Dubai Zoo gets strict with dress code

Zoo receives six school buses a day - parents concerned for children

06 Gulf News

Dubai: Municipal authorities have been strictly implementing the country’s dress code at Dubai Zoo after receiving complaints about female visitors who were still wearing their beachwear.

A senior official at Dubai Municipality clarified that beefing up on the dress code was essential after scantily clad women who looked as though they had clearly spent the morning at the beach, continued to wear the same attire when visiting the zoo, located in Jumeirah.

“The dress code has always been applicable to the zoo and all the parks around Dubai and we did not have any problems until recently. Last month, we received lots of complaints about women who were still wearing their beachwear were entering the zoo,” explained Ahmad Abdul Kareem, director of the public parks and horticulture department at Dubai Municipality.

“Families were complaining about the lack of respect the scantily clad women had for our society and our rules, and wearing your swimwear in a park or zoo is inappropriate. This same rule applies to shopping centres and every other public place,” he said.

Women now entering the zoo are required to cover up their shoulders and their knees, and Abdul Kareem pointed out that it was around the end of last December when they put new posters up in the zoo, to raise awareness on the public dress code.

“Every day we have about six buses of school children who visit the zoo, boys and girls, which come from all types of institutes. We receive students from public and private schools, Islamic ones, and also tour buses from other Gulf countries. So parents do not want their children exposed to such types of negative behaviour,” he added.


  • Dilsahth

    Jan 6, 2013 3:33

    yup, it's great, but please don't limit this only in Dubai, make it all over UAE. We really shy to go shopping malls with our children and families because of some women's dressing style is so vulgar. thanks

  • Corne

    Jan 6, 2013 11:33

    It really baffles me that people residing in this country do not adhere to the laws of the country. You do not only show your disrespect for the laws and cultures, you are a bad reflection on all expatriates. It is really not too much to ask to just dress respectfully.

  • Haneef Puttur

    Jan 6, 2013 10:10

    All should respect the law of land. Again this rules should not be limited to Dubai. It should be a common law for UAE. We see nuisance in public places most of the time and also there should be a need for women police patroling to control these kind of nuisance as some time male police are not in a position to inter fear with them also.

  • Esmail

    Jan 6, 2013 10:06

    Thank you very much, this is what we expected from quite long time. Proper dress code for both men&women's should follow throughout their lives spent in UAE. This law should made applicable for all public places and it should extend to the residents as well. Thank you once again.

  • SJD

    Jan 6, 2013 9:53

    Kudos! It is indeed shocking how people (despite knowing it is a Muslim country, and the presence of notices in shopping malls) choose to ignore the culture of the country. What is more inexplicable (other than a complete lack of respect for the country) is that a lot of the peoplewho openly ignore the dress code are not tourists, but residents as well (clearly visible in all shopping malls). Dubai offers a good life to its expatriate population, and respect for its dress code is the least they can do in return for this life. I hope this is an eye opener for otherinstitutions to follow suit.

  • Mir Khurshid Ali

    Jan 6, 2013 9:34

    This rule should be implemented in the UAE every where. Every body is welcome to this beautiful place, but they must respect the Islamic Culture and Society. I have seen last friday some female tourists in Shaikh Zayed Grand Mosque wearing very short dress. They should not be allowedto enter in the area of mosque without proper dress.

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yup, it's great, but please don't limit this only in Dubai, make it all over UAE. We really shy to go shopping malls with our children and families because of some women's dressing style is so vulgar. thanks


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