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How QR smartphone codes in Abu Dhabi will show you the way

New system to create 12,000 street names and simplify 200,000 addresses

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Abu Dhabi: Street signs in the emirate of Abu Dhabi will soon include QR codes that can be recognised by smartphones, the Department of Municipal Affairs (DMA) announced in a statement sent on Tuesday.

The codes will provide historical and background information about the street and its name while also providing additional details about the location. They will first be implemented by the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City in the capital, and are being developed as part of the Abu Dhabi Emirate Street Addressing, GeoNames and Signage System (ADAGS), which aims to uniquely identify addresses and streets in the emirate.

As reported by Gulf News in February, the project is expected to create 12,000 new street names. It will also simplify about 200,000 addresses and set up at least 20,000 street signs over the next two years and six months.

“The new addressing system is expected to vastly improve how businesses and residences are referenced. In addition, emergency response times will also be reduced, because ambulance and fire teams will be able to locate homes easier, for instance. Utilities can also be set up and serviced easier if providers can easily identify the neighbourhood and its consumption,” said Dr Abdullah Gareeb, director of the land and property sector at the DMA.

“Moreover, the new addresses will make online shopping and delivery more convenient,” he added.

DMA officials earlier explained that the current addressing system in the emirate identifies a location by zones, sectors, main streets, internal streets and plots or building numbers. Moreover, many streets are numbered, and streets in different districts have the same number. This makes remembering addresses difficult and confusing, especially for tourists.

In addition to street names, the ADAGS project will also assign unique geographical names to various neighbourhoods and places.



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What good is a qr code on a street sign? Those things are hard to scan up close at the best of times - can we now expect people getting their phones out at intersections, holding up traffic - while they figure out what street they are on?


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