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Teens say fasting gives them inner strength

The students say fasting does not make them lethargic or listless

Image Credit: Pankaj Sharma/Gulf News
Orphan children attendan iftar function speciallyorganised for them by acompany in Dubai.
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Dubai: Fasting is not synonymous with lethargy or listlessness, says young people who are adhering to the tenets of Islamic teachings during Ramadan.

In fact, these students argue that fasting is giving inner strength.

“The holy month means that I go to the mosque more often and get to meet my friends more than I do on other days. I have been fasting for four years and do not find it difficult”
-13-year-old Eisa Abdulla Saif, of Dar Zayed Orphanage
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In what could be an inspiration to many others who fast, these youngsters were as energetic and playful as they would be on any other day.

Gulf News caught up with a few of them who were attending an iftar hosted by Watani on Wednesday.

“The holy month means that I go to the mosque more often and get to meet my friends more than I do on other days. I have been fasting for four years and do not find it difficult,” said 13-year-old Eisa Abdulla Saif, of Dar Zayed Orphanage.

Talking about his routine, he said: “We play more because we have more time, meet more people and, of course, pray a lot.”

His friend, Ebrahim Hamdan Musab, 14, voiced similar views .

“My teacher here told me about the importance of Ramadan and fasting and this is not the first time that I am fasting. I would say I am kind of used to it and prepared. I always wait for the holy month as there is so much more to do,” he said.\Asked about what they feel when they see other friends who do not fast,Eisa said: “It does not really bother me. When I started, I knew the meaning and the importance of it and it gives me an inner joy. No, I do not feel weak at all, you can see I am not even tired...”

Sharing her experience about fasting, 15-year-old Shaikha Al Saadi, from Awkaf, said: “I feel very connected and pray more. Among other things I seek His blessings for my goals, for what I want to do in my life. It gives me a lot of strength and by fasting I am constantly reminded of the hardships that those who are not so privileged undergo. When you feel more connected, you do not really think of your own hunger or being weak. Fasting makes you stronger and not weak.”

Moza Al Saadi, a Grade 12 student, said she was about 11-years old when she started to fast.

“I was very eager to fast and I am now fasting, every year. Ramadan is the time when we think about how gracious Allah has been to us and we think of other people. During the holy month, there are more get togethers also, which I quite enjoy. One should not think of weakness or anything while fasting. I would say fasting is a blessing and only once in a year you get the opportunity to do it, so you must do it and see the experience yourself.”

Ahmad Obaid Al Mansouri, Director-General, Watani, said the iftar for orphans was one of the efforts to make them feel good and special.

“They are a part of the society and it is our endeavour to do something for them, we willcontinue with such activities throughout the year,” he said.