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Officials destroy spoilt fish from hypermarket

Hypermarket manager says this is first time it happened and it will be rectified

Image Credit: Hadrian Hernandez/Gulf News
Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) senior meatinspector Faris Issa check the meat sold at the Al MansoorButchery inside the Abu Dhabi Fishermen Cooperative
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Abu Dhabi: Food safety inspectors confiscated and destroyed 36 kilograms of spoilt fish from the shelves of a prominent hypermarket in the capital on Thursday.

The inspectors of Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) found spoilt clams, shrimps and hamour (orange-spotted groupers) on the shelves of Lulu Hypermarket in Abu Dhabi during a surprise inspection campaign on meat and fish markets in the capital in the presence of media. They immediately ordered the removal of the spoilt stock from the shelves to be destroyed and also issued an official warning.

Among the three fish stalls in the capital inspectors visited, two were totally compliant with the rules and regulations, “said Ali Al Saad, Acting Director of Communication and Community Service, at ADFCA.

Generally, inspectors issue a citation of violation if repeated warnings are not heeded and its penalty will be decided by the court. Either a life threatening situation or repeated violations on the same issue warrant temporary closure of the outlet, according to ADFCA.

The inspectors said they issued a warning only to the hypermarket because it was the first time they confiscated spoilt fish from there. “They used to maintain good standards by promptly responding to our observations and suggestions. Their butchery is one of the best in the capital,” they said.

But they said, the confiscated fish was too old to be sold to customers.

However, the manager of the hypermarket said the removed fish came straight from the suppliers to the shelves on Thursday morning. “We were surprised to know that spoilt fish were there among the fresh fish that came this morning,” said Mohammad Shajith, General Manager of Lulu Hypermarket at Al Wahda Mall. “This is first time it happened, we will rectify it.” He said the hypermarket will strengthen the quality control measures to ensure the quality of all products.

Of the 13 meat shops and butcheries visited by the inspectors, nine complied with standards and only four warnings were issued for hygienic noncompliance, ADFCA official said. “No spoilt or contaminated meat was found,” Ali Al Saad said. Two poultry stalls inspected were also fully compliant with the rules, he said.

The inspectors said they find spoilt fish without any devices. “Fresh hamour stays straight, if you hold it horizontally. Its outer periphery of eyes should be black and golden colour not mixed colours,” they said.

They said they found the spoilt shrimps at the first look itself. “We can determine when we touch its head,” they said.

According to GCC regulations, the normal shelf life of fish is five days, they said.