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1,800 Abu Dhabi workers receive Dh12.8m in monetary claims

Seventy-three per cent of the cases filed in Abu Dhabi were labour-based

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Abu Dhabi: More than 1,800 workers received Dh12.8 million in monetary rights through the Reconciliation Committee at the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department in 2012.

One worker alone is reported to have received Dh 1.2 million. A statistical report from the Judicial Department estimates that the Committee completed 99.8 per cent of their tasks last year, while 26.96 per cent of cases ended in reconciliation.

Meanwhile, the Committee stated that 73 per cent of the cases it handled were labour-based.

The larger amount of cases being handled by the Committee has lowered the pressure on primary courts by 518 less cases in 2012 in comparison to the year before, despite the increasing number of complaints (528) during the same period.