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Ask Ashfaq your questions about the Metro

If you have any questions on the various facilities and features of the Metro, ask Gulf News chief reporter Ashfaq Ahmed and he will answer them

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Ashfaq Ahmed is a chief reporter of Gulf News.
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On Wednesday, September 9, Dubai Metro's Red Line will be inaugurated, a milestone in commuter transport in the Gulf.

If you have any questions on the various facilities and features of the Metro, ask Gulf News chief reporter Ashfaq Ahmed, who has extensively covered the Metro project since its inception, and he will answer them.

Your comments:

I am wondering why is it that a lot of times the card reader for the ticket is not working every time I get out of the bus, and automatically I am charged AED5.80 for it. What is this?
We the commuters are the ones suffering from all these problems caused by this NOL Card. Isn't it possible that RTA just bring back the E-Bus card? Thanks
Noel Bacon

Ashfaq: It is a complaint RTA to address, please call 8009090

You speak about the luggage should not be too big. What exactly is too big? What is the use then of stops for the metro at the airport terminals?
Jenny Barrow

Ashfaq: One bag is allowed. Its size should not exceed 85cmX58cm.

Can I recharge the Nol cards online? How can I recharge the card else?

Ashfaq: Not yet, but the RTA is in the process of launching an online service soon. You can recharge your Nol Card at any of the ticket vending machines, at the bus stations, Metro stations, Spinneys, Redha Al Ansari Exchange and Emirates Bank.

I live in The Greens and the closest station is the Tecom stations which is not open yet, any idea on when it will be opened? And are there any busses that goes from The Greens to the MOE station, I checked the busses map I didn't find anything is there any alternative solution?

Ashfaq: The Tecom station has been renamed as Internet City Station and it is expected to open in February 2010. There is currently no direct bus service from The Greens to MOE station.

Is there any way to recharge my NOL card? I am residing in Karama, all the vending machines were out of service and even in DAFZA station (my workplace). I am afraid just like my friend that they bought another NOL card to no avail of vending machine recharge station.
Another thing, I used to spend AED 2.00 Karama to DAFZA with one free ride using old ticket card, now I am spending AED 2.30 every rides using NOL card. Would it mean that there is a fare increase?

Ashfaq: The RTA officials say that they are fixing the ticket vending machines, You can also recharge your card at the Metro station, Redha Al Ansari Exchange, Emirates Bank and Spinneys. With the launching of the Metro, the fare structure has been changed for all mode of public transport. Please visit for more details.

Pls tell me is there any plan to start metro feeder bus service from Muhaishnah 4(RTA Head Office) to Rashidia / Airport)? How do I get there now?
Mohammad Toaha

Ashfaq: RTA is currently revising its feeder bus structure and the new bus routes are expected to be announced soon.

How can I go to Al Mazaya Center, on Shaikh Zayed Road after getting off the Financial Centre Station? Is there any feeder bus system?

Ashfaq: There is no feeder bus from Financial Centre Metro Station to Al Mazaya Centre.

I'm very excited about the launch of the Dubai Metro. Well it has caught my attention since the day the trial began. I just can't wait to step inside the station and board the train. I have also heard about the free Wi-Fi service. Will the coverage be extended till the underground stations also?
Samridh K.

Ashfaq: Yes, WiFi and mobile phone coverage is available throughout the Red Line including the underground tracks and stations.

Could you tell me which is the closest opened metro station to the Emirates Hills (The Greens) ?

Ashfaq: The closest station is The Nakheel Station near the fifth interchange but it will open in February 2010

I'm planning use the metro in Eid. Any rates/offers for Eid?
Aziz Zurahman

Ashfaq: Metro and bus fares remain the same. For fare structure please visit

I have purchased NOL silver card on the 10th September. But till now I have not travelled in the Metro. For how many days the card is valid. Will my credit becomes zero after the validity period or is it carried forward?
Tejpal Vinayak Indira Sawant

Ashfaq: Nol Silver card is valid for five years.

First of all thanks to the Management and staff of DUBAI METRO for giving us excellence services before boarding/during travelling Dubai Metro.
Is there any machine available outside/online to check our balance amount in NOL card with details transactions of our travel trips for our cross check whether charges deducted are correct or not
Jani Deepak

Ashfaq: You can check your Nol Card balance at any of the ticket vending machines. The RTA is in the process of launching online service soon.

Will there be any system setup for express routes like on metros in every other city in the world to cut the travel time for long distance trips?
Charles Blaschke IV

Ashfaq: There are no express routes. The Metro is to serve different communities and businesses in the city.

Do you have any idea if there would be a bus service from National Paints area in Sharjah to the Qusais station once the Green Line is opened?

Ashfaq: No information yet, but the RTA is planning to start some new bus routes from Sharjah to Al Qusais Station once the Green Line opens in June 2010.

I took a bus form Baniyas to the Union metro station and after I exited the bus i entered the train within 10 minutes but I was charged 1.7 extra i.e. 4.10 was deducted as the normal metro fare and an addition 1.7 was deducted. Why is that?

Ashfaq: Please complain to the RTA in case you feel that you were overcharged.

How come they have increase the fare for the busses...i have friends who used to pay 2 dhs and now are been charged Dh4.10 email me u r reply

Ashfaq: The Dh2 fixed fare is not more valid. Now the fares are charged according to the zones. Dubai has been divided into five zones. Pleas check fare details on

I wanted know what is the speed of the metro? And will it be the same for ever?
Shafi Imran

Ashfaq: The average speed is 45 km per hour and between certain stations it goes up to 90 km per hour.

