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Gargash calls for stronger Arab-Japanese relations

Reaching stability in the region will pave the way to deal with chaos and violence in the Arab world, he said

Image Credit: Gulf News
Dr Anwar Mohammad Gargash
Gulf News

Cairo: Dr Anwar Mohammad Gargash, UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, has commended the distinguished historical relations between the UAE and Japan, calling for deepening the Arab-Japanese cooperation and enhancing the political dialogue between the two sides to achieve a better understanding and coordination on the issues of the region and the world.

Addressing the first session of the Ministerial Meeting of the Arab-Japanese Political Dialogue in Cairo, he hailed the Japanese experience of renaissance, noting the importance of developing and strengthening Arab-Japanese relations.

In his address to the unified stance opposing North Korea’s nuclear and missile programme, Dr Anwar Gargash stressed that the obsession with nuclear weapons occupies the attention of the international community both in East Asia through the nuclear programme of North Korea and in the region through the Iranian nuclear and nuclear programme, stressing the need to find a sustainable solution to prevent nuclear and missile proliferation and development that threaten the security and stability in many regions of the world.

He also stressed the priority of tackling extremism and terrorism, which he described as ‘a global threat that does not exclude anyone’. He called for concerted efforts and intensification of coordination to drain the sources of the funding in this necessary war against terrorism.

He expressed the UAE’s sincere condolences to Egypt towards the terrible terrorist crime that targeted security men in Al-Arish, Sinai. He stressed that Egypt, with its established system and great people, is able to overcome the threat of terrorism that targets its security and stability.

He addressed the importance of stability in order to deal with the chaos and violence in the Arab world, noting in this regard the need to break the current stalemate in the Palestinian issue, which despite the exceptional situation of the crises in the region, remains the primary Arab issue.

He stressed the need for the Palestinian people to achieve their rights in an independent state with Jerusalem as its capital, pointing out that a successful dealing with the Palestinian issue would ease the tension in the region.

The meeting tackled the latest regional developments and the security environment in the Middle East and East Asia, where foreign ministers stressed the importance of maintaining security and peace, promoting stability in the two regions and the need to resolve disputes through peaceful means.