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Dubai welcomes more than 30 babies on 12.12.12

Century’s last sequential date special for new parents

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Dubai: The date — 12.12.12, the sequential day, month and year combination was special for expectant women in the emirate on Wednesday.

The date was marked by a high number of deliveries at government and private hospitals across Dubai.

By press deadline, the Latifa Hospital had 16 deliveries scheduled, of which five were delivered.

The Medcare Hospital saw four births of 12 scheduled deliveries whereas the American Hospital Dubai reported nine births. Modern Hospital had 13 births with 15 scheduled deliveries.

Some women had Caesarean section procedures either as elective or due to complications, Gulf News learnt.

Dr Shiva Harikrishnan, Specialist Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at Medcare Hospital said she delivered two of the four babies born at the hospital.

“More than 10 of my patients are near the full term or at full term of pregnancy. Many of them wanted to deliver on 12.12.12. Of the four births, only one mother had a C-section [Caesarean] due to complications. We do not encourage elective Caesarean sections, she told Gulf News.

She said the lunar calendar was believed to have an influence on delivery. “It was the eve of the new moon. On a psychological level, the chosen date of delivery can influence the timing [of the delivery].”

Whether due to its uniqueness, its numerological significance or its spiritual connotation, the date was deemed special by new parents.

Indian parent Rakesh Kumar welcomed a son. “We have named him Krish. My wife, Chanderkala, had a normal delivery; her due date was on January 10. We are fortunate our son, our third child, is born on such a special day.”

Emirati parent Ahmad Mahmoud said he was surprised by an earlier delivery due date. “Reem [his wife] is so happy. The date is unique. This is our first son of three children.” he said.

Kazakhstani mother Natalya Khatyan gave birth to her second child six minutes after midnight. “It is definitely a lucky date. My husband and I were thinking about it, but didn’t expect it. We have named him Arsen.”