As it was told that bus service will be free for metro user But today I took metro from mall of emirates to Khalid bin Walid station (Burjuman) Dh4.50

Ashfaq: You need to understand the fare structure. Nothing is free. But if you take the bus or the train or both from the Mall of the Emirates to the Khalid Bin Al Waleed Station, the fare will be Dh4.50 because the two destinations fall in two different zones. For complete fare structure please visit

I have my holiday apartment in Dubai Marina in the mesk tower. We have extension to metro station just outside our building. Can you please tell me when is that station going to open?
Prakash Radhakishen
Gibraltar, Europe

Ashfaq: According to the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority, all the stations on the Red Line will open maximum by February 2010.

How safe the Metro would be? Some people have phobia and don't like close or congested area in train.
Khalid Hanid
West London, UK

Ashfaq: Dubai Metro is designed to meet international safety standards and its safety is assessed by an Independent Safety Assessor. The trains are protected with Automatic Trans Supervision System, Automatic Train Protection System and Automatic Train Operations System. There are also 3000 CCTV cameras installed at the stations and even inside the trains in addition to dedicated police force to ensure safety of passengers and the system.

I'd like to ask how much the golden ticket will cost and from where can I purchase it ?
Sharjah, UAE

Ashfaq: Golden ticket single journey fare ranges from minimum Dh3.60 to maximum Dh11.60. They will be available from the date of the Metro launching. Please visit for more information

Please, let me know whether the tickets are available now for 09-09-09 ride or it got over? Can I buy the ticket from the station itself on 09-09-09? My son's birthday is on that day. I would like to have a ride with him in the Metro on the same day!
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: Nol Silver Card (which is the most suitable card for the economy class) is already on sale. Nol Red Ticket which is good for a single journey will be available on the day of the launch. Metro tickets will be available at stations. Currently, they are available at all the bus stations, RTA?s Customer Service Centre and authorised dealers. For full list please visit

I am travelling from Deira to Al Qouz.. Can I use the Metro? How?
Neemuch, India

Ashfaq: You can use the metro Green Line but it will open in June 2010.

Can I board the Metro with my baggage and get off at Airport Station in order to get my flight.
Reghu Nair
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: There is dedicated place for luggage but extra large baggage which may cause inconvenience to other passengers will not be allowed.

Will Dubai Metro cut down cost of living in Dubai? (eg. House rent, School fee, food commodity, etc)?
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: The Metro users will definitely be spending less on commuting.

Are all the stations on the red line going to be open on 9/9 for commuters?
Shone Serrao
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: No, only ten stations will open, rest of the stations will open in February 2010.

As not all the stations will be working by Wednesday, will there be feeder buses taking people to the nearest working station?
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: Yes, the RTA has already launched 25 feeder bus routes to serve the stations, which will open on 09.09.09.

I just can't wait to travel on the Metro. Since I am a frequent traveller from Abu Dhabi, I would like to know whether all the Metro stations will be functional starting from 09.09.09? Also how long will it take for a train to reach Business Bay station and Terminal 3 stations if we board from Jebel Ali stations? Thanks.
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Ashfaq: All the stations will not open on September 9. Nakheel and Harbour Station after crossing Ibn Battuta Mall will be the first station to open for the passengers coming from Abu Dhabi. This station has dedicated car parking for 3000 cars and it is free for Metro users.

Please send me the ticket fare from Dubai to Jebel Ali. Thanks
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: Jebel Ali Station will not open on September 9. For detail ticket fare you can visit

How can I get a metro ticket, where I have never in my life experienced it. Thanks
Yakoob Khan
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: You can get your metro Nol Cards from the stations, bus stations, all the buses, RTA customer service centre and authorised dealers. Full list on

Can I know whether Dubai Metro is from Bur Dubai to Dubai Academy City?
Mohsin Shaikh
Sharjah, UAE

Ashfaq: There is no metro link with Dubai Academic City. You can call RTA customer service 8009090 for public bus links.

What are the timings of the Metro, from the first trip till the last trip? Thanks
Jose Hernandez
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: Metro will run from 6am to 11 pm from Saturday to Thursday and from 2pm to 12 midnight on Fridays. During Ramadan, it will operate from 6am to 12 midnight from Saturday to Thursday and from 2pm to 12 midnight on Fridays.

The reason behind the traffic congestion (towards Sharjah) is the poor road infrastructure in Sharjah. That is the reason the traffic congestion starts from "inner Sharjah" all the way to Al Garhoud Bridge (and beyond) during rush hours every single day. Does the Metro plan to extend to Sharjah or will it only entertain the areas already enjoying free-flow traffic?
Shiraz Khan
Sharjah, UAE

Ashfaq: For Sharjah residents, the nearest Metro Station on the Red Line will be Al Rashidiya Station, Deria City Centre and the Union Square Stations. However, with the opening of the Green Line in June 2010, the nearest station for the Sharjah users will be Al Qusais.

Can you tell me how long it would take to ride from Tecom to Airport terminal 3?
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: Tecom, which has been renamed as Dubai Internet City Station will not open on September 9.

Dear Ashfaq may I know that any separate bogie for ladies in red line Metro?
Khadim Hussain
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: Women can travel in any compartment but there is a dedicated women and children compartment as well.

Would like to know about one train capacity ? like in one train how many passenger can carry?
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: A train can carry up to 643 passengers in five compartments.

What happens if I lose my Nol card onboard the train? Is it possible to get a replacement card from the RTA or do I lose the money in the card ?
Nashid Wasta
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: You have to present your case to the RTA customer service centre at 8009090 is it will require investigation.

Can I use one NOL Card to travel in Metro along with my family of 2 adults and 2 children or do I have to purchase 4 cards, one for each of them?
Sharjah, UAE

Ashfaq: You have to purchase separate Nol cards for every passenger. However, you can use the same card if different persons are using it while travelling alone.

