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Get fired up to get your life back on track

Self-limiting patterns can be overcome using Fired Up Formula,

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Carol Talbot
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Dubai: While it is human nature to excel, compete, outwit and survive, there are times when even the most results-orientedindividuals may feel demotivated.

A job interview gone wrong, a relationship gone sour, or simply a failed idea — each tribulation can cause any of us to stumble as we question our purpose in life.


This lack of motivation, direction, or the feeling that everything doesn’t seem to go right, all boil down to certain self-limiting beliefs people have, according to UAE-based learning consultant and motivational speaker, Carol Talbot.

The upside is that the downside can be relegated to our mental trash bin when we learn to let go of the past.


“If you can’t seem to create wonderful relationships in your life, well there has to be a belief about that somewhere. If you’re not earning the money, maybe deep down there’s a belief that you’re not good enough or you don’t deserve to earn money,” Talbot told Gulf News. “If an area of your life is not working, then there has to be a belief that is driving that at the deepest unconscious level that sabotages your success.”

To fix the problem, many people turn somewhere else for help. While this may be good, Talbot said there are other options.

“Many people go to psychologists, therapists, and counsellors because they want someone else to make the changes for them. It’s like, “Fix me!”

But ultimately, others can’t fix you.

The individual is at the helm of his or her own life and must internally steer a new course to a brighter future if tangible change is to be had.These self-limiting patterns do not spring out of nowhere.

Talbot said these beliefs, fears and values usually come from childhood conditioning and upbringing when young minds are like “little walking sponges” that absorb just about everything.

Talbot said the first key to deal with the beliefs and fears is to acknowledge them and confront them. In her 20-year career, she has asked people to do what she calls ‘Action Metaphors’ involving walking on live coals, breaking boards, bending rebars and other things people usually see on Ripley’s Believe it or Not or Reality TV.

Almost immediately, she said, people gasp in disbelief as the acts seem humanely impossible to do.

But Carol proves them wrong all the time.

“And in a very short space of time, I’m able to get people fired up to the point that they do what they initially thought was impossible, and that means a literal shift of beliefs inside their head about what potential they could have in their life.”

In her newapproach to helping that she calls Get Fired Up For Action, Talbot said there are tools and techniques that can be learned for individuals to break free from self-limiting patterns and achieve success.

“The way that we work in the fired-up formula, with the tools and techniques is to work with people, and that can only happen if the people want to make changes. I can’t make changes for people. I can’t do your push-ups for you. So, it’s when people are ready, when the time is ready, then we’ll make the change.”