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Missing Emirati teen found in mental facility

Missing teen’s mother says: “I have Eid today”

  • Al Hosani family
    Khalid Esmail Al Hosani with father Esmail in hospital.Image Credit: Hosani family
  • Al Hosani family
    Khalifa Ismail Al Hosni, brother of Khalid, with his mother andother childfren at their residence in Abu DhaImage Credit: ABDUL RAHMAN/GULF NEWS
  • Al Hosani family
    A 19-year-old Emirati, Khalid Ismail Ahmed Abdulla Ahmad Al Hosani , has been missing in Indian since Friday.Image Credit: Courtesy Khalid Al Hosani's family
17 Gulf News

Dubai: An Emirati teen, the focus of a seven-day manhunt, was found in a mental facility in India on Thursday, Gulf News has learnt.

Khalid Esmail Al Hosani, 19, was located in an institution located over an hour from Bengaluru.

His overjoyed mother, Umm Khalid, of Abu Dhabi, said: “We want to get him home as quickly as possible, but it’s an emergency now. We have to take him to hospital for treatment as his condition could get worse.”

Khalid is described as “tired and confused, but OK”.

His father, Esmail Al Hosani, was reunited with his son yesterday.

In the afternoon, the father received news from the UAE Embassy in India that his son was in a mental facility.

He was later taken to see his son, and could not control his happiness when representatives of the UAE Embassy and Indian reunited the pair.

The boy went missing last Friday from a hotel room he was sharing with his father in the city.

According to the Al Hosani family, the boy was taken to the mental facility by a police officer who found him on the road.

The police officer went on holiday shortly after finding the boy. When he returned to work, he informed UAE officials of his discovery.

Al Hosani said: “My son was scared and lying on the bed, his health condition is worse.

“He was suffering for the past seven days because he did not take his medication.

“Thanks for Allah that my son is safe.”

Al Hosani extended his deep gratitude to the UAE Embassy in India, Indian police and Gulf News readers, for their efforts in reuniting the boy with his family.

An army of Gulf News readers in India had swung into action, offering help to find the teen, after reading reports of his disappearance.

His mother, Umm Khalid, told Gulf News: “I have Eid today, bless Gulf News readers for all of their help in trying to track him down, we are happy to know so many people cared to help us in our time of need."

“This really is the best day and the best news we could have had, I just want to see my son home now, safe and well.”



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Though more then happy to see the happy end to this horrible story, Iwonder why the authorities were not informed by the policeman who foundthe young man, and why the officials at the mental hospital did notreport the arrival of the young man, to authorities. The young manobviously must have had documentation on him, or at least have beenvisibly shown non-India siggs, like for instance skin colour and orlanguage....... And why was the young man brought to a mental hospitalby the policeman in the first place? Is every person found on the streetbrought to a a mental institution by police? A person in distress canalso have been experiencing something bad, and be in need of medicalcare, and why not bring him to a hospital, why the mental institution?But great to see the young returned! Adrian


19 October 2012 16:29jump to comments