When will the Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Lakes Tower stations open?
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: February 2010

Please let me know if you have a chart which will help us know the time taken from point A to point B.
Pradeep Nair
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: You can visit RTA?s website and use the journey planner called Wojhati to plan your journey from point A to B.

Will senior citizens of all countries be able to get discount rate cards or it is for UAE citizens only? What documents will require to obtain senior citizen card or tickets?
Karachi, Pakistan

Ashfaq: There will be discount cards for senior citizen age 60 and above but these cards will be launched later this year. RTA will announce the details later.

Nice to see someone on board to answer queries regarding Metro. I would like to know as a first user how could I use a Metro and where can I purchase a prepaid card. Additionally how much should I pay to apply one if I'm a regular traveller.
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: You can buy your NOL Card from the stations, RTA customer service centre, bus stations and even on public buses and authorised outlets. Minimum cost of the card is Dh20 including Dh14 credit for fare and Dh6 is the cost of the card. The card is valid for five years. You can top up the card up to maximum Dh500. Monthly passes will also be introduced in a few months time.

I am planing to travel outside and leaving on 9-9-9 midnight. Is it possible for me to take Metro journey to airport-terminal 3 at 10 pm on same day and do they accept baggage inside Metro?
A Reader
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: You can use metro only on September 10 and also can't carry extra large baggage.

How exactly do these NOL cards work? I see they are based on some contact less technology. Which company is providing the NOL cards?
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Ashfaq: Please visit for Nol card information.

You must be overwhelmed with questions about the Metro, I have three major and important questions from my side to add:
1. Where can we find a detailed route map for the metro along with circuits of the buses serving the stops?
2. Which are the stations that are going to be operational on the 09.09.09 ?
3. What is the schedule for the rest of the stations ?
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: 1-Detailed route maps will be available at the metro stations and Gulf News website
2-10 stations will open on September 9. Please visit for more details.
3-Rest of the stations are scheduled to open in February 2010

I live in Karama and I work in JLT (Almas Tower). The stations very close to me are Karama station and the JLT station. Can you tell me
1) the nearest station that I can use?
2) are there any bus services from the nearest station to almas tower in the JLT?
3) how much would each trip cost me?
4) the time it would take to reach my destination?
5) do you have any idea when the Karama station and the JLT station would open?
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: Both Karama and JLT stations will open in February 2010. You can use the Khalid Bin Al Waleed (BurJuman Station) and the nearest station to JLT will be Nakheel Harbour and Tower Station. There is no bus service from this station to Almas Tower in JLT. It will cost you Dh4.30 one way if you use the NOL Silver Card.

I would like to know how I will be paying the fare going and coming back and saving at the same time? Please keep in mind the office is located near Green Communities and I reside in Rashidiya. Can I have a detailed insight of my travel starting from my home via feeder buses with train, again via feeder bus to my office and vice versa.
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: You can get your journey plan by using the journey planner called Wojhati service available on the RTA?s website.

I like to know, what would be the speed of the metro train- KM/hr
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: The average speed of the Dubai Metro will be between 42 and 45 km per hour.

I am from Abu Dhabi and I am interested to travel by Metro from now on whenever I visit Dubai. Please clear my following doubts.
How much does it costs for a full day trip? Is it inclusive of Buses and Abra trips charges any time for the day? Can any one else use the same ticket for the same day's trip?
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Ashfaq: There are different categories of fare. Please see the fare chart and report on

How much is the ticket fair from Jebel Ali to Bur Dubai?
Chetan Dattaram Sawant
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: The Jebel Ali Metro Station will open in February, 2010. The one way fare using the Nol Silver Card will be Dh5.80.

Everyone seems to be very excited about the Metro. However, on the 9th of September, at what time will the people be allowed to access the Metro? What time does the inaugural run start and get over?
Samarth Meherish
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: The RTA has not yet made it clear. Most probably, official launching will be on September 9 and it will open to public on September 10

I submitted my application on this website but still I did not received any response, kindly advise how can I get a job in Dubai Metro.
Mohammad Tahir Yakoob
Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

Ashfaq: Please check with Dubai Roads and Transport Authority.

I want to know how I should travel through from Rashidiya Police Station to Jebel Ali (JAFZA round about 5). My office timing is from 9am to 6:30pm. I want to know about the connection buses timing and the fare and about which card I have to buy.
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: Jebel Ali Station will open in February 2010. Once opened, there will be feeder buses carrying passenger from the station to different areas in JAFZA.

HI, Can you tell me about the metro timings, Staring and Closing.
Jesu Prabhu
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: 6am to 11pm (Saturday to Thursday) and 2pm to 12 midnight on Fridays. 6am to 12 midnight from Saturday to Thursday during Ramadan

From where to buy ticket?
Naresh Bhatia
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: Tickets are available at the stations. For more info please see fare story on

I would like to know about Feeder (F Series) bus charges? Is it linked to train fare?
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: Yes, metro, feeder bus service, normal buses and even water buses are all part of the integrated public transport system. Your fare is calculated in the zones you are travelling. For example if you are travelling in two zones, you can use the metro, buses and even water bus without paying extra.

Are all the metro stations connected at the moment? Especially, Al Qusais to Jebel Ali? if so, is there buses to go inside Jebel Ali free zone? How many minutes differs one to another bus service? Once one bus leaves the station how many minutes after same bus will return to station? I need to reach JAFZA.
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: All the stations are not opened yet. Jebel Ali station will open in February. Feeder buses will be operated every 10 to 15 minutes depending on the demand.

