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Inspections on food establishments to intensify during Ramadan

Warning issued to 54 groceries in June for violating food safety norms

Image Credit: Oliver Clarke/Gulf News
Khalid Mohammad Sharif, director of Food ControlDepartment, Dubai Municipality, holds up food safetybooklets launched as part of the food safety campaign.
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Dubai: The Food Control Department of Dubai Municipality will intensify its inspections of food establishments to ensure food safety during the month of Ramadan. The inspections will be conducted during the day until 6pm and from 8pm to 2am.

The department has issued a strict warning to 54 groceries for non-compliance with food safety regulations during its inspection of groceries last month.

Inspections during Ramadan will include restaurants and hotels, Ramadan tents and groceries.

“Our focus is to tell them to prepare and store food safely in adherence with the regulations. Many times groceries do not store food properly or store in excess. The inspections will ensure food safety is maintained,” said Khalid Mohammad Shareef, Head of Food Control Department, Dubai Municipality.

Groceries and traditional kitchens

The department has already started the inspection of traditional kitchens and groceries in the emirate. “We have already covered 55 kitchens in Al Quoz and Al Ghusais. In the case of groceries, of the total 1,450, we found 54 were not complying. Many were not storing food properly or switching off refrigerators to save electricity. We have told them that strict action will be taken if they fail to take corrective measures and they may face shutdown,” said Sultan Taher, Head of the Food Inspection Section.

Food safety campaign

The Food Control Department has launched ‘Safe Food Saves Food’, a food safety campaign, this Ramadan. “The Ramadan campaign addresses two important issues — food safety and food wastage. Through the campaign we will educate people and the industry on food safety and how adhering to food safety rules will help them minimise wastage,” said Bobby Krishna, Senior Food studies and Survey Officer at the department.

Under the campaign, the civic body advises everyone to follow five golden rules — planning ahead for the amount of food to be prepared, limiting the time between preparation and serving, safe transportation and storage of food and being careful to purchase safe food from authorised vendors only.