTA are not using the taxis. Thats why they think their taxis reach customers within 12 minutes.

I was eagerly waiting to write when I read this article. The way the taxi drivers behave is pathetic. It's a sorry state of affairs. When you call and complain about the drivers there is no response.

It would be great to get a cab within 12 mins during july and august when schools are off and most of the people are on vacation. I would appriciate if DPTC could continue the same once schools open in september.

Well it's good that now we are sure we will get taxi in 12 mins, but I have a complaint. I was waiting for a taxi in Deira and a few empty taxis went by without stopping. If they were on call they should put something on the taxi so we can see they are not vacant. These taxi people are very rude and Dubai should hire more taxis for quick service.

I think it's a Joke. I've seen Dubai cabs going empty without stopping for passengers. Your call is not answered for a long time. I personally feel the service is very bad and it's not going to change in the near future.

I just called the Dubai transport number and the call was picked up after 3 mintues! I think you should work also on enhancing the drivers attitude towards your customers as I have encoutnered many times drivers who refused to take me to Sharjah because they don't want to go through the traffic jam. I had to call the police on one of those occasions because I was sick and tired of their arrogance and after the police interveened the taxi took me! Increasing the base fare by 50% is quite unjustifiable, as Dubai taxi fare is the most expensive in the UAE. The customer will end up paying a fortune at the end of his trip!

Twelve minutes is a little over the top and the base fairs are rediculous 6Dhs in the morning and 7Dhs at night! That might be because in Abu Dhabi the base charge wether it be in the morning or night are Dhs 2!
Abu Dhabi,UAE

Indeed its a great initiative taken by the RTA. Normally I see the cabs queued at certain places while there is no taxi available on the raods. This step would change the situation.

It is a great initiative of Dubai Transport. Though it will be appreciated a lot, I would like to draw the attention to the fact that despite the repeated incidents of rude and racist behaviour of the taxi drivers no real step is being taken. I have been into the situation where the cab-driver balantly said "No, I will not take you, I will take that Western tourist". And the fact was the tourist was standing way behind me in the queue. I am sure a lot of people must have had this experience on Al-Riqqa street where taxis will not stop for you no matter what you try. If by some mercy you happen to get a taxi and the driver is not in one of his best moods, you can only pray that you will get to your destination. Though its not every time I had this expirience, but I had it quite often. So now with this guaranteed 12 minutes service, I should be able to get all of above in 12 minutes?

If you try to get a taxi from Naser Square, they move out empty and will not halt. I complained to Dubai Transport but there was no response.

I think the RTA is doing a good job trying to improve public transportation, to better the lifes of the people in Dubai.

12 minutes? You wish!