Is there any holiday on September 9, because of opening of Metro?
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: There is no holiday.

I'm particularly concerned with some specific details quite honestly.
- Is parking available at all the metro stations or only the major ones? What are the charges for these parking spots?
-When exactly will the Dubai Internet City Station be ready?
Salman Khan
Sharjah, UAE

Ashfaq: Parking will be free for the metro users only at three metro stations including Al Rashidiya, Nakheel Harbour and Tower (on the Red Line) and Al Qusias (on the Green Line). Dubai Internet City station will open in February 2010.

Just want to know, why they are not starting Jebel Ali station near gate no 5 (the last station) among the 10 stations? I sold my car and were planning to use Metro for my office in JAFZA south. Can you pose this question to RTA on my behalf because I'm sure there are lots of potential passengers for Jebel Ali north and south zones waiting as compared to any other station.
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: The station will open in February 2010.

I heard that the remaining 19 stations will start by Feb 2010. I wanted to know whether all the 19 stations will start by this date or can we expect that some of these 19 stations will start before Feb.
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: According to the RTA, all the remaining station will open in February 2010.

I am residing in Sharjah and working in Dubai. I want to know which number feeder bus is going from Rashidiya station (or Qusais station) to Sharjah bus station? If it is available whether I have to pay an extra charge for it and how much?
Sharjah, UAE

Ashfaq: There is currently no direct bus service from Sharjah to Al Rashidiya but you can take bus number E305 from Sharjah to Union Square Metro Station. There will be separate fare from Sharjah to Dubai and then you have to pay for the train travel.

For how much time Metro will stop per station? Is it like 3 to 5 minutes or less than that? Standing is allowed in trains or not?
Sohail Ali
Ajman, UAE

Ashfaq: Stopping time will vary from 15 to 30 seconds. Of course, standing is allowed.

How much is the price for a one-way ticket?
Chennai, India

Ashfaq: Ranging from Dh1.8 to Dh6.5

If I need to travel one single journey, can I buy one ticket from the counter or I need to buy the card (Dh20)?
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: No, you can buy Nol Red Ticket for minimum Dh2 single journey (up to 3 km)

I am living in the International City Italy cluster and interested to come in Metro. Please tell me which feeder bus number is coming from International city. Also wants to know that which feeder bus number is coming inside the JLT (Jumeirah Lakes Tower).
Imran Malik
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: There is no dedicate feeder bus service for International City so far. But you use the normal bus route to reach the nearest station.

If we want travel by Metro from Jebel Ali station up to Terminal 3 onward to catch a flight is it possible to take our luggage in metro?
Shahul Hameed
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Ashfaq: You cannot take extra heavy baggage on the train.

I am staying in Al Baraha area in Deira, Dubai. I want to go Palm Jumeirah. Please send me a Metro travel schedule.
Sathick Ali
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: You can use the journey planner called Al Wojhati Service available on the RTA's website and plan your journey.

What is the wait time at the train stops? How long will the train wait at the station before it moves to the next? How long will it take from one station to the next station? Also, I would like to take the train from Al Mulla Plaza (Tawar) to the DIFC building in Zaabeel. How much time and money would that cost me?
Sharif Abdul Hafeez
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: The wait time is around 15 to 30 seconds. Al Mulla Plaza will be served with Green Line, which will open in June 2010.

I work in Knowledge Village and live in Rigga. To Reach my Office in Knowledge Village where I have to get down and which feeder bus will take me to KV.
Vijay Menon
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: You need to travel from Al Rigga Metro Station to Al Nakheel Metro Station in front of the American University in Dubai. You can take Feeder bus number F32 from Nakheel to Knowledge Village.

Kindly advise if I am coming from Abu Dhabi with family in Eid holidays to travel on Metro which would be the better place/station to park car and how much will I have to pay on the metro from station to station or full round return trip.
Tanveer Ahmed
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Ashfaq: You can park your car at Nakheel Harbour and Tower Station after crossing Ibn Battuta Mall on your way to Dubai. Parking is free for Metro users. The Metro fare ranges from Dh1.8 to Dh6.5 depending on you're your travel. For detailed fare structure you can visit

Could you please provide a list of RTA agencies where the metro cards are available for purchase. RTA's official website lists all the branches, but it appears though, that they don't all sell the metro cards
A Reader
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: Please visit for detailed list of Nol Card sale points. More outlets will be added gradually.

I reside in JLT, so my excitement about metro has been dismayed since it will not benefit many of us wanting to commute from the station(JLT) with no signs of immediate readiness ?
Abu Aman
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: Little more patience, you will be able to use Metro in February, 2010 when the JLT station will open.

I want travel from Yas meen building near Hor Al anz Bus station to oud metha metro station. Here I want to know how it will be charge? If there is direct service or we have to change metro station to reach oud metha? Wht is the rate? Also I want to know wht is the metro timings?
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: You can ride the train but only after the Green Line launch in June 2010 because both the stations are located on the Green Line.

How long dose the journey take from Ibn Battuta till Deira City Center? And the entire journey from Jebel Ali to al Rashidiya station?
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: Only limited stations have opened on September 9. So journey time is not clear but you can plan your journey by logging on to the RTA's website and using the journey planner called “Wojhati' to know the exact time and fare as well.

Is there any pass system for the normal people other than students and senior citizen?
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: Yes, there will be monthly passes for frequent general travellers. The cost for the monthly pass will vary from Dh100, Dh180 and Dh270 depending on the area of use. But these passes will be launched a few months after the metro launch. Currently, you can use the Nol Silver Card—the most economical travel ticket.

