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Elderly Indian man with memory problems goes missing in Sharjah

Daughter urges people to look out for her 78-year-old father

Image Credit: Courtesy: Syeda Saniya
Syed Nisar Ahmed
05 Gulf News

Sharjah: A 78-year-old diabetic man with memory problems, went missing from his daughter’s house in Al Khan area in Sharjah on Friday, the first day he arrived from India, and has not been found yet.

The daughter has urged the public to report to the Buhairah police station in case any one finds her father.

Syeda Noor Ameenah Nisar, who works as a bank clerk, told Gulf News how her Father, Syed Nisar Ahmad, disappeared from her house.

“My father and mother were coming from India and I went to pick them from the airport early Friday morning — they came out at around 9.15am. Then we went home and had breakfast.”

After breakfast, she said, she was busy feeding her two young children, her mother was busy in the kitchen and her husband was getting ready for Friday prayers. “Without telling anyone my father went out. He has a habit of going out for a walk after breakfast, and when we realised he was gone for some time and had not come back we looked everywhere for him but could not find him.”

She said they went to the police after looking for an hour, but they were told that they cannot lodge a missing person’s report unless the person is missing for 24 hours.

“So we went back and looked everywhere near our house in Al Khan – in all the nearby buildings. We have informed all the security guards and watchmen in buildings and left pamphlets in the building so if someone finds him they can call us.” Syeda said.

Syeda said she was worried about him because he is probably not aware that he had left India and was in Dubai, as he has memory loss problems. She added that he also has diabetes and hypertension. “We have checked all the hospitals for him and also informed the CID and the police.”

“I am also worried because he has a habit of not talking to people or asking for anything. If no one talks to him he will not ask, which makes it harder for us to find him,” she added.



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As salam o alikum brothers and sisters. Thanks to Almighty, my friends father is reunited with her daughter. This is to inform you all that Mr Nisar (father of sayeeda) was found and has been reunited with his family.


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