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Gulf News in top league at newspaper design awards

Society for News Design competition attracted 9,262 entries from around the world

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Dubai: It’s a proud moment - Gulf News is one of three newspapers in the world to win a gold medal at the 34th edition of the Society for News Design (SND) competition.

This is the only one from the region and the UAE.

In total the event attracted 9,262 entries, of which there were 717 winning entries.

The other two newspapers that won golds are The Washington Post and Eureka, a magazine from the Times of London.

Gulf News is also in the list of 10 newspapers in the category of The World’s Best-Designed Newspaper™. The official results of that will be announced in a few days’ time.

The Society for News Design is an international organisation for news media professionals and visual communicators – specifically those who create print/web/mobile publications and products

Founded in 1979, it is a US-registered non-profit organization with around 1,500 members worldwide. They host an annual Best of News Design competition open to newspapers and magazines from around the world, to promote excellence in visual journalism.

The Gulf News gold was awarded in the news page design (inside page) category, for a series of pages highlighting the history of the James Bond film series — ‘50 Years of Bond’.

As per the SND website, the group judges from 7 countries who reviewed the pages issued a group statement: “This pushes the limit of creativity. If you’re a Bond fan, this is a series I would spend a ton of time with. The bullets at the end create a fabulous ending to these pages. It completes it. I can’t find one thing wrong with it, and there’s just so much right with it. It breaks every rule, and yet follows every rule at the same time. It works perfectly. Every time I look at it, I find something else to read and love. You’ve got the car, you’ve got the girls. You’ve got everything.”


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