Is there a deadline for when commuters have to remove their cars from the parking of the Park n Ride? I mean, can we park there after the Metro has stopped for the night?
A. S.
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: You cannot park overnight. There is Dh100 fine for parking overnight.

I just need to now if I did shopping and I need to travel by metro how many bags I can carry in the metro?
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: You can take as many shopping bags as you can carry but not the shopping trolley.

Will all the stations on the Red Line be ready for use? as some stations still appear to be under construction. Also what is the time span between each feeder bus?
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: Only 10 out of 29 stations will open on September 9, rest of them will open in February 2010.

From where I can buy tickets for my family to travel on 09-09-09?
M. Monirul Islam
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: Metro ride is not open to general public on 09.09.09 but you can buy Nol Card on any of the opened stations.

Does feeder bus commuting the Metro passengers for free of cost?
Abdul Jaleel Pallipparamba
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: Yes, no additional fare will be charged if you take the feeder bus within 30 minutes after the Metro travel or vice versa.

Can I use my NOL pass to accompany another person with me?
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: No, every passenger must have a separate Nol Card.

Question: NOL Card will transfer in same zone with the same tariff? even including travel with feeder buss in both ends. or in in two zones fare is charged for onlhy metro or feeder buses as well as metro
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: Please see the metro fare structure report on

What is the minimum fare? Will it effect the career of those people who have a driving licence?
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: The minimum fare is Dh.1.80 if you are using the Nol Silver Card whereas the single journey Red Ticket will cost Dh2.

Is it true that first day of Metro train we can travel free of charge? And what facility do you have for the aged?
Abdul Jabbar
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: No, there is no such announcement so far. There are priority seating and soon there will be special discounted fare for elderly 60-year and above.

Which are the ten stations opening on Red Line on 9th September? I wonder if you can help me, it's my wife's birthday on the 9th Sep and I wanted to take her for a ride on that day. Is it possible to get a pass? Many thanks.
Vijay Teki
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: The list of the stations which are going to open is available on You will not be able to ride the Metro on September 9, because it will be open to public only on September 10. [Happy Birthday.] You can by Nol Card from any Metro station and there is no need for any pass.

Dear Ashfaq, as you are well informed, can you tell me as to when is a Metro expected to start servicing the residents of International City. And if it's not coming soon, then what is the nearest point to get a metro to travel? And what Metro station would be used to get us to Deira? And will it be open by the next month, October?
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: You can take the public bus or drive down to Al Rashidiya Metro Station.

I just want to know about Cards. How many types of Cards are there and can anybody use these cards? Your answer will be highly appreciable. Also I want map of Dubai Metro.
Mohammed Jawad Ali Khan
Sharjah, UAE

Ashfaq: Maps of Dubai Metro are available online and they will be available at stations as well. To know all about Nol Cards, please visit

Hi Ashfaq. I am very excited about the launch of the metro and will use it as much as possible, especially taking advantage of the easy link to old Dubai from the Marina for evening meals and nights out - previously we hadn't done this much in the week due to the traffic and time taken to get anywhere past MOE, I hope it will be quite a liberation for our movements around Dubai. It is a fantastic scheme and it's amazing that it has been constructed in such a short time, but I am personally disappointed that it does not run until 1-2am, as this means the vast amount of passengers arriving at Dubai Airport on or just before the midnight slots will not be able to use it. My question to you is not essentially the Metro but more the integration with it: when is it planned that the palm monorail and metro will actually link? As the Atlantis Hotel and Aquaventure Water Park is one of the biggest attractions in Dubai, I cant understand why the missing link between the trunk of the palm and the Metro near Internet City hasn't been prioritised for construction for the 'switch on' of the Metro, though I see the delay and redesign in the Pearl project may have effected it. Having tried the monorail out this weekend just for a ride, there were just a few cars in the car park and the train was virtually empty both ways - it seems without this integration with the Metro the monorail has little point. I also believe it's essential for the RTA to pursue the Purple Line and push the Green Line on up to International city as is marked in some plans for the sake of Dubai as a whole. I could talk metro all day to be honest! Cheers for your feedback if you have any, on the monorail link.
Nicholas Rogers

Ashfaq: There is a plan to link the Dubai Metro with the Monorail in Palm Jumeirah. Al Sufouh Tram which is currently under-construction will link the Metro with the Monorail. The links will be from the Mall of the Emirates Station and the Dubai Marina Station. According to the RTA, Al Sufouh Tram should be ready by 2011.

RTA announced that only 10 stations are ready to serve. Out of that Jebel Ali stations are not mentioned. So, are the trains starting from Nakheel and tower station only?
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: The train run for passengers will be from Nakheel Harbour and Tower Station to Al Rashidiya Station.

Hello Mr. Ahmed, I have two question: Is a Nol card (Silver or Gold) transferable? Example: if I have one card can I use when I travel and in my absence can any one of my family member use the same card? or is it personalised card per person one card? And, What is the difference between Nol Silver and Nol Gold? [please clarify, Can Gold card holder travel in ordinary compartment also? If Nol Gold card holder travels in other standard compartments does he have to pay Gold charges or Silver charges?].
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: You and your family can use the same card but only if you are travelling at different times. You cannot use the same card if travelling together. Only Nol Blue card will be personalised with your picture on it. Nol Silver Card is for economy class while the Nol Gold Card is for gold or VIP class. Holders of Nol Gold Card can travel in the economy class and they will be charged accordingly.

I stay in Gardens and I read that the NOL cards are available in the bus stations which are located in Bur Dubai and Deira - where can I get the NOL Cards on this side of the city?
L. R.
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: You can buy Nol Card from Waitrose at Dubai Marina Mall, Carrefour at Deira City Centre near your house and other selected outlets around the city.

