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Ajman water not meeting local and international standards

Government and SEWA working together on problem, says official

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Ajman: A study conducted by Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority found that Ajman water is not meeting local and international standards.

Research by Dr Salama Al Muhairi, director of laboratories at the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority, found that Ajman water samples had high levels of salinity and melted dissolved solids that exceeded the maximum allowable levels.

Engineer Saeed Al Matrooshi, General Secretary of Ajman Executive Council, told Gulf News: “This was the second test conducted on Ajman water and it was found that its water is 10 times saltier than Abu Dhabi and Dubai’s water.

“Ajman government and SEWA are working together to search for the reasons for not matching water specifications and to develop plans to correct Ajman’s water.”

The study also recommended a periodic scanning of sea water to establish a database on the nature of sea water in the region as a reference from which to control and detect any biological or chemical pollution.

The findings have caused concern among the general public. Manal Al Khatib, a Jordanian stay-at-home mum who lives in Ajman, told Gulf News: “I am not shocked about the findings because a water cooler company representative came to my house once and tested my water.

“Once he applied the chemicals the water turned dark brown and the representative told me that the water is dirty and rusty and it has many minerals in it.

“My family and I have all suffered from our hair falling out and after the study’s findings we are wondering if the water is the cause.”

Ajman water is commonly used for washing as most residents prefer using cooler water or mineral water for drinking and cooking.

— Noor Nazzal is an intern at Gulf News.