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Dubai cleaner who returned gold, cash and passports honoured

Mohammad Ashraf found a bag left behind by passenger at Dubai airport

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Mohammad Ashraf
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Dubai: An Indian cleaner in Dubai who returned an airport passenger’s misplaced bag full of gold, cash and passports has been honoured at the Dubai Government Excellence Programme Awards.

Mohammad Ashraf, 42, was among the “unknown soldiers” acknowledged during the awards ceremony on Tuesday.

The father-of-four said he found the bag in a trolley in the parking of Dubai Airport Terminal 3 where he works.

He added that the bag contained a little over 23 grams of gold, about 10,000 Indian rupees (about Dh675) and four passports.

Ashraf, who has been with Dubai Airports for 13 years, reported the find to the terminal’s lost and found section.

“Later on I saw a man looking very tense and disturbed; he seemed to be looking for something. I asked him what had happened, if he had lost something. I kind of knew it was him,” Ashraf said.

After confirming the details of the bag and its contents, the passenger was reunited with his belongings.

“He was so happy and thrilled. He offered me money as a reward but I refused. I was just doing my duty.”

The passenger took down Ashraf’s staff number and details, and later e-mailed the management to praise his qualities.

“This award today is a gift from God, I thank Him. I called my mum, she was so proud. My family said good deeds are never lost, you get rewarded for them in this life or the next — or both,” he said.

Ashraf has been in Dubai for 23 years, and previously used to deliver groceries on a bicycle.



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