What time is the first Metro leaving on 9th Sep and from which station.
Zahid Aslam
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: There will be only official run for VIPs on September 9.

I work on Shaikh Zayed Road, I would love to travel by Metro, but Sharjah is not connected to Metro. Are there Shuttles going from Metro Station to Sharjah
Hussam Anjum

Ashfaq: You can get off the Union Square Station to take Bus to Sharjah. There will be dedicated bus service from Sharjah to Al Qusais Station once the Green Line is launched in June 2010.

Which stations will open on 09.09.2009? And are the rest planned?
Stefan Caspersz
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: 10 out of the 29 stations will open on September 9 and the rest will open in February, 2010.

Will infants' trolley (pram) be allowed inside the Metro? Will there be separate space for such trolleys? Or is it allowable only in ladies and children section?
Mohammad Nijas

Ashfaq: Yes, there will spaces for baby pram in the train.

I want to go from Rashidiya to Jebel Ali for a trip.
1. Which ticket I have to use (red, silver, gold)?
2. How many zones I have to cover?
3. If it is more zones, its the same train or I have to change the train?
4. How much it will cost for a round trip?
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: You will be covering a total of three zones. So your one way fare will be Dh5.8 if you use Nol Silver Card. You will be using the Red Line and don't have to change the train. Please visit for more details.

My questions is can I catch the train from Deira (Al Riqqa) to Naser Square or Naif or Abra? Where will be the stations?
Majid Nayyer
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: There are Metro station at the Union Square and Al Riqqa Street for the Red Line.

Are there any restrictions on the carriage of luggage on the Metro
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Ashfaq: There are no specific rules so far but extra large luggage that causes inconvenience to other passengers is not allowed

Can you figure out for me how much time I have to spend for my daily routine trip from Mamzar Century Mall to DIP Jebel Ali, if I use Metro including the RTA shuttle services.
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: You can plan your journey and get real time and cost by visiting the RTA's website and logging on to the journey planner called ‘Wojhati'.

Do Metro feeder buses take passengers form south of Jebel Ali free zone
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: There will be a feeder bus service F54 but it will start with the opening of the Jebel Ali Metro Station. But you can use existing regular bus routes to reach the nearest Metro Station.

What is the local neighbourhood bus charge, is it similar to normal bus fare or has a special fare as it connects only to Metro Stations?
Mohammad Salih
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Ashfaq: All the existing fares will be replaced with the unified automated fare collection system being introduced with the launch of the Metro. Fares will be same whether you use the Metro or the public buses or the water bus.

Will there be an operational station at Discovery Goldens? What are the fees for a single trip from Karama? Is there a monthly card and what is the price?
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: Ibn Battuta Mall Station is the nearest station but it will open on September 9, However, Feeder bus service F44 will serve passengers from Discovery Gardens to Ibn Battuta Mall.

I hear that 2 stations are not working now on Metro red line, and Dubai Metro have plan to shift the passengers from these stations to another station. Which are these two stations?
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: This is not correct. 10 stations are opened on September 9 and the trains will run uninterrupted from Nakheel Harbour and Tower Station to Al Rashidiya but will only stop at the stations which are opened.

What is the cost of the trip if I travel from Al Rigga station to Financial Centre station using NOL Silver card? How many zones did I travel?
Ni Di Kai
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: It falls within one zone and the fare is Dh2.30 one way.

We would like to know that are there any feeder buses from Ibn Battuta Mall to Al-Muntaza complex.
A Reader
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: There are a number of feeder bus routes from Ibn Battuta Mall. You need to check the feeder bus route on or call 8009090 to find out the nearest bus stop.

I live in Abu Dhabi but study in Sharjah. Is there a possibility to travel between these cities by Metro? Or, how far is the closest metro station to Sharjah? And how many times will I stop if I go by Metro?
Ayat Hermas
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Ashfaq: Nakheel Harbour Station is currently the nearest station opened on the Red Line while coming from Abu Dhabi. You can ride the train and then get off Al Rashidiya Station to go to Sharjah.

What time the inaguration will start? Whether Public is allowed to take 1st day train?
Balu Murugesan
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: Public will not be allowed at the inaugural ceremony. It will be at 9pm on 09.09.09.

I am staying on Naif road, Deira and my office is near Dubai Mall, how can I use Dubai Metro?
Rafeeq Omar
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: You can take Metro from the Union Square Station and get off the Financial Centre Station to go to your office. There is a feeder bus route number F13 which operates between the Financial Centre Station and Dubai Mal.

Is there any way I can travel with 5 friends without buying a NOL card because it's Dh18 – 18x5 – which is expensive. Is there any paper ticket cost worth Dh2 which can be only used once or any other card used for only one journey?
Thank you. You really are a nice reporter.
Sameer Ahmed
Sharjah, UAE

Ashfaq: Yes, there is Nol Red Paper ticket, which is good for a single journey. You can buy it at the station.

I came to know that there is no feeder bus for Sharjah, but in future is feeder bus available or not.
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: You can still take normal bus from Sharjah and ride the train from the Union Square Metro Station in Dubai.

I would like to know if there is a feeder from international city, Dubai to Rashidiya Metro Station. I have asked this same question to various newspapers a few times over the last few weeks without any response. Can you please let me know?
Abdullah Chougle
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: You can use Bus Number 65 from the International City to go to Al Rashidiya Metro Station to ride the Metro.

I'm very excited about the launch of the Dubai Metro. Well it has caught my attention since the day the trial began. I just can't wait to step inside the station and board the train. I have also heard about the free Wi-Fi service. Will the coverage be extended till the underground stations also?
Samridh K.
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: Wifi and the mobile phone coverage will be available throughout the track even the underground parts.

