Emirates ID registration in Dubai linked to visa process

From April, Emirates ID card registration mandatory to apply for residence visa

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People queue up outside Karama Post Office in Dubai to apply for the Emirates NationalID. The deadline for Dubai applicants is May 31.
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Abu Dhabi: From April onwards, residents in Dubai must register for an Emirates ID card immediately after applying for a residence visa, a senior official at the Emirates Identity Authority (Eida) confirmed on Tuesday.

This follows the linking of six major Preventive Medicine Centres (PMCs) in Dubai with the ID card registration process, Dr Ali Al Khouri, director general at the Eida told Gulf News.

"Visa applications are already linked to ID card registration in all other emirates. In Dubai, this linkage took a while as we wanted to ensure that the country's largest PMC, which is also open 24 hours and processes nearly 3,000 visas on a daily basis, could handle the load," Dr Al Khouri said.

The rollout of the system in Dubai completes a countrywide scheme that links the Population Register and National ID Card (PRIDC) and visa applications. The linkage is already in place in all the other emirates.

With this integration, an expatriate who goes for medical examination at one of the PMCs for visa purposes can then go directly to an Emirates ID centre annexed to the PMC to complete the registration procedure.

The new ID card will be issued by Eida only upon the issuance of a residency visa by the relevant entity, explained an Eida official.

The deadline for Abu Dhabi residents over the age of 15 years to apply for an ID card is set for the end of March; for Dubai residents, the deadline is end-May.

Once these deadlines lapse, "delay fees" will be charged to applicants, the official said.

Fee range

"The fees range from Dh20 to Dh25 per day, with a maximum fee of Dh 1,000 for delayed registration. On our website, we have already put in place a counter to remind Abu Dhabi residents about the deadline, and will update the counter for Dubai residents once the Abu Dhabi deadline lapses," Dr Al Khouri said.

As such, an Abu Dhabi resident over the age of 15 who has a valid residence visa but has no national ID card or possesses an expired one, has until March 31 to apply for the card without being charged "delay fees", while for a Dubai resident, the deadline is May 31.

The official also reminded employers not to wait for the last minute as nearly 90 per cent of residents who have not yet applied for ID cards are blue-collar workers.

"Employers must therefore ensure that their workers apply for the cards before the deadlines," he said.

Nearly 6.2 million — or 77.5 per cent of about eight million inhabitants across the country — have already registered for Emirates ID cards, and about 30,000 applications are still being filled out every working day at over 1,200 typing centres across the country.

"The year 2012 will continue to be a challenging year for Eida, with nearly four to six million new applications and ID card renewals expected to be processed over the year," the official said.

He added that Eida operation volumes would reach "normal" levels of two to three million applications and renewals over a period of one year only in 2013.



    Mar 28, 2012 6:21

    i am proud of about this new system,,,,,,

  • ashley

    Mar 28, 2012 5:56

    i have renewed my Emirates ID from last year nov.2011 but until now is on processing i have follow up for many times but still not giving any feed back they are giving deadline for people which is not fair . they are cheating the people.

  • Erwin

    Mar 28, 2012 4:21

    I renewed the National ID of my Nanny yesterday, which was expired Dec. 14, 2011. I paid 1000.00 AED for penalty. Why today they released new deadline of May 31. Can I reemburse the amount I paid?

  • R.Vasudevan

    Mar 28, 2012 12:59

    Earlier there was a news item mentioning Oct 31 as the deadline for Dubai ID cards. Now it is May 31. This is all very confusing.

  • Mel

    Mar 28, 2012 12:40

    I got an ID card in 2009 which sat in my wallet and expired in 2011. Now new ID card applicants have until May 31 2012 while I have to pay a fine for not renewing mine.

  • Jeny Michaels

    Mar 28, 2012 12:31

    This is taking way too much time and effort... Besides, Emirates ID's are not proving of much use so far... in spite of some people having them for over 2 renewal cycles!

  • andy

    Mar 28, 2012 11:52

    the website also says if the VISA is being renewed in 2012, then resident do not have to take a Emirates ID now


    Mar 28, 2012 10:36

    Dear Sir,Kindly let me know about those (Family - Wife & children) who are in India with UAE Residence visa and coming once in a year for the School vacation and they have not taken their Emirates ID. How we can apply for their Emirates ID? Is there any waive off for their fines. They can come only once in a year by paying the extra charges to the Immigration. Kindly check and advise on this matter. We have proof that they are not in the country - showing the exit and entry.Hope the authorities will consider for the waive off the fines.Best Regards,Muraleedharan Nair

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i am proud of about this new system,,,,,,


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