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GCC motorists visiting UAE will find traffic fines waiting back home

Fines incurred in the UAE will be sent to traffic authorities of the violator’s home country

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There is an agreement between GCC countries that if any motorist commits an offence in any member country, the fine record will be transferred immediately to the country of the offender.
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Dubai: Motorists from Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries who leave without settling their traffic fines will find the penalties waiting for them when they return home, a senior police has warned.

Major General Mohammad Saif Al Zafein told Gulf News the fines will be digitally sent to traffic authorities of the violator’s home country, where they will have to pay their dues.

Some visiting drivers believe they can get away without paying for traffic offences like speeding as their car number plates are not registered in the UAE, Al Zafein added.

Al Zafein said many motorists in the UAE and other GCC countries are not aware that they cannot escape penalties if they commit traffic offences in any GCC country.

The GCC is a regional group of six countries — UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain and Qatar.

“Some motorists from the GCC commit traffic offences and break the law here because they are not aware that their fines will be sent immediately to their countries. They have to pay it there and the fine amount will be transferred back to us,” he said.

He added that there is an agreement between GCC countries that if any motorist commits an offence in any member country, the fine record will be transferred immediately to the country of the offender.

“When the person tries to renew the registration of his or her vehicle they will find out the traffic offence they committed here is on their record.

“We send them our traffic fines and they send us the traffic fines belonging to vehicles registered in the UAE,” added Al Zafein.

“We sometimes seize vehicles with GCC number plates if they break the traffic law here. We receive every year a huge number of speed radar fines for vehicles with UAE number plates for speeding on the road in Oman.”

Al Zafein said that fines for Dubai’s road toll system, Salik, and parking violations are collected by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

Some visiting GCC motorists believe that Salik fines can be avoided as there is no system to immediately collect fines for passing through the toll gates without credit in the Salik electronic tag.

However, some are simply not aware of the toll system until they arrive.

More recently, visitors have been able to purchase Salik tags from petrol stations and other points located near border areas.

There had been concerns from some visitors about being fined when passing through Salik gates as not all were aware of athe tolls or about the process of registering for Salik.

However, the RTA has been raising awareness on the issue and facilitating the distribution of tags near border entry points.

Also, the RTA had proposed a mechanism be implemented this year to collect fines across GCC countries, Gulf News reported last November.

The RTA had then discussed with the Ministry of Interior the proposal to link the GCC though an electronic fine reporting and collection system.

Despite several attempts by Gulf News, a fresh comment from the RTA was not available immediately.

An RTA official involved in the proposal had earlier said an option could be to collect the fines before the vehicles exit the UAE border.

The meeting called for a joint committee from the ministry and the RTA to visit GCC traffic departments to expedite a fines collection system.


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I really hope that all motorist, without a single exception, are made to pay for their illegal and irresponsible behaviour on the roads, including myself.

Omar Khan

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