I am coming from sharjah from safeer mall to dubai near deira taxi stand please let me know the easy way to come out.
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: You can use the Union Square Metro Station

Why doesn't the feeder bus stop at a commercial area as large as Emaar Square.
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: Please send your request to the RTA or call 8009090.

How do you cross the Track from one walkway to the other side?
John Cassidy
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: There are walkways built inside the station to go across the track.

Simple question: Who built the metro? I mean was it Japanese or Korean company.
Talal Al Zarooni
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Ashfaq: The Metro is being built by Dubai Rapid Link (DURL) Consortium which comprises Japanese companies including Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Mitsubishi Corporation, Obayashi Corporation, Kajima Corporation and the Turkish company Yapi Merkezi.

Can u tell the official website of Dubai Metro?
Hammad Shaikh
Sharjah, UAE


How much will it cost from Bur Juman station to Jebel Ali, single journey ticket on Nol
Red ticket?
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq:It will cost Dh6.50 one way if you use single journey Nol Red Card ticket

How long is the validity of a Nol Card for a student? (I don't see myself using the metro daily yet I would like to keep the nol card with me.) Also, what are the documents should we bring to apply for the nol student card? Is this student card, the same as the nol silver card?
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: The student Nol card will be launched later. We don't know the exact date but it will take a few months.

What will be the best way for me to use the Dubai Metro to get to Knowledge Village if I get on from Bur Juman station from September 10th onwards?
Sharjah, UAE

Ashfaq: It will be convenient for you to use the Metro only after the Nakheel Metro Station opens in February. A feeder bus number F32 will link this station with Knowledge Village.

Can I use the metro crossover bridge to cross Shaikh Zayed Road without buying a ticket or using the metro or is access only for metro users?
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: Yes, you can. Pedestrian bridges are open to public whether you are using the Metro or not.

If I need to travel from the Mall of the Emirates Bur Juman, how much will it cost, both stations are operational during metro launch.
Moi Al Deen
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: It will cost Dh4.30 one way if you use Nol Silver Card

In your report in Gulf News on 10/8/07, you said the Metro would run from 0500-0030. In your answers above you say 0600-2300. Which is correct, and why the change?
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: The train run scheduled has been changed. The new information is correct.

I heard that WiFi is free on Metro, is there a place to put laptop and recharge them during the trip?
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: Not on the trains.

Dear Ashfaq,
Please inform me that if I take a Metro from Mall of Emirates and tag my NOL card, then I reach to Nakheel harbour and get down from the metro, and without tagging my NOL card I came back to Mall of Emirates then I tag my NOL card at the exit. Please tell me what would be the fare then. Either it will charge me maximum fare or what?
Ammar Danish Farooqui
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: You will be charged the single journey fare for the short distance but if you are caught on the train, travelling back without tagging the card, you will have to pay a fine. Please check the list of fines on

Can the father of the children accompany the mother and kids in the ladies compartment or should he travel in separate compartment?
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: Men are not allowed in the women and children only compartment. However, families can travel in all other compartments.

If i travel from union square to trade center, how much would it cost? And how much from union square to mall of the emirates? These stations will open on 09.09.09?
Mumbai, India

Ashfaq: Trade Centre Station will not open on 09.09.09. Fare from the Union Square to Mall of the Emirate Station is Dh4.30 if you use Nol Silver Card.

Using a Nol card from Rigga Metro Station to Bin Batutta Station into Feeder bus going to Dubai Investment Park area. How will my Nol card be charged. Will this cost additional for me or only one trip cost since I make a continous journey from Rigga to DIP. Or should I only need to revalidate my card into the feeder bus machine to know that I am on a continous journey. Is there any time limit for considering a continuous journey? How does this works now?
Antonino Torres
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: It will be considered one trip if you transfer from the metro to the bus and vice versa within 30 minutes.

Hi Ashfaq, I would love to travel by the Metro on the 10th with my family including my 2 children … are there any age limits for children? What type of a card should I buy? Can I buy just one card for all my family members? Are there any family compartments? Thanks
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: Children up to 5 years or up to 90 cm height can travel free. Nol Silver Card is the best option. You have to buy separate cards for each family member. There is women and children only compartment where men are not allowed. However, family along with you can travel in other economy class compartments.

Drinking is prohibited in metro. Not even water. Why cant you allow water. Is there any harm in that.
Jagdish Acharya
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: This is an RTA rule.

Please tell me what is red line station?
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: The Red Line is the name of the Metro route which is 52.1 km long from Al Rashidiya Metro Station to Jebel Ali Metro Station.

Can you please elaborate about the fares on Dubai Metro as my journey will be from Deira to Jebel Ali and vice-versa. Also from where can I get the Cards for the same?
Dubai, UAE

Ashfaq: You will be travelling in more than two zones and your one way fare will be Dh5.80 if you use Nol Silver Card. You can buy cards at the stations, RTA customer service centre and selected outlets.

I am staying in Jaffliya and my office is in Al Barsha 1. My journey will be from Jaffliya to Mall of the Emirates station. Is it possible for me to use the Nol card for the bus which to Jaffliya station and Mall of the Emirates station to Al Barsha 1? (Also from Al Barsha 1 to Mall of the Emirates station and Jaffliya station to the bus stop near home)

Ashfaq: Nol Cards can be used for all mode of transport.

You must be overwhelmed with questions about the Metro, I am staying in Satwa near bus station and I work in Jumeirah Islands. If you can suggest me which Metro station is easier for me? I know that there is no Metro station in Satwa but is there any feeder bus service from Satwa to any nearby station? How much will it cost me from Satwa to Jumeirah Islands if I buy a Nol Silver card?
Rupesh Chandran

Ashfaq: You can take feeder bus number F6 from Satwa to reach the Financial Centre Station on Shaikh Zayed Road. After getting off at Mall of the Emirates Station, you can go to Jumeirah Islands by taking the feeder bus number F41.

