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All that glitters is gold at DSF-linked luxury show

Big Boys Toys offers golden indulgences and other limited-edition head-turners

Image Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News
A one-of-a-kind UAE-motif gold bow and arrow is beingsold by German firm Archery Logistics.
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Dubai: The Big Boys Toys show is literally a golden opportunity to buy exclusive luxuries this Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF).

Among other rarities, there are several gold-themed indulgences at the lifestyle show, open till Saturday at Atlantis The Palm in collaboration with Artaaj events and promotions Company.

Take for instance the gold- and diamond-encrusted iPhone 5, on sale for almost Dh85,000. The limited UAE edition by Swiss firm Luxury Refinish offers a standard iPhone5 with a cover in 24-carat gilded gold — thicker than the usual gold-plated variety — and 1.8 carat diamonds. The diamonds are said to be among the world’s smallest naturally occurring diamonds from an Indian mine, applied in about 11 layers, said sales consultant Mario Steglegger.

“This has not been done before, we’ve launched this today (Thursday) for the UAE,” he said. “It’s made for daily use, not for locking away in a safe. The phone changes the look — from brilliance to rainbow colours — with the kind of light shinning on it.”

Each of the 10 phones offered under the UAE edition come in a polished wood case, which also features writing in diamonds and gold.

Also whetting the shopping appetite is olive oil with edible gold. At almost Dh3,500 per bottle, every drop of this 24-carat gold flakes-infused substance is precious. Simply named Golden Olive Oil, the extra virgin 200ml bottle shines with the flakes floating about. Its taste is said to be very delicate and fine, so it doesn’t overpower the flavour of the food, said Sena Cecura, a representative of Kreativni Laboratorij, the Croatian company offering the bottle.

“The Swiss gold in it is for the lifestyle more than anything else,” Cecura said. “The gold in it is so fine and light, it’s lighter than a quarter of a strand of hair. We’re the first ones who’ve done this with olive oil and this is the first time we’re exhibiting in Dubai.”

The bottle comes in a wood case and a 500ml variety is also available.

An even more opulent purchase is a one-off $35,000 (Dh128,450) gold-plated bow and arrow with UAE motifs. On offer by German specialists Archery Logistics, the compound bow’s release mechanism carries a small UAE flag logo made with rubies and emeralds. There are also hand-painted images of Arabian horses on the bow and real falcon feathers in the seven golden arrows, along with a carry case.

“I did this especially for the UAE, archery’s deeply rooted in the Arab culture,” said the company’s Hubert Wursthorn. “It [the bow and arrow] works, you can use it.”

With gold threading and pave set diamond buttons, a suit for about Dh348,425 (70,000 euros) is likely to be a head-turner anywhere you go. Certified by Guinness World Records as the world’s most expensive suit in 2009, the Alexander Amosu suit is made with a blend of three of most coveted fabrics — Himalayan Pashmina, Qiviuk and Vicuna.

“We will fly in anywhere to cater to the client and the best out of three trials for the best fit will be chosen,” designer Alexander Amosu said.