Which feeder bus goes from Jumeirah Lake Towers Station to Nakheel Harbour Tower?

Ashfaq: There is a Feeder bus from Nakheel Harbour and Tower to Dubai Marina Mall but not the JLT.

What if we pay for a short distance and after we get the train we want to go further how we will pay more?

Ashfaq: You have to pay extra at the end of your journey if you are using the single Journey Red Ticket. However, your fare will automatically be deducted if you use Nol Silver or Gold Card.

When will the Al Wojhati Service be updated to reflect the Metro stations that are to be opened on the 10th September as well as the feeder busses? The site still shows my travel route via stations which will not be open

Ashfaq: It is being updated.

At the moment, which stations are operational and which ones are still under completion?

Ashfaq: Some 10 out of 29 stations will open on September 9. Please see the full list on

I live near naser square deira. i would like to know which is the nearest operational metro station starting from 10-09-09

Ashfaq: Union Square Metro Station near Deira Taxi stand

RTA announced that only 10 stations will be opening now and from rashidiya to Jebel ali which will be the last station?

Ashfaq: Nakheel Harbour and Tower Station

I am a resident of Abu Dhabi,is there a possiblity of transferring the bus terminal(bus going to Abu Dhabi)from Al Ghubaiba Stn, to Jebel Ali metro station? this will ease congestion at Al Ghubaiba Stn. and compel people to use the metro train coming and going to Dubai.
Geronimo A. Panes

Ashfaq: Passengers coming from Abu Dhabi can get off the bus near any opened station and take the train.

I'm living in Jumeira Island and work in Maktoom St. Which bus i will use and station i will stop and how much i will pay for it?

Ashfaq: You can use feeder bus number F41 to go to Ibn Battuta Mall Station but it will open only in February 2010.

Which would be the most optimum route to travel from National Paints (Sharjah) to IBN Batuta Station (Dubai)
Sony Santhosh

Ashfaq: You can take the train from Al Rashidiya Station but Ibn Battuta Station will open in February 2010.

Shall we take the photos from inside the train

Ashfaq: Yes, you can.

Are there any buses from Sharjah to Al Rashidiya Metro station.
Balaji Donthi

Ashfaq: You can take bus from Sharjah to get to the Union Square Station. But the RTA is planning to introduce buses from Al Rashidiya to Sharjah as well.

I would like to ask some question:-
1. In Deira where is the metro operating from 10th Sep 09
2. Does metro has stop at JLT as I work here
3. What are the timings
4. How much time will it take to reach JLT from Deira
5. What about the bus route from deira to JLT

1-Union Square Station, Al Rigga Station, Deira City Centre
2-JLT station has not yet opened
3-From 6am to 11pm from Saturday to Thursday and from 2pm to 12 midnight on Fridays.
4-You will know when the JLT Station opens
5-Please check ‘journey planner' on the RTA's website. It is called ‘Wojhati'. Also visit

Is there a railway time time table ( station wise) from Sep 10th onwards so that passengers are aware of the timings ?

Ashfaq: It will be available on the stations.

Does metro starts from deira which station to JLT or Harbour. What is the bus service to these routes

Ashfaq: There are metro stations in Deira including Union Square Station, Al Rigga Station, City Centre Station and GGICO (Garhoud) Station. Nakheel Harbour and Tower Station will be open from September 9.

i stay in sharjah but i work at JBR1 which one is the closest route for me to catch the metro and what are the timing

Ashfaq: You can park your car at Al Rashidiya Metro Station or take bus from Sharjah to ride the train from Union Square Station. You need to get off at Dubai Marina Station but it will open in February 2010.

1) Which feeder bus will take me to Khalid bin waleed station from Astoria hotel in bur dubai?
2) How will the NOL card work in this case? Do i have to pay twice first for the bus and then for the metro?

Ashfaq: 1-There is no dedicated feeder bus service for this route. You can take your normal route bus. Also you will be able to take metro on the Green Line once it opens in June next year to go to Khalid Bin Al Waleed Station. You don't have to pay twice if you change your mode of transport within 30 minutes.

Pls advice whether the Metro Station near the Union Corp in Karama will be open on 9th of Sep. If not pls advice which Metro stations I can use to travel to Jebel Ali Industrial Area No. 1, and the Fare plus the Feeder bus routes..
S Perera
Sri Lanka

Ashfaq: No, both Karama and Jebel Ali Industrial Area stations will not open on September 9.

Hi Ashfaq, please can you tell me if there will be a feeder bus from JLT to Nakheel Harbour

Ashfaq: There is no direct bus but there is bus service from Nakheeel Harbour and Tower to Dubai Marina Mall. It is F37.

What is the maximum allowable luggage size and weight we can carry in metro

Ashfaq: You cannot take heavy luggage on the train. Only hand bags.

If I buy a ticket to travel within one zone, however, I do not get off there and continue travelling to the next zone, how will I be monitored and stopped from travelling more than I paid for?

Ashfaq: At the end of the journey, you have to ‘check out' by tagging your card on the exit gate. Your fare will be deducted automatically for the distance covered if you are using Nol Silver, Gold and Blue Cards but if you are using Nol Red Ticket (for single journey) then gate will not open and you will have to pay extra.

which Nol card is the best and the most exspensive to buy?

Ashfaq: The most economical card is the Nol Silver Card while Nol Gold Card offers you VIP travel facility but it